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Every person who is seriously looking for achieving a great looking body and/ or getting their physical performance levels increased would really love to buy Anavar oral. This oral anabolic steroid is going to help you achieve the driest, leanest physique possible whilst increasing your strength levels during the process and all of that whilst remaining a safe anabolic steroid.

Anavar oral coming as pills is considered one of the absolutely safest anabolic steroids that you can find on the market. Is hard to imagine another oral anabolic steroid to be as safe as Anavar is, yet the compound remains highly effective.

Oral Anavar pills are actually containing Oxandrolone – the main ingredient (the actual anabolic steroid) and you could find Anavar being sold as other trademarks (as long as Oxandrolone is main substance – we’re talking about same product, regardless of brand name).


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This anabolic steroid comes in form of oral pills and although you might find injectable Oxandrolone, that’s an extremely unpopular form of using the product. First off because injections have no advantages over Anavar oral pills but they have disadvantages – irritation at injection site, chances to get infection and painful injections (administration).

So there are oral Anavar pills that are extremely easy to administer and they are extremely effective, whilst still remaining safe for use. The Anavar oral pills are convenient making the anabolic steroid easy and hassle free to administer.

As much as we can see – Anavar oral is almost ideal for everyone. That’s because is easy to administer and much safer compared to most other steroids. With this being mentioned, tablets of Anavar oral can be administered by women and beginners too.


In fact, Anavar is considered the most popular steroid among women for fitness purposes. But is also used by male beginners, professionals and Oxandrolone is doing an amazing job for both bulking and cutting cycles too.

Cycles and Dosage of Anavar Oral

Cycles and dosages for women and for men are different when talking about anabolic steroids, oral Anavar pills make no exceptions. As you might guess, women should use way lower dosages than men due to their natural lower tolerance to steroids, including Oxandrolone.

To start off – women should consider their first Anavar administration with a dosage of around 5 mg per day. Dosages of Anavar oral higher than 20 mg a day for a woman are considered dangerous. That’s why they should start slowly and keep their doses within this range. Doses higher than 10 mg a day for a woman are risky, but it depends on various factors.

Women shouldn’t run oral Anavar pills for longer than 6 weeks, but most stop at 4 weeks. anavar-oral-dry-appearance

Both men and women determine their Anavar cycle length and dosage based on different factors such as level of experience, ultimate goals, personal tolerance to the steroid and few others. Earlier we mentioned the dosage of Anavar oral for women, but that’s very different for a man as it goes like this:

  • 30 mg a day of Anavar for beginner level users
  • 50 mg a day of Anavar for intermediate level users
  • 80 mg a day of Anavar for advanced level users

There are few absolute professionals who run Anavar oral pills in doses of 100 mg a day but that’s greatly increasing chances of side effects. Such cycles should be short and anything more than 100 mg a day of Anavar is considered pure abuse.

Abusive dosages are still dangerous as you may get nasty side effects, even from this seemingly safer anabolic steroid.

Men usually administer Oxandrolone in cycle length anywhere between 6 and 8 weeks and we do not recommend running it for any longer because of possible negative side effects in terms of liver toxicity. Oxandrolone is C17 alpha alkylated and that’s why is liver damaging.

Cycle length should be short and we highly recommend to add a liver protection product whilst running Anavar oral.



  • WARNING! Anavar oral is a pretty pricey anabolic steroid. It costs more compared to most other steroids. Due to its high price and high popularity – Anavar is commonly faked.

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