Dbols (Dianabol) is derived from testosterone and the chemical name is Methandrostenolone (Methandienone). Dr. John Ziegler created this anabolic and androgenic steroid to help American athletes enhance their performance. And he achieved tremendous success.

He tried to make a compound that is easy to administer (pills), is safer than testosterone, and is effective. He tried to reduce the androgenic and estrogenic nature. While Dbols are way less androgenic than testosterone, they are more estrogenic. However, this doesn’t make Dianabol unsafe. In fact, Dbol is fairly safe and extremely effective.

This anabolic steroid is more anabolic than testosterone and is a true performance enhancer compound. This is the first oral steroid to appear in the bodybuilding stage and become extremely popular. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger used Dbols cycles.


The main benefits of Dianabol are:

  • Enhanced protein synthesis
  • Improved nitrogen retention
  • Boosted glycogenolysis
  • More red blood cells count


As a result, Dbols pills help you achieve the following results easier and faster:

  • A rapid increase in muscle mass
  • Reduces fatigue and tiredness during workouts
  • Enhanced recovery of muscles
  • Huge boost in strength and power indicators

Why is Dianabol So Popular?

Except for the benefits I explained above, there are other reasons why Dbol is such a popular anabolic and androgenic steroid. Some that I can mention are:

  • Doesn’t require injections (it comes in form of oral pills)
  • Stacks extremely well with most other anabolic steroids (works in synergy)
  • Has much lower androgenic effects than other steroids (lower risks of side effects)
  • Most users tolerate it very well (fairly safe)
  • It kicks in the system very fast (you’ll get extremely fast results)

Dianabol is an awesome bulking steroid. People mostly use it at the beginning of a bulking cycle in order to get results early on the cycle.

It’s also one of the first oral steroids beginners use. It’s because it is easy to use, fairly tolerable, and highly effective. By far one of the most common uses of Dbol is as a bulking AAS during the off-season. That’s because Dbols can offer quick and awesome muscle mass growing results.


Does Dianabol Cause Side Effects?

All anabolic and androgenic steroids cause side effects. Dianabol has the potential of causing some side effects too. You need to know how to mitigate them – that’s an essential part of your Dianabol cycle in order to both achieve great results and keep side effects at bay.

With Dbols, estrogenic side effects are most pronounced. You can control them with the help of aromatase inhibitors (AIs) such as Arimidex or Aromasin.

The androgenic side effects are not as bad with Methandienone. That’s because it doesn’t have powerful androgenic effects. Nonetheless, some side effects may still occur. It’s just the thing that they won’t be as bad as with other steroids.

In terms of testosterone suppression – it’s exactly the same as all other steroids. Dbol inhibits it, but you can recover it back with a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan.

Dianabol side effects:

  • Estrogenic = water retention, gynecomastia, and high blood pressure among others. Controllable with aromatase inhibitors.
  • Androgenic = acne, hair loss, and aggression among others. Mostly depends on genetics. Less likely to occur compared to other AAS.
  • Suppression = low testosterone symptoms after the cycle discontinue. Controllable with a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) with Nolvadex and/or Clomid.
  • Hepatotoxicity = liver damage. It’s not the worst oral steroid in terms of negative impact on the liver, but you still need to be careful. Controllable with liver protection supplements.
  • Cholesterol = negative impact on cholesterol values. Controllable with a good diet and healthy fatty acids like Omega 3.

All side effects of Dbols depend on the dosage and cycle length. Appropriate administration would help avoid them.

How to Take Dianabol?

Dbols come in the form of pills so you need to swallow them with a full glass of water. Using on an empty stomach increases effectiveness, but chances of side effects too. Take with food if you notice side effects or stomach upset.

Methandrostenolone half-life is very short at 3-6 hours. That’s why I recommend AT LEAST 2 administrations per day. But preferably 3-4 administrations daily. It means that the total daily dosage is split and used throughout the day into 2-4 administrations.

Mainly because of liver toxicity but also due to other factors as well, such as cholesterol issues and an overall increase in other side effects, Dianabol cycle length shouldn’t go over 8 weeks period. Nevertheless, to keep it safer, I would recommend never exceeding the 6 weeks cycle. 4 weeks cycle length is common too.


Dianabol Dosage

Even low doses of Dbols are effective. Some people report good results at 15 mg/day, which is the lowest dosage. The maximum dosage is 100 mg/day, but that’s only for experienced professional huge bodybuilders. Rarely does someone exceed the dosage of 50 mg/day because even this dosage is likely to cause side effects. Not mentioning getting over it.

That’s why you’ll need 20-40 mg/day which is enough. Remember that regardless of your daily dosage – you need to split it up throughout the day. Most people use it in 3 doses. One right upon waking up, another one hours later before strength training, and the last one right before going to bed.

Dianabol Cycle


Dbols cycles range between 4-6 weeks and people use it during off-season for bulking phases. They use it as a kick starter of an injectable cycle. I highly recommend stacking it with testosterone. Advanced and professional users stack it with other bulking compounds like Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate). Never stack it with other orals during the same cycle though. It causes too much liver strain.

So, the Dianabol cycle can kickstart your cycle and can break through a plateau in muscle gains and strength. Always stack with testosterone for the best results and least side effects. I do not recommend Dianabol only cycle.

Example of a cycle for beginners:

12 weeks of Testosterone Enanthate 400 mg/week with the first 6 weeks Dbols 30 mg a day.

Example of a cycle for intermediates:

14 weeks of Sustanon 600 mg/week with the first 6 weeks Dbols 50 mg/day. First 13 weeks Deca Durabolin 400 mg/week.

Example of a cycle for professionals:

16 weeks of Testosterone Cypionate 1000 mg/week with the first 8 weeks Dbols 60 mg/day. Deca Durabolin 16 weeks unless going to PCT in which case you run it for 15 weeks only. HGH 6 IU a day entire cycle. Some optionally add Trenbolone Acetate the last 6 weeks at 50 mg/day.

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