Primobolan Review

Primobolan – one of the best fat burner that bodybuilders use for their cutting phases. The steroid of choice for legends such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and many more.

What is Primobolan?

Primobolan is an androgenic and anabolic steroid (AAS) that was derived from DHT. In fact, Methenolone was derived from Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) but Primobolan is the brand name of the this active substance (chemical name). Any other brand / trade name with Methenolone is the same Primobolan. Primobolan is just the first and the most famous brand for Methenolone. Very often, is shortly called Primo.

Primobolan is considered a very famous steroid and it seems like part of the reason why this steroid ended up being so famous is because Arnold Schwarzenegger was considered to have used this steroid for getting in his best shape for reaching the title of “greatest bodybuilder of all times”.

  • The active substance Methenolone found in Primobolan (or shortly Primo) is coming in 2 various forms – oral and injectable. When referring to oral Primobolan we’re actually referring to Methenolone Acetate and injectable PrimobolanMethenolone Enanthate.

It looks like injectable Primo (Methenolone Enanthate) is a more famous version than the oral Primo and most people seem to prefer the injections instead of oral tablets. But in the end, everyone chooses for themselves what they need and what form to administer.


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Each of these forms is coming with various advantages and disadvantages. For example, oral is easy to use while injection is staying active in the body for a longer time.

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PrimoxylIn the end, regardless of the form, you get the active substance Methenolone that is working the same way. The compound was mainly used for the treatment of anemia due to bone marrow failure, but then it got discontinued and nowadays is mostly a compound used by bodybuilders.

Bodybuilders use the compound with great success for their physique and performance enhancement purposes as they have great help with Primo for boosting their muscle growth and enhancing the overall performance.

Despite the fact that Primobolan is often seen as a pretty mild steroid, is still remaining very helpful as it was proven to greatly improve the strength levels, grow muscles as well as boost energy by stimulating the synthesis of the phosphocreatine that’s found within the muscle tissues.

Being fairly mild and not being capable to aromatase, the compound is not seen as a very good option for bulking as it won’t grow too much muscles, instead a lot of athletes, bodybuilders and various other steroid users are having great success when using Primo for their cutting cycles.

Primobolan is an extremely helpful steroid for getting shredded and for maintaining lean muscle mass giving you a lean look.

Other than that, being mild, Primo might not offer as bad negative effects as other steroids in the time that it would be effective, taking your physique and performance to the next level, with more strength, stamina and endurance as well as offering a toned body with amazing physical appearance. Some of the best effects of Primobolan are:

  • Muscle Growth
  • Muscle Strength
  • Muscle Generation
  • Gets Rid of Water Retention
  • Burns Body Fat
  • Gets you toned with hardening effect
  • Can be used by steroid starters and women

What is Primobolan Used For?

In the past, Primobolan was used in medical settings for anemia associated with bone marrow failure. However, it was then discontinued and nowadays is mostly no longer available. Other than that, it was studied for the treatment of breast cancer too.

Nonetheless, nowadays, this compound is used only for physique and performance enhancement by bodybuilders and various other athletes. The compound is not very suitable with the bulking cycles when needing to grow as much muscle as possible. Although sometimes is used in such cycles, is used alongside with another main compound for bulking.

Primobolan (Methenolone), instead, is very helpful, famous and widely used for cutting cycles – when you need to get shredded and lean with visible muscles.

Either you use oral Primobolan (Methenolone Acetate) or injection Primobolan (Methenolone Enanthate), you would be able to burn body fat much faster and efficiently in the time of maintaining muscle mass.


Keep in mind that when used on its own alone, the steroid won’t be doing too much because, as said, is considered fairly mild. That’s why is often stacked because when combined, it gives maximum effectiveness. It has an anabolic to androgenic ratio of 88 : 44-57 and that’s considered fairly low, especially when comparing to other steroids’ numbers.

But don’t let these numbers fool you into thinking that is not helpful. Primobolan is used for cutting cycles with great success as it can greatly increase strength, burn body fat, boost stamina and help users to get lean muscle mass and ripped appearance.

After all, these are the reasons why so many bodybuilders are still using Primobolan (Methenolone) all over the world for their needs. If having a problem use of Primo, the users can easily expect to prevent muscles from being wasted and a huge enhance in strength levels as well as a very big boost in overall physical performance. You would both perform and look much better.

The Effects of Primobolan Cycle

Primobolan is working in a very similar way as many other steroids and that’s why, you may notice that it offers similar effects. However, a Primobolan cycle is still going to be different from other steroids and although functioning similarly to anabolic steroids, is a bit different.

The effects of a Primobolan cycle cannot go unnoticed when talking about physique and performance enhancement.

  • This compound is improving nitrogen retention (and is great at improving it) and therefore it would help the user to avoid the catabolic state in which the user is losing muscles. With Primo, you get rid of fat faster, but you don’t lose muscles.
  • Primobolan is having a high binding affinity to the androgen receptors (ARs) and this is leading to a faster and direct breakdown of fat. That’s how you lose fat faster, but due to nitrogen you don’t lose muscles.
  • But lastly, the steroid has been proven to be extremely helpful at enhancing the functions of the immune system. With this being said, you are more energetic, less fatigued, faster recovery and much less likely to get ill or sick.


Is important to keep in mind that in order to achieve the best results while using Primo you should follow a good diet alongside with a proper workout regimen. In addition to that, make sure that the dosage for the compound is in the good range. Using less may not get enough benefits while using more you may be getting negative side effects. That’s why is highly recommended to use Primobolan in the normal range for it to affect your body in positive ways only.

The recommended dosage for men is ranged between 200 and 400 mg per week while the recommended dosage for women is in the range of 50 and 100 mg per week. As said, for getting the best results from a Primobolan cycle, use it in cutting cycles before a contest. It won’t be as helpful for bulking cycles.

Most common Primobolan cycles are between 6 and 8 weeks and using longer cycles you may put your health at risk. In all cases, Primobolan is stacked with other anabolic steroids in order to get the best possible benefits from using it. In case you use oral Primobolan, go for dosages between 25 mg and 50 mg a day.

In all cases go for the lower dosage in case you are new to the compound.

What Does Primobolan Do? | Primobolan Results

Primobolan is capable to have great results if used properly. It works in similar way as other anabolic steroids by binding to the androgen receptors, but ultimately, is still having different effects. It has great abilities to bind to SHBG and disable it, to help you burn body fat, to maintain lean muscle mass because of the nitrogen retention and even help you grow a bit of muscles as it helps with protein synthesis.

  • Primo is being used in cutting cycles mainly. It does a great job when used in cutting because is hardening your muscles, making them toned and muscular with less body fat. Is not as helpful as other anabolic steroids for bulking cycles because it doesn’t have such a high anabolic activity, it cannot aromatize and generally, it won’t make you grow the muscles as fast and as much as others.

Instead, is hard to find another steroid which would be better when talking about the hardening effects of your muscles. Nonetheless, because is not as powerful as other anabolic steroids, is usually being combined with other steroids because a stack with other anabolic steroids would maximize the full potential and in addition to that, you would greatly benefit from the strong SHBG effect of Primobolan.

When this mild yet highly effective steroid is being used and stacked properly, all along with a good diet and workout diet, is going to make the muscles of the user to appear much more defined, all fuller, much harder and with significantly less fat covering them.


Although is not the best option for women, there are a lot of women who are using it for their physique and performance enhancement purposes and that’s because Primo has a mild nature but is still helpful, especially for women who are getting a significantly stronger effect from steroids than men.

What Effects Has Primobolan Cycle?

A Primobolan cycle can be extremely helpful for people who are going through pre-contest preparation. It has various effects on the body and most of them are positive for physical and performance boost. As said earlier, the effects of a Primobolan cycle is similar to other steroids because as other anabolic steroids, it binds to the androgen receptors.

However, from this point, the effects of each steroid are different. Some steroids offer similar effects, others different, some offer strong effects, others slightly less powerful effects. Primobolan cycle won’t offer such huge effects as other much powerful steroids (like for example Trenbolone) and while the benefits won’t be as huge, the side effects aren’t anywhere near of those of Tren.

In the end, there’s what a Primobolan cycle would help you with:

  • Primo is going to offer a big boost in your strength levels making you much stronger.
  • You would also notice that this steroid would offer a significant boost in muscle endurance.
  • It would greatly enhance the effectiveness of other stacked steroids due to Primo’s SHBG binding ability.
  • Primobolan is a great steroid for those who want to burn body fat and get muscle hardening effects. Helps you keep the same body weight with less fat and more muscles.
  • Because of various boosted processes in the body including the nitrogen retention, it would greatly boost the body’s ability to recover from severe physical performance. Users are capable to endure more physical activity, recover faster meaning more often workouts and overall would display a better performance.

Here’s a bit more of what you’ve got to know about the Primobolan benefits and its results.

This anabolic steroid is great for athletic performance as it has various different effects and benefits which goes as:

  • Primo is going to make sure that you would maintain your lean muscle tissues not allowing you to lose muscles and their strength.
  • Besides the fact that you would maintain your current strength, it also helps you to improve it too.
  • Muscular strength is great, but when displaying a great athletic performance you need to have muscular endurance too and that’s exactly what Primo helps you with.
  • The anabolic steroid is going to be great when talking about reducing of fat layers. Users of Primobolan reduce fat and the stubborn fat too which usually reduces performance.

Except for being great for athletic performance, Primobolan is a very famous steroid for bodybuilding purposes during the cutting phases. As said, is not such a good option for bulking cycles, but is just amazing for cutting cycles and that’s because of the following benefits:

  • Is offering a great protection of your existing muscles and aids a further development.
  • Gives an overall great hardening effect. Your body looks much better because while you may have the same amount of muscles, they are much toned, they look fuller and overall hardening effect.
  • Lose fat. You are going to be able to burn body fat much efficiently and faster and the combination of a faster fat burning with maintaining muscle mass is just perfect for anyone who is going through a cutting cycle.
  • You won’t be losing strength during the process of cutting. You would perform overall better, with better physical appearance and more stamina, energy and importantly – strength.

Here are a few processes in the body that are boosted by Primobolan use. We would explain in a bit more details each of those processes allowing you to understand how actually effective this steroid can be when is used properly.

Fat Burning Property

This anabolic steroid, is having a very strong binding affinity to the androgen receptors and due to such a strong binding affinity, is greatly enhancing up the fat burning process. The compound is also making sure you get less cortisol and other hormones responsible for the new addition of fat tissues.

In the end, you would notice that you are losing much faster, much more and much efficiently your body fat (and that’s whilst building new muscle tissues).

Enhanced Nitrogen Retention

Primobolan is capable offer big boost in the nitrogen retention. Ask any bodybuilder how important this is and you would understand that any product offering enhanced nitrogen retention is just great for physique and performance enhancement purposes. The enhanced nitrogen retention is just amazing for protecting your muscles during the process of the fat breakdown.

As we all know – when you lose body fat during caloric deficit, we’re also losing muscles. Primobolan boost the process of fat breakdown and avoids the muscle loss. It makes sure that you would only lose fat with your muscles remaining untouched.


Boost Protein Synthesis

You don’t have to be a professional bodybuilder in order to know what is protein. We all heard how absolutely necessary they are in order to build lean muscle mass and taken in consideration that the synthesis of protein is boosted, the process of building lean muscle mass is greatly boosted too.

Proteins are highly important because they are restoring muscle fibers after they got broke down during the intense workout (when lifting weights) and they are boosting the growth of new muscle tissues and cells. Primobolan (but many other steroids too) are widely known for helping users because they are promoting a faster muscle growth due to better protein synthesis.

Boost in Red Blood Cell Production

The higher the amount of red blood cell count the higher the chances you have to get bigger, to perform better and to get an overall better physical appearance. It works the other way around too – the bigger and muscular a person is, the more red blood cells he has. Red blood cells are extremely important for physique and performance enhancement because they are carrying oxygen to the tissues all over the body.

Exactly as you need more oxygen to perform better, same goes for your muscles that need oxygen for performing better. Primobolan is a great steroid for stimulating the production of red blood cells and this would offer your muscle tissues more oxygen. But in the same time, it won’t offer too much red blood cells as other steroids might.

With more oxygen, it would help the body to perform longer, more intense and in the same time, you would have a much faster body recovery after each intense workout. You can perform longer and better and you may work out more frequently too. In the end, you would notice big physique and performance enhancement in terms of more strength, endurance, energy etc.

Primobolan Side Effects

We all heard that Primobolan is a mild steroid and therefore is considered a safer steroid compared to many others out there. Nonetheless, keep in mind that it remains an anabolic steroid and therefore, side effects are definitely possible with this compound.

This is why is very important to ask “What are the side effects of Primobolan?” before you plan to actually use it, despite the fact that is offering much lower numbers on paper and you heard of it being much milder and safer than other steroids.

First and foremost – this is an anabolic steroids and remember that absolutely all anabolic steroids are suppressive to natural testosterone production. This means that your body is going to create less testosterone naturally.

The amount of suppression of testosterone depends on the steroid itself, on the dosage of that steroid as well as length of time that you’ve been using that steroid. Running a very powerful steroid in high dosages for a very long time would offer a complete shutdown of the testosterone production. But a normal dosage of a mild steroid (like Primo) for a normal period of time would offer slight suppression only.

Here are some categories of side effects that can be associated with the use of Primobolan (Methenolone).

Androgenic Side Effects

Despite the fact that Primobolan is having a pretty low androgenic activity, some androgenic related side effects are still possible. After all, Methenolone is derived from DHT and as all other derived DHT compounds – such side effects are possible.

Usually, if taken in normal dosages for normal times, androgenic related side effects won’t occur, unless you are genetically prone to get them. Check your family history and you would be able to understand either you’re prone to androgenic side effects or not. Men may suffer from acne, hair loss, aggression, abnormal hair growth on face and body including many others.

Virilization Side Effects

Women are capable to experience bad virilization side effects on Primobolan, that’s why they are only recommended oral Primo which is known to get flushed out of the system much faster compared to injectable one. Women may suffer from: enlargement of clitoris, deepening of vocal chords, abnormal hair growth on face and body, head hair shredding, reduced breast size and others.

Psychological Side Effects

Primobolan (Methenolone) is an anabolic steroid and as all other steroids – they are working and altering your hormonal balance. Hormones are very important for the way you feel, look as well as think and behave. With hormonal changes, you may get psychological side effects too. Being mild, it won’t affect you as much as other powerful steroids would, but it still affects some chemicals in the brain offering different psychological symptoms which could manifest in: easily getting irritated, aggression, anxiety, depression, euphoria, mania and various other symptoms.

Liver Damage

Methenolone is coming in form of oral tablets and injection. Getting liver damage from injection is not possible as it doesn’t seem to affect the liver at all whereas the oral Primobolan may cause some liver toxicity taken in consideration that it passes through your liver. Nonetheless, is very unlikely that you would getting any liver damage because Primo is considered one of the mildest and safest steroids.

Kidney Damage

This is another possible negative effect of Primobolan but exactly as liver damage, is unlikely is going to occur because is mild and therefore quite safe. Nonetheless, if you won’t take care of the dosage and length of time use, then there’s a chance that you would end up damaging your kidneys. This occurs because this steroid is enhancing nitrogen retention and protein synthesis. Taken in consideration that you would have more level of protein in the body, it requires your kidneys to work extra hard. In case your kidneys would work extra for a long period of time, it could lead to kidney damage.

Cholesterol Side Effects

Primobolan (Methenolone) regardless of the form of administration, is capable to reduce the level of the good cholesterol and in the same time, would increase the level of bad cholesterol – HDL (good) cholesterol reduce and LDL (bad) cholesterol increase. This may lead to cardiovascular related side effects too. A cholesterol friendly diet alongside with regular workout would reduce the risks of getting cholesterol related side effects.

Side Effects Conclusion

Is important to understand that not all people who are running Primobolan are getting the side effects mentioned above. Their appearance, their intensity as well as their frequency of appearance depends on various factors such as dosage, cycle length, your diet, tolerance, experience and many others.


The reason why Primobolan is considered to be safer is because people get less side effects or they are not as intense when comparing to other steroids. Some people may not get side effects at all, others may get only a few, others may get them all, others may get bearable side effects, for others they could be too much.

That’s why make sure to use it properly and underestimating the compound is going to be a huge mistake, don’t think of it as an absolutely safe compound, side effects are definitely possible to occur. That’s why is highly important for you to be very careful when trying to administer any kind of anabolic steroids.

Primobolan Dosage

Deciding whether you need oral Primobolan (Methenolone Acetate) or injectable Primobolan (Methenolone Enanthate) is fully up to you and your needs.

Is highly recommended that a cycle length of Primobolan for men shouldn’t ever go over 8 weeks. But you could stop at 6 weeks. Women shouldn’t use more than 6 weeks, but they may stop at 4 weeks.

This compound is very often stacked with other steroids such as Testosterone, Trenbolone or many others, depending on your ultimate goals and various other factors.

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Women shouldn’t stack it with any other steroids as it would be enough for them to use it alone and they are only recommended the oral Primobolan.

  • Primobolan dosage for men range between 200 and 1000 mg per week in injection form. Oral primobolan for men is between 25 mg up to about 80 mg per day.

For women dosages are up to maximum 30 mg a day of oral Primo.

Primobolan cycle example: a beginner Primobolan cycle should go for 6 weeks of Primobolan 400 mg a week and Testosterone Enanthate 400 mg a week.

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