Winstrol Cycle

The Winstrol cycle (sometimes called Winny) is an extremely popular anabolic steroid cycle in bodybuilding. That’s because it is a steroid that can be administered in the form of intramuscular injection and oral pills offering some really powerful effects in terms of fat burning and muscle building.

  • Using a Winstrol cycle, users won’t get the bloating as it is not a “wet” steroid. Therefore, users can grow lean muscles and burn fat, getting shredded and ripped.
  • However, if you wouldn’t run a correct Winstrol cycle and abuse it, the steroid is likely to cause negative side effects.Winstrol-25mg-100tabs-hutech-480x484-1

In order to get maximum benefits from a Winstrol cycle and the least side effects, you’ve got to use this compound correctly.

NOTICE! It is important to know that Winstrol is a powerful steroid. It is not suitable for beginners. Stanozolol has high toxicity and powerful effects. Therefore, Anavar is a better option for beginners. It offers similar results of burning fat and building muscles, but it is milder. Therefore, it won’t offer as many results but won’t offer as many side effects either.

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  • PS: Winstrol is mostly used as pills because injections are not having advantages over pills, plus they might be painful. Also, Stanozolol is liver toxic. That’s why, absolutely any cycle with Winstrol should be accompanied by a liver protection supplement such as NAC, Milk Thistle, or whatever other.

Solo Winstrol Cycle

As mentioned earlier, it is not recommended to run Winstrol as the first steroid cycle. That’s because of its ability to cause nasty side effects. But except for that, Winstrol is not recommended to be used alone. Only women are recommended to use Winstrol solo. Yet, if you still go for it, be very careful.


If you never used steroids in the past and you want to start with Winstrol, better to use a very low dosage for a short period. Usually, that’s about 10 mg a day for 6 weeks. Never go over 20 mg/day, which already might be too much.


Almost no intermediate users ever use the Winstrol cycle alone. But if you do, 20 mg/day or a maximum of 30 mg/day is all we can recommend. Again, for no longer than 6 weeks.

  • PS: PCT plans for men after a solo Winstrol cycle should start about 3-7 days after the last dosage.



Winstrol dosage for women shouldn’t ever exceed 20 mg/day. In fact, that’s a dosage only for professionals. Beginners should start with 5 mg/day and the sweet spot is 10 mg/day. Anything over 10 mg/day is for professionals while higher than 20 mg/day is abuse! 4 to 6 weeks is the proper Winstrol cycle length for women.

Testosterone and Winstrol Cycle

Winstrol, like any other steroid, is always stacked with testosterone for best results. A third or even fourth steroid is added if the user has enough experience.


Beginners start with lower doses of 20-30 mg/day of Winstrol and about 200-300 mg/week of Testosterone (usually Enanthate or Cypionate). Winstrol is used for 6 weeks, while Testosterone for 8-10 weeks.


Intermediate users stack Winstrol and Testosterone in higher doses such as 50 mg/day of Winstrol and about 300-500 mg/week of Testosterone. Usually, the Winstrol cycle length is 6 weeks while Testosterone is commonly for 8-12 weeks.


Adding Other Steroids

As it was mentioned, you can add other steroids too. However, the most common ones are injectable steroids. No other orals because Winstrol (Stanozolol) is liver toxic. 2 oral steroids would put too much stress on your liver. Additionally, other injectable steroids are usually cutting steroids. That’s because Winstrol is mostly a cutting steroid that is highly effective for cutting purposes.

The most common additions to a Testosterone and Winstrol cycle are:

Which of these steroids to add depends on which ones are most suitable for your needs. It also depends on your level of experience because I definitely don’t recommend Trenbolone to beginners.

An example of a highly professional Winstrol cycle: (I don’t recommend it to beginners!)

winstrol-50-stanozolol-odin-pharma winstrol-injectable-stanozolol-odin-pharma




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