Anavar Results Before And After

Anavar (Oxandrolone) is an orally active androgenic and anabolic steroid that is capable to offer results before and after that are mind blowing. Anyone using the compound properly reported its amazing effectiveness and one of the best thing about it – Anavar results before and after appear without too much or too bad side effects. That’s because this anabolic steroid is considered one of the safest on the market.

Anavar was crated back in 60s for increasing lean muscle mass in patients suffering from muscle wasting diseases. But then Anavar became a big hit in the world of fitness and bodybuilding because it possesses great anabolic and fat burning abilities.

Pro-Anavar-Beligas The product is so popular due to various reasons: it comes as oral pills so is easy to administer, it do a great job both for cutting and bulking cycles and plus to that, it has been proven to be very well tolerated by many users, even including women and children. All of this alongside with the fact that Anavar results before and after for physique and performance enhancement reasons are great – obviously the anabolic steroid is highly popular.

Anavar is nowadays having a banned status for recreational use, nonetheless, there are still a lot of men and women who are using this compound for increasing their muscle mass, body definition and reduce their body fat percentage.

No wonder why so many people search for Anavar results before and after – to make sure that the compound is indeed as helpful as is claimed and we can tell you, yes the compound is indeed that helpful.

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Anavar Results – Before And After Results in Photos

Is important to remember that Anavar results may be different from a person to another. It highly depends on various factors such as your age, gender, dosage administered, cycle, either you add other compounds or not, your genetic, your lifestyle such as your dieting and training schedule and various others.

Nonetheless, taken in consideration that every factors is “normal” or “average” then is said that beginners of Anavar may notice an overall increase of muscle mass of about 10 lbs and decrease of fat of about 7-12 lbs in their first 6 weeks cycle length.

Overall users may not be able to notice a big difference in their total weight, but they would surely see a difference in conditioning – that’s why Anavar is such a great compound and that’s why its results are so amazing.

Here’s an example of a man running Anavar and its results before and after:


What you will not see in the photo is that this man also received a lot of psychological benefits too such as increased energy, increased libido and sex drive, increased speed, power and so on and so forth.

The physical benefits, however, can be easily noticed – way more muscles all around with dramatically less body fat and this resulted in an overall more defined body.


That’s the difference 5 weeks apart. This woman administered 10 mg a day of Anavar and as much as we can see – the results are amazing because this woman managed to lose a big amount of body fat (especially around midsection) but in the same time she gained muscle mass.

  • With this being said, a woman may not see a huge (if at all) difference in body weight, but surely would see a big difference in overall body appearance and definition.

A woman can become defined and slim when this product is used properly.

The same rule applies to men – using Anavar in a responsible way is the key to receive best possible Anavar results Oxandrolon-10mg-Balkan-Rebranding-e1553005953653-1 with mind blowing benefits when comparing before and after cycle photos.

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