Post Cycle Therapy

If you’ve been researching about anabolic steroids you most likely heard about Post Cycle Therapy. You may have heard someone in your local gym mentioning it, you may have read about it on different messaging and forum boards and generally, it seems like there’s a very strong connection between anabolic steroids and Post Cycle Therapy.

That’s because – that’s true. Below we would explain what is Post Cycle Therapy (PCT), why is so important, and try to explain why there are so many contradictory views about it.

PCT is what you may read most often and that’s because it stands for Post Cycle Therapy and the reason why you may hear of it so often is because PCT is extremely important and an essential part of an anabolic steroid cycle.

In fact, not a part of actual steroid cycle, but essential plan to follow after an anabolic steroid cycle is completed.

The reason why is so important and “essential” is because without adding the PCT plan, the user would be left with a hugely suppressed HPTA that is slowly going to get back to the normal functioning. But the recovery is going to take way too much and until you recover, you won’t only lose your gains – but you would also experience nasty symptoms.

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  • PS: The reason why there’s a common misbelief that all gains are lost after a cycle is because people do not implement Post Cycle Therapy plan. Indeed, without a PCT, there’s a huge chance you would lose those gains.

If you’re healthy enough and start with an anabolic steroid cycle, the PCT plan after the cycle would make sure to keep your levels of Testosterone high, recover HPTA faster and overall make you feel normal and keep your gains.

  • PS2: PCT plan is not going to work this way if you were suffering from low Test levels or something similar even before using steroids.

PCT is not required only for those who are going through Blasting and Cruising, but this protocol requires you to be on pinning for almost the rest of your live, that’s why Post Cycle Therapy is so popular.

Post Cycle Therapy is a plan that is implemented after the anabolic steroid cycle in order to help the body get back its normal Testosterone levels naturally. It helps HPTA recover faster and more efficiently.

That’s because anabolic steroid are suppressing the natural testosterone production. PCT is used for recovering them back.


The reason why there are lots of people thinking differently about Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is because there are many different PCT plans that are required for different anabolic steroid cycles (depending on the amount of Test suppression during the cycle), different PCT medicines and different people responding differently to them.

With so many differences, is obvious that there are controversies. But there’s one general consensus – with steroids, PCT is a must.

Running Steroids – Run PCT!

Anyone saying that PCT is not required don’t know what they are talking about.

It doesn’t matter if you run injectable steroids or oral steroids. It doesn’t matter if you run mild products. It doesn’t matter if you run a short cycle length of only 8 weeks – all of them require you to use PCT.

Depending on the type of steroids you use, start PCT after all anabolic steroids are flushed out of your body. Some are getting flushed in a matter of hours, other in a matter of days or even weeks.

You don’t need PCT only if you are on TRT or cruising year round (but if you stop cruising – you still need PCT!).


Starting A Steroids Cycle? Have PCT on Hand

Those who used steroids already know that an anabolic steroid cycle can be very unpredictable. Especially when running them for the first times. That’s why you don’t know when you may need to stop.

Therefore, is extremely important for you to have PCT drugs on hand even before you start your anabolic steroid cycle. Just in case.

There are 3 Types of PCT Compounds

When you’re thinking about PCT, there are 3 classes of drugs you can go for.

  1. SERMs (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators). They are the most popular and we consider them a must of any PCT protocol. They are unique in terms of working as estrogenic agonist as well as antagonist in different parts of the body and they are doing an amazing job in increasing LH and FSH, therefore helpful to restart your HPTA. Most popular ones: Nolvadex and Clomid.
  2. AIs (Aromatase Inhibitors). Generally, these compounds are used for preventing aromatization during the cycle of wet steroids. But sometimes are used for PCT needs too. Most popular ones: Aromasin, Femara and Arimidex.
  3. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). Mostly HCG is used during the cycle to keep testicles function properly, but sometimes is run as PCT (rarely because it can increase estrogen) and can be effective for PCT.


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A PCT Example? (Dosage and Cycle)

The Post Cycle Therapy plan is highly depending on the anabolic steroid cycle you were running. The harsher the cycle, the harsher the suppression of testosterone. Obviously – you need a stronger PCT plan. It depends on steroids used, dosages, cycle length etc.

Plus, it also depends on how you respond to different PCT products.

But in most cases, Nolvadex and Clomid are used.

  • Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate) is used 40 mg 2 weeks when starting the PCT then 20 mg for 2 weeks (total 4 weeks). However, many people report side effects, that’s why they start at 20 mg and then lower to 10 mg or start right off at 10 mg per day. Cycle length – 4-8 weeks.
  • Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate) is commonly reported 100 mg for 2 weeks when starting PCT then 50 mg for 2 weeks (total 4 weeks). But then again, that’s when many people get side effects. That’s why, many people start at 50 mg a day and then lower down. Is also possible to start at 25 mg a day and run it for the entire cycle length (4-8 weeks) without any issues.

In fact, most commonly, these 2 popular PCT products are combined together during PCT plan.






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On you’re capable to find all your PCT needs (including all your anabolic steroids needs) and due to best quality products and lowest prices, we guarantee you would go through an amazing Post Cycle Therapy plan in terms of quality of compounds vs prices for them.

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