NPP Steroid – Durabolin (Nandrolone)

Nandrolone is an extremely popular anabolic steroid in the world of bodybuilding. Most people refer to this steroid as Deca Durabolin – the brand name. However, this is the trade name for Nandrolone with Decanoate ester. There is also the Durabolin brand name, the Nandrolone with Phenylpropionate ester. It’s also known as NPP for short. This is another very popular steroid that’s extremely effective.

In fact, some athletes and bodybuilders love NPP more compared to the Deca steroid. That’s because although both offer Nandrolone and you need to inject Deca less frequently, NPP is acting faster and it clears out of the system quicker too.

In the end, Nandrolone is an awesome anabolic and androgenic steroid for bulking cycles.

Although some people use it for cutting purposes, it’s best used for bulking up. In the end, which ester to use comes down to the user, their personal preference and goals.

Nandrolone steroid is extremely popular for bodybuilding purposes. It’s a steroid approved by the FDA and doctors prescribe it for various health purposes. This product comes only in the form of oil injection. Regardless if we talk about NPP steroid (Durabolin) or Deca steroid (Deca Durabolin).

Nandrolone is more anabolic than testosterone and far less androgenic. Additionally, it only aromatizes at 20% of the rate of testosterone. This is a steroid in the 19-nor family.

NPP Steroid Results


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When talking about the results you can expect from using NPP (Nandrolone) you need to know that they are very similar to those of Deca. That’s because both offer the same active substance. However, because of the shorter half-life of NPP (2-3 days) compared to Deca (11-15 days), some people suggest that with NPP you can expect way less water retention and bloating.

Generally, side effects are better controllable because you’re getting peak levels faster and you can adjust dosages of NPP easier. The downside, obviously, is that you need to inject it more frequently. But from the side effects point of view – most people say that NPP is better.

Nonetheless, results are basically the same because you get the same active substance.

Durabolin Benefits

Here are some benefits you can experience from using NPP:


  • Massive amounts of lean muscle mass. That’s the main reason why athletes use Nandrolone. Packing muscle mass is much easier with Durabolin.
  • Increases nitrogen retention. This allows you to avoid muscle loss during cutting and helps you work out for longer periods. Your muscles won’t get tired as fast.
  • Increases levels of IGF-1. That’s an extremely important hormone for growing muscle mass and becoming stronger.
  • Joint pain relief. Nandrolone is perhaps the best anabolic steroid when it comes to lubricating joints and ligaments, and reducing pains.
  • Protein synthesis. Your muscles continue growing because they get maximum nutrients and proteins from the foods you’re eating.
  • Enhanced recovery. There’s barely anything better than Nandrolone when it comes to boosting recovery post-training.
  • Boosts RBC count. As soon as you use NPP, your red blood cell count is going to increase. This allows for more oxygen transportation to muscles.
  • Improves strength. Everyone running NPP steroids notices their strength levels start to increase fast. They notice an overall improvement in strength, endurance, and performance.

Durabolin Side Effects

Nandrolone is one of the safest steroids on the market. Nonetheless, you can still expect side effects in case you’re going to abuse it. Some people who are having hypersensitivity to this AAS can still experience some issues. Be careful and start slowly. Examples:

  • Testosterone suppression. Nandrolone is very suppressive to natural testosterone production and it doesn’t “replenish” it exogenously. That’s why it is very important to run a PCT plan and always stack it with testosterone.
  • Libido issues. Some people experience a decline in their sex drive, but that’s mostly because of low T levels. Might also be a result of high prolactin.
  • Prolactin issues. There are various different symptoms. If you notice high prolactin, better use some cabergoline.
  • Estrogen issues. Although NPP isn’t as aromatizable as testosterone, high estrogen issues are still likely to occur. Have anti-estrogens handy.
  • Androgen issues. Nandrolone is far from the most androgenic steroid. That’s why side effects related to high androgenicity are milder with NPP. Yet, they can still occur.

NPP vs Deca

Pheno-NPP-BeligasDeca-Durabolin-BeligasSo, it seems like these are 2 very similar products with similar results. Yet, what’s the difference?

First off, you need to know that NPP results are going to appear far quicker compared to Deca. You can see results as fast as 1-2 weeks with NPP. With Deca no faster than 4 weeks, but most commonly after 6 weeks of continuous use. NPP kicks in your system much faster, plus it clears your system faster too.

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It makes it a better option for those who are likely to pass an anti-doping test. However, Nandrolone in general isn’t a good option for those who are in sports performing anti-doping tests. NPP detection time is 10-12 months! Deca detection time is 18-20 months!

As you can guess, NPP requires way more frequent injections. While you can get along using Deca only once a week, you need to use NPP every other day.

One more thing – NPP commonly comes in strength of 100 mg/ml. Deca concentration is much higher than 200-400 mg/ml usually.

How to Use NPP Steroid – Durabolin?

As said, NPP comes only in the form of injection and most commonly, in concentration of 100 mg/ml. Regardless of concentration or goals, you need to inject NPP at least every 3 days. That’s the least frequent injection schedule. But for most results you need maximum stable blood levels, that’s why most use it every other day or even daily.

Regardless, make sure to run the proper weekly dosage. NPP dosage depends on various factors such as your goals, your level of experience and so on and so forth. Commonly, for beginners and/or for those who are in cutting cycles, dosage ranges between 200-300 mg/week. For intermediate users and/or those who want to bulk up dosages are ranging between 300 mg and 600 mg/week. Only professionals who are in serious bulking phases can attempt doses of 700 mg/week or even higher. But that’s very rarely due to increased risks of side effects.

Usually, beginners run 50 mg/EOD, intermediate users 100 mg/EOD and professionals 100 mg/ED.

Because it quickly kicks in the system, you have 2 advantages:

  1. You can run short cycles with NPP steroid.
  2. You won’t need an oral kickstarter with the NPP cycle.

Although you can run it for longer periods, it’s an advantage if you want fast results and short cycles of 6-8 weeks. Something you can’t go with Deca. Additionally, you won’t need an oral. You can still add it, but there’s no need to kickstart the cycle as you usually need with Deca steroid.

Always run Testosterone with NPP (and Deca), however. If you won’t, it would lead to low T levels.

Bulking NPP cycle example:

  • Test Propionate 100 mg every day with NPP 100 mg every other day both for 8 weeks. Have a PCT plan prepared after 5-7 days after the last injection.

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NPP is an awesome steroid. You can run it for your bulking or for your cutting needs too. Additionally, it remains fairly safe too when you run it properly.

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