Stanozolol Side Effects

Stanozolol side effects are various but they can be controlled, reduced and even completely avoided if the steroid is going to be used properly. The first and most important rule in avoiding Stanozolol side effects is – never use this compound. The side effects appear because you use a product, obviously. Not using it won’t offer side effects, obviously.

Now, assuming that you still want to use it because we all know how amazing Winstrol (Stanozolol) can be for physique and performance enhancement goals, you need to use it correctly because that’s what would make sure the side effects are kept at bay.

  • Some people can avoid them completely and so they can use Winstrol receiving great benefits without having any side effects at all.
  • Other people would get side effects, at least some of them that are not too profound, if they want to get benefits from using Stanozolol.
  • But lastly, there are people who are not recommended Stanozolol at all, because the side effects would be too much for them.


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Assuming you’re in the first category, you shouldn’t be having any issues at all. That’s greatly thanks to your size, genetic make up, knowledge and experience on using steroids etc.

Most people would find themselves to be in the second category when at least some side effects would appear, but with a proper use, they won’t be bothering at all.

However, biggest problems have people in third category. Usually, those are people that naturally (due to genetics) have low tolerance to the product and their bodies display side effects as even little doses offer too big reacts on them. Or it could be due to allergies.

Another fact that makes you stay away from Stanozolol because otherwise you may find that the side effects are either too bothering or even dangerous for your health – other health conditions. For example, people who already suffering from cardiovascular issues (heart issues etc.), from liver issues (like cirrhosis etc.) and others should not use Stanozolol as that’s going to be too dangerous for them.

Stanozolol Side Effects in Details

If you are healthy enough and you do react normally on the compound then here is the list of some of the most commonly reported side effects of Stanozolol:

  • Nausea
  • Liver toxicity (damages liver)
  • Testosterone suppression (as with all other steroids, natural testosterone production is inhibited).
  • Joint issues and joint pains (dry joints) due to the fact that Stanozolol flushes out water from your body.
  • Androgen related side effects such as oily skin, acne, bad skin condition, hair loss, abnormal hair growth on face and body etc.
  • Masculinization (virilization) for women.
  • Cardiovascular issues (problems with heart)
  • Increased cholesterol etc.

These are not all the side effects, but the most commonly reported one. If you are to get some side effects, then these are the ones that most likely would appear. Luckily, there are ways how you could avoid them.


Another good news is that you won’t be getting any estrogen related side effects – that’s because Winstrol cannot aromatize into estrogen.

  1. If you do get side effects, do not increase the dosage. If the side effects are too bothering – decrease the dosage. Do not ever abuse the compound and don’t ever use it for longer than 8 weeks. Liver toxicity for Stanozolol products is a real problem and that’s why, most people who do understand it, never use it longer than 6 weeks or even 4 weeks.
  2. Testosterone suppression is common for all steroids and as with all steroids – you deal with it by adding a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) protocol after each Winny cycle.
  3. Masculinization for women and androgen related side effects are highly depending on the genetic make up of each person and dosage. That’s why if you have such adverse effects at even low doses, it’s due to your genetics so you may want to reduce the dosage or completely stop.
  4. Liver toxicity and dry joints (as well as cardiovascular and cholesterol issues) are often treated with supplements. Liver protective compounds and supplements for your joints would always be helpful.

Working out on a regular basis and having a clean diet is mandatory because it won’t only make Winstrol effective, but would reduce the side effects.

winstrol-50-oral-maha-e1554716130661 In fact, using Stanozolol for physique and performance enhancement purposes without dieting and working out is completely worthless.

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