Anavar Cycle

Anavar (Oxandrolone) is among the most popular anabolic steroids in the world. It comes as oral pills and despite being fairly mild (and safer compared to other steroids) is still highly effective. That’s why there are a lot of people all over the world who run Anavar cycles. This way, they can achieve their physique and performance enhancement goals without damaging their health too much.

The Anavar cycle is amazing both for women and men, both for beginners and veterans. Additionally, it is an amazing steroid both for fitness purposes and medical purposes too.

There are lots of steroids that are only recommended to men, but Anavar (Oxandrolone) is different. Anavar is considered the most popular steroid for women. That’s why is nicknamed “the girl steroid”. Although, as mentioned, it is very popular among men too. Is used by bodybuilders, strongmen, powerlifters, and many different male sportsmen.


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Nonetheless, to make Anavar effective and keep it safe, everyone should learn how to use it first. It can be amazing both for cutting and bulking cycles, both for men and women.

That’s because it has the ability to increase lean muscle mass, strength and decrease body fat % at the same time. Plus, it is one of the safest steroids out there. But all of this is true only with a proper Anavar cycle.

  • By not running a correct Anavar cycle, you are very likely to develop side effects or simply not receive the expected results. Keep in mind that Anavar can be stacked or can be used alone. Generally, it is recommended to stack it with other steroids to receive maximum benefits, but some people still use it solo.

Anavar Only Cycle

Administering Anavar (Oxandrolone) by itself can be a fairly effective cycle, but not as effective when stacked. That’s why it is often used alone by beginners and intermediates during a cutting phase mostly, or by women.

Is rarely or never used alone by professional men or those who are using it for bulking cycles.


Anavar Only Cycle For Men

Beginners who never used any anabolic steroids at all may start an Anavar only cycle. Generally, dosages are lower such as 20 mg a day for about 6-8 weeks. Intermediate users may increase the dosage to about 30-40 mg daily.Anavar-Cycle-for-women-body

Anavar Only Cycle For Women

As mentioned, Anavar is the most popular steroid for women. Most of them use it alone, especially beginners, but there are those who still stack it. Anavar for women is the most popular because it is the safest in terms of virilization side effects. But they are still possible to occur if not used properly.

Usually, women start at 10 mg a day. Those who are at higher risk of virilization may start at 5 mg a day. Intermediate users and professional women may use it at doses of 15-20 mg a day. But we don’t recommend higher doses. Cycle lengths should be between 4 and 6 weeks. Never run it for longer due to the same risks.

Stacked Anavar Cycle

Anavar can be stacked with virtually any given steroid. But less so with orally active steroids. That’s because although Anavar is safer for your liver, it still poses some liver risks. That’s why men usually stack it with Testosterone (injectable) or other injectable steroids depending on their needs.

It can be Masteron, Primobolan, Equipoise, and others. But still, some men add oral steroids to it such as Winstrol.

Stacked Anavar Cycle For Men

Example of a cycle:


  • Testosterone 300 mg weekly for 10 weeks and Anavar 20 mg a day for the last 6 weeks for beginners.
  • Testosterone 500 mg weekly for 12 weeks and Anavar 50 mg a day for the last 8 weeks for intermediate users.

Others go for orals only. Such as Winstrol 20 mg a day; Anavar 40 mg a day both for 6 weeks and Clenbuterol cycle. Clenbuterol is used in a different manner than steroids. Usually started at 20 mcg a day for no longer than 2 weeks. Its dosage is gradually increased but no more than 120 mcg/day for men.

Stacked Anavar Cycle For Women

Women are rarely or never using injectable steroids. That’s why they mostly use Anavar alone. However, some still stack it with Winstrol or/and Clenbuterol for an ultimate cutting / weight loss cycle.

It goes like this:

  • Anavar 20 mg a day for 6 weeks with Winstrol 5-10 mg a day for 4-6 weeks. Clenbuterol for women is used in a similar way as men do, but the maximum dosage is 60-80 mcg a day.

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