Proviron is the most popular brand name of substance Mesterolone. This is an extremely unique steroid that has unique benefits. However, it should be treated in a unique manner compared to other anabolic steroids out there.

In fact, this is not really an “anabolic” steroid, rather is an orally active androgen steroid. The anabolic properties are very low. That’s why this is a unique steroid in the first place.

What is Proviron?


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Proviron (substance Mesterolone) is one of the oldest androgenic and anabolic steroids (AAS) available on the market. Is also one of the most misunderstood steroids out there. The compound was created back in the 1930s and is the purest Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived steroid available.

That’s why Mesterolone does have a few similarities to Drostanolone (Masteron) as well as Stanozolol (Winstrol) and Oxandrolone (Anavar). Nonetheless, is much milder. Especially if comparing the anabolic activity of Proviron with other steroids.

So, Proviron is far from the most powerful steroids but is still unique in its own way.

Because it is weaker, it is not a steroid to be used for bulking cycles. Low anabolic activity won’t help you grow muscles.

Instead, Mesterolone does an amazing job in promoting lean muscle mass and fat loss. It reduces aromatization in the body. Plus enhances the efficiency of other steroids. That’s why Proviron is a great cutting compound. It would help boost the effectiveness of other steroids while burning body fat and promoting lean muscle mass.


Using Proviron

As mentioned, Proviron is reducing aromatization. Plus to that, it strongly binds to the SHBG hormone. This leads to more free testosterone circulating in the body. That’s why other steroids used with Mesterolone get enhanced effects as there’s more testosterone to use. Plus, Proviron used for bulking is ineffective.

Therefore, the conclusion – never use Proviron alone.

It won’t be very helpful alone and you would be disappointed if attempting. However, if you’re running a cycle of steroids and throw in some Mesterolone in there, you’ll love it.


That’s because in a bulking cycle Proviron would reduce aromatization and offer a leaner bulk effect. You won’t get as puffy and you may not need to add any aromatase inhibitors at all. That’s why Proviron is often used as an alternative to AIs.

In a cutting cycle, Proviron would help burn more fat and develop a harder physical appearance. With vascularity and dry muscles.

At the same time, since Proviron is much weaker than other steroids, it is easy to understand that side effects are by far not as bad either.

Proviron Side Effects

Because Mesterolone is much milder doesn’t mean that is absolutely safe. Side effects are possible, especially those related to DHT. Acne, hair loss, oily skin are some of those side effects Proviron is likely to make your experience.

Nonetheless, all other side effects are either non-existent or very mild.

  • Proviron is mildly suppressing testosterone (some even use it for PCT plans).
  • Proviron deals with aromatization (of course, it doesn’t cause estrogenic issues).
  • Although being orally active – is not C17 Alpha alkylated. That’s why it is an oral steroid that is non liver toxic.
  • Women are at risk of developing masculinizing effects though. Mesterolone is not recommended.

Proviron Administration

proviron-mesterolone-in-gym Since it is not stressful for the liver, Proviron can be used for as long as the cycle length is and can be stacked with oral steroids. Despite being an oral steroid itself.

Dosages of Proviron are ranging anywhere between 25 mg and 100 mg a day. Most commonly is 50 mg or 75 mg per day.

Some people may go for an oral-only bulking steroid cycle such as:

  • 6 weeks Dianabol and Proviron both 50 mg a day.

That’s just an example.

In Conclusion


Proviron is misunderstood because it cannot grow muscles and shouldn’t be used alone. However, if you learn how to properly use Mesterolone – it would greatly help you achieve your dream body.

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