Turinabol Cycle

Anyone searching for effective yet safe in terms of side effects anabolic steroid cycles, would really love a Turinabol cycle. That’s because Tbol is one of the safest oral steroids, that is easy to administer and helpful for physique and performance enhancement purposes. Turinabol is an awesome steroid that is helpful both for beginners and professionals. Additionally, both men and women can run a Turinabol cycle as well.

Here you’re going to find different Turinabol cycle examples. Remember though – those are only examples. Dosages and cycle lengths of each steroid (including Tbol) can and should be adjusted according to your own needs, experience, response, etc.

Turinabol Facts

Apto-Turinabol-BeligasIt’s important to know before you start a Turinabol cycle that this anabolic steroid is not going to help you grow immense amounts of muscle mass. As other anabolic steroids would. Although Tbol is derived from Dbol – it’s very different.

Dianabol is an oral steroid for bulking cycles. But Turinabol is mostly an oral steroid for fat loss and cutting cycles. It’s important to know this information before you actually start a cycle with Tbol.


Moreover, Turinabol (Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone) has a rather long half-life compared to most other oral steroids. Half life is 16 hours. That’s why once a day administration during the Turinabol cycle is enough. Take the entire daily dosage at the same time of the day, daily. Some may want to split. There’s no point in splitting into more than 2 doses throughout the day (like every 12 hours or so).

Turinabol Dosage mostly depends on your level of experience. For example, it ranges between 15-30 mg/day for first timers who never had a Turinabol cycle in the past. Turinabol dosage increases for people who had experience – it is usually between 30 mg and 50 mg a day for intermediate users. Lastly, professionals can increase the dosage, up to 80 mg a day (sometimes even higher). However, such Turinabol doses are only for people with great experience and enough Turinabol cycles under their belt. Women who want to use Turinabol shouldn’t ever get over 10 mg/day. Anything past this dosage greatly increases the risks of virilization side effects.

Also, the Turinabol cycle length is 4-6 weeks for women. Men can run a Turinabol cycle for 4-8 weeks. Using it any longer is not a good idea because of the possible negative side effects.


What Else To Know About Tbol?


Turinabol cycles are offering the best results when you stack it alongside other anabolic steroids during the cycle. This steroid has an amazing synergistic effect with Testosterone as well as with other similar androgen hormones that are getting more effective as a result of inhibited SHBG. Turinabol inhibits SHBG and that’s what makes other steroids work even better.

SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) is a type of protein that binds to testosterone and makes it “inactive”. That’s why the testosterone that binds to SHBG is unable to do its job. However, Turinabol binds to SHBG very efficiently. That’s why more testosterone can circulate through the body allowing for a more anabolic environment and overall better muscle building effects.

This is the main reason why, despite Turinabol’s low anabolic and androgenic ratings, it’s a great steroid to add during the steroid cycles. You can use Tbol in low dosages alongside other steroids. While Turinabol itself won’t do a great job for muscle building, it helps other compounds to work more efficiently. It binds to SHBG. That’s great because other steroids that would have bound to SHBG make them useless. Because of the Tbol’s bound, steroids become more effective.

But then again, Turinabol has a very weak anabolic rating. That’s why it’s not a good option for bulking and mass gaining purposes. Especially considering there are other options that are much better for such needs.

So, Turinabol cycles are mostly for pre-contest, fat loss, and cutting needs. It preserves lean muscles during caloric deficit phases. So, I would recommend everyone to run Oral Turinabol cycles specifically for cutting needs. It’s a better option for cutting and when stacked together with other compounds, rather than a Turinabol only cycle.

Turinabol Only Cycle

Because of the reasons I mentioned earlier, Turinabol only cycle is not a good idea. It keeps SHBG from binding to other anabolic steroids making them more efficient. When you don’t add other steroids – you don’t benefit from this effect.

In addition, Tbol is very mild. A standalone cycle isn’t likely to offer desired results.

This is why Turinabol only cycle is very rare. Usually, only beginners or women use such cycles.

For men: 15-30 mg/day for 6-8 weeks. For women: 5-10 mg/day for 4-6 weeks.

Beginner Turinabol Cycle

Example of a beginner Turinabol cycle:

  • Week 1-12: Testosterone Enanthate at 300 mg per week. (Split dosage into 2 even halves throughout the week evenly apart).
  • Week 1-8: Turinabol 30 mg per day. (Once a day, every day, at the same time of the day. Or split throughout the day into 2 even halves, every 12 hours).

This is a fairly basic type of Turinabol cycle and here, Tbol works as a “booster” for Testosterone and as a “kickstarter” of the cycle. Therefore, the user is likely to experience faster results and greater effects because of more free testosterone in the bloodstream (since Tbol binds to SHBG).

Remember though – testosterone enanthate is a long ester version. This means that it requires some time until the levels would greatly increase and allow users to yield some gains. Usually, it starts at about 3-4 weeks into the cycle. Turinabol, however, helps provide steady lean muscle mass gains during the time that blood plasma level of testosterone slowly increases. But since Tbol binds to SHBG, the overall anabolism level greatly increases when you stack it with Testosterone.


Intermediate Turinabol Cycle

Example of intermediate Turinabol cycle:

  • Week 1-12: Testosterone Cypionate at 500 mg/week (split dosage) and Equipoise at 400 mg/week (once a week or split dosage).
  • Week 1-8: Turinabol 50 mg per day (once a day or split dosage)

This is a more serious Turinabol cycle with a higher dosage allowing for an even more anabolic effect. Especially considering that you have increased Testosterone dosage and added Boldenone Undecylenate (Equipoise) which has an even higher anabolic activity.

The two injectable steroids (Test Cyp and EQ) are long versions of anabolic steroids – they need long cycle lengths to become effective. People who use Test Cyp and EQ usually won’t see any dramatic benefits and effects until week 4-6 of the cycle. That’s why Tbol works as a kickstarter as well. With a higher dosage, you can notice steady lean muscle mass gains.

Overall, you can expect a great cycle for lean muscle mass gains. Equipoise, although aromatizes, it’s not very aromatizable (not as much as Testosterone) and Turinabol doesn’t aromatize at all. So, EQ and Testosterone can greatly help improve the quality of strength and size of gains, while 50 mg/day of Turinabol would greatly enhance their effectiveness.

You can expect low water retention and bloat from this cycle unless you’re greatly aromatizing naturally.


Advanced Turinabol Cycle

Example of advanced Turinabol cycle:

Week 1-8:

  • Testosterone Propionate every other day at 50 mg per shot (or 25 mg/daily)
  • Trenbolone Acetate at 50 mg per day (same time of the day)
  • Turinabol at 80 mg (once or split dosage per day)

This is an advanced Turinabol cycle that I would not recommend to beginners. It contains Turinabol dosage in the higher range (80 mg/day). Moreover, it contains Trenbolone Acetate – a very powerful anabolic steroid that I don’t recommend to beginners. This is a powerful cutting cycle, allowing users to experience great fat loss and lean muscle gains results. Cutting cycles are usually shorter, so you start with all 3 steroids at a time, and then stop all of them at the same time (2 months later).

Testosterone Propionate is a short ester allowing you to maintain proper testosterone levels during the entire cycle. It doesn’t kick in the system slow as previous versions of testosterone, but you need to use it at least every other day (or daily). Trenbolone Acetate also doesn’t need a “kickstarter” because of its short testosterone ester. So, all 3 steroids start working almost instantly and all of them work in synergy for fat loss and lean muscle mass gains.

Both Turinabol and Trenbolone are unable to aromatize into estrogen. At the same time, there’s testosterone that can, but you use it in very low doses of 150-200 mg/week. That’s why the conversion rate during this cycle should be extremely low. As a result, the estrogenic risks should be extremely low.

Usually, professionals run such Turinabol cycles pre-contest to display great muscle definition without water retention or bloating.

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