Sustanon 250

Sustanon 250 is an extremely popular trade name for the injectable steroid that is offering a controlled release of testosterone after administration. The number “250” after the name indicates the amount of testosterone per one milliliter (mL; cc) you inject. Sustanon is a popular brand with a combination of four different testosterone esters. 

  • You can find various different trade names when searching for “testosterone blends” except for Sustanon and with various different concentrations of testosterone except for 250 mg/ml. 

Scientists created Sustanon 250 in an attempt to eliminate the peak and trough of testosterone in the blood serum that one single ester of testosterone creates. With the help of the testosterone blend (Sustanon 250 or whatever others), you get both fast results (due to short testosterone esters) and sustained release (due to long testosterone esters).

Sustanon 250 Profile

Sustanon-250-Genetic-Pharma-e1581427314924The results (both benefits and side effects) that you may experience from using Sustanon 250 (testosterone blend; mix) are exactly the same as using any other testosterone version. That’s because either you use a single ester or multiple ones, you only get testosterone which obviously works the same way.

However, what really changes when going for a specific testosterone ester or for testosterone blend (Sustanon) as well as the concentration of each testosterone product, is the frequency of administration (injection) and the amount (ml; cc) that you need to use.

  • For example, Testosterone Enanthate has a much longer half life than Testosterone Propionate. Therefore, you need to use it less often. But ultimately, you’ll get the same results.
  • At the same time, different concentrations offer different amounts that you use. For example, Sustanon 250 mg would offer one 250 mg of testosterone per ml/ cc that you inject. But the Sustanon version of 400 mg (Sustanon 400) would offer 400 mg of testosterone per each ml/ cc that you inject.


While there might be other very slight differences – these are the main ones. In the end, you just increase Testosterone regardless of the ester and the concentration. But based on the ester and concentration, you need to determine how much and how often you should inject. In order to receive the amount of testosterone that you need per week and to keep stable the levels of testosterone in your blood.

Sustanon 250 Advantages

Considering that you get the same results (both benefits and side effects) from using whatever version of testosterone, why would you run Sustanon 250, specifically?

Well, you can use Sustanon less often than some versions of testosterone while still getting stable levels of testosterone for a while. 

Because Sustanon has four different ester chains that are released at different times, the user is less likely to experience the sharp peak and sharp decline in testosterone as with other esters. It has various testosterone esters that enter and flush out of the system in controlled release, some faster and others slower.

Therefore, by using Sustanon 250, you can maintain stable blood levels and you get fast results too. With Sustanon, you don’t have to wait for 4-6 weeks for the results to kick in as with long versions of testosterone (such as enanthate or cypionate). At the same time, it would stay active in the system for a long time, unlike when you go for short versions of testosterone (such as propionate).


Sustanon 250 Disadvantages

The main purpose of Sustanon 250 is to maintain as stable blood testosterone levels as possible. Nonetheless, there are many people who say that their levels are more stable with other versions of testosterone such as enanthate, for example. They report that with Sustanon, they get more highs and lows (fluctuations) which lead to different issues such as mood swings and other symptoms.

That’s why, in order to avoid this problem, you have to inject it often, such as every other day. It is because of the shortest esters of testosterone in Sustanon 250. That’s obviously a disadvantage when you want to use long versions of testosterone in order to avoid injections too often.

The least frequency of injection (administration) is twice a week. However, it’s unlikely to avoid the highs and lows (fluctuations) in this administration schedule. Not to mention if you attempt using it less frequently. Some people are using it only once a week and doctors prescribe it even less frequently than once a week due to longer versions of testosterone.

That’s a big mistake because by the time the longer esters in Sustanon kick in, the shortest versions are long gone.



As said, there are four different esters of testosterone combined together. All esters have different half-lives. That’s why the steroid release from the ester will peak and decline at varying times depending on the ester.

Testosterone on its own has an extremely short half life (of only a few hours). So, in order to avoid injections every couple of hours, esters were attached to the testosterone hormone. This helps them release testosterone in a controlled manner and in a much longer time after injection. This increases the release (half-life) to days and even weeks.

So, there are four esters in the same oil carrier when talking about Sustanon 250. You may find varying testosterone esters at varying concentrations when talking about testosterone blends. They could offer various concentrations, esters, numbers of testosterone, and so on and so forth.

But the original one is Sustanon 250 containing:

  • 100 mg of Testosterone Decanoate. The longest ester in this steroid with half life of about 15 days. It’s the longest ester out of all esters used in testosterone except for Undecanoate.
  • 60 mg of Testosterone Isocapropate. A mid-range release ester with a half life of about 9 days. Shorter than Enanthate or Cypionate but longer than all the rest.
  • 60 mg of Testosterone Phenylpropionate. Another mid-range ester with a half life of about 4 days or so. It’s closer to the “shorter” esters.
  • 30 mg of Testosterone Propionate. This is the shortest ester used in testosterone with a half life of about one day. The shortest esterified testosterone (shorter is only raw testosterone without an ester).

So, when you use 1 mL of Sustanon 250 – that’s what you’re going to receive.


In the end, Sustanon 250 is a matter of preference. Some people say that they are doing very well with it, others say that Testosterone Enanthate or Cypionate are doing a better job in maintaining stable testosterone levels.

Some say they get better results with Sustanon, others say that single ester Testosterone works better. It’s all a matter of preference. But I would still recommend using Sustanon 250 every other day or at least 3 times a week to make sure you won’t get fluctuating levels.

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