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Sibutramine is a diet drug that helps control appetite. This is an appetite suppressant compound that is doing a great job for people who are searching for cutting and weight loss cycles. The most popular brand name is Meridia. However, the product is not produced anymore because in 2010 FDA prohibited the sales of Meridia (Sibutramine).

Now you can find it as numerous other brand names.

This appetite suppressant was the first drug medically approved for treating obesity. In fact, it was the only use of Sibutramine. 

According to studies, the product is highly effective in losing weight. It was a prescription drug as an adjunct in the treatment of obesity when a proper diet and exercise plan were involved. It was discontinued in the United States and some other countries because it was increasing the risks of cardiovascular and stroke issues.

Athletes and bodybuilders are still sometimes using Sibutramine to help them reduce their appetite. Needless to mention that this is greatly helpful in losing weight and burning body fat. Given a proper diet and exercise, Sibutramine helps you consume fewer calories. As a result, the body burns more calories than you consume. This is what leads to fat and weight loss during cutting cycles. Bodybuilders often stack anabolic steroids with them in order to avoid muscle loss.

Sibutramine Profile

sibuzone-sibutramine-alphazone-pharmaceuticalsSibutramine is an uptake inhibitor. It doesn’t boost the release of neurotransmitters. Mainly – Serotonin. It still, however, works on Serotonin. It stops it from being reabsorbed by the serotonin norepinephrine re-uptake receptors. This is a popular neurotransmitter because it regulates your mood, your sleep, and… your appetite.

Because of this, a lot of anti-depressant drugs contain serotonin inhibiting substances. They have a great impact on your mood. But as we all know, anti-depressants have a great impact on sleep and appetite too. So does Sibutramine. It may affect your mood and sleep too, except for appetite.

That’s why it got banned. Sibutramine was helping people lose weight with a caloric deficit diet and exercise plan, so it was approved for obesity treatment. But because it affected cardiovascular health it got banned.

So, if you’re thinking of using Sibutramine during your weight loss or cutting cycle, make sure you’re not having a history of stroke, heart related issues, high blood pressure, or others. Using Sibutramine may make it all worse. 


On the other hand, this product is actually highly effective. Studies indicate that a lot of patients of varying ages and both genders had great success in losing body fat. Bodybuilders use it to lower appetite and control it as well as to lower cravings for cheat meals and junk food. Nonetheless, Sibutramine isn’t as popular as other weight loss compounds such as Clenbuterol. Clenbuterol is not an appetite suppressant (although it has some appetite suppressive effects) but rather a stimulant.

Yet, if you’re looking for appetite control specifically then Sibutramine is a better option.

Sibutramine Dosage and Side Effects


You should be aware that Sibutramine’s only form of administration is oral pills. Sibutramine pills have a half life of 14-16 hours (reach peak concentrations after 3-4 hours). That’s why you only need to use it once a day. I strongly recommend using it as soon as you wake up in the morning. It may be helpful in avoiding insomnia side effects. Insomnia is among the most common side effects of Sibutramine, alongside jittery and dry mouth.

That’s why I strongly recommend drinking a lot of water during the use of the Sibutramine cycle. Usually, it lasts 8-12 weeks. I recommend keeping cycles shorter (6-8 weeks), especially in the beginning because of its dependence liability. You could also try slowly reducing the dosage at the end.

The starting dosage is usually 10 mg/day. Some bodybuilders may take higher doses. But I don’t recommend increasing the dosage sooner than 4 weeks into the cycle. And if you do increase, increase by 5 mg/day at a time.

After the cycle ends, make sure you continue working out and dieting properly. Remember that the appetite may return so you could regain the weight back. Watch out for it.

Also, watch out for cardiovascular problems. If you have a history of cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure, increased heart rate, or whatever other heart condition – it may be worth staying away from Sibutramine. Especially if you currently suffer from any of them.

  • You may experience dizziness, headaches, stomach issues, nausea, dry mouth as well as insomnia, jittery, joint/muscle pains, and others. If you do experience any of them, they may go away after a while. If they don’t or if it’s getting unbearable – stop the use or at least reduce the dosage.

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