Is Finasteride Safe?

Finasteride is a very effective compound that is used all over the world for the treatment of male pattern baldness. In fact, this is considered the most effective product for such purposes. Therefore, perhaps, the most popular one.

The compound is most commonly sold as brand Propecia for such needs. But you may also have heard of brand Proscar which also contains Finasteride. Proscar is usually given for prostate enlargement treatments (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia – BPH).

That’s because Propecia contains 1 mg of Finasteride per tablet that should be taken daily. While Proscar contains 5 mg of Finasteride per tablet that should be taken daily.

In the end, as much as you can see, Finasteride has different uses. So is very important to know exactly why you need to use the compound. Also, how to use it properly for that specific reason to keep the compound maximum safe.


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  • In the end, many of you may wonder: Is Finasteride Safe?

Especially taken into consideration that you would love to use it for hair loss. Yet you definitely wouldn’t trade your health for your hair.

Other than that, there’s a chance that you heard about nasty Finasteride stories offering long lasting or even permanent side effects.

Yes, it’s true that Finasteride is capable of offering long lasting side effects. But if you’re going to use the compound properly, chances are very low.

How Finasteride Works?

Finasteride is a potent type II 5alpha-reductase inhibitor meaning that it prevents the conversion from testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Therefore, Finasteride is lowering levels of DHT in the body. That’s reducing androgenic activity in the scalp and in the prostate.

This is why Finasteride is helpful for hair loss and BPH.

However, Dihydrotestosterone is a very potent hormone that is very important for a male. Especially for sexual health. If you’re not going to have enough of this hormone in the body, is quite obvious you’re likely to get some side effects.


Finasteride Side Effects

In the end, it is considered that the side effects of Finasteride to be pretty uncommon and usually they are pretty mild even if they do occur.

Most commonly, Finasteride side effects are related to sexual health. Because, as earlier mentioned, DHT is a very potent and important hormone for such needs.

  • That’s why, Finasteride most common side effects include erection issues, low sex drive, decreased sperm quality and/ or quantity, inability to reach orgasm, and others.

In very rare situations, the sex related side effects can be permanent and remain even after stopping the drug. But then again, that’s very rarely occurring and that’s why Finasteride is considered a fairly safe product as long as used properly.

Finasteride doesn’t offer life threatening side effects.

  • Note! With the exception of a severe allergic reaction (which is no different from allergies from any other compounds such as rash, swelling, irritation, breathing issues, etc.)

Except for allergies and sexual related issues, Finasteride can be associated with other side effects too. Such as low mood which can even lead to depression, tenderness on or around the nipples (gynecomastia symptoms), and others.


Usually, 1 in 100 men are getting erection issues or less interest in sex (or problem with ejaculation) and about 1 in 1,000 men are getting more serious side effects such as gynecomastia issues or depression. If you get these issues – talk to a doctor immediately.

Also, it is considered that if you’re getting problems with sexual adverse effects, with time, they may disappear. But if they are not getting better, talk to a doctor and discontinue Finasteride usage.


In the end, Finasteride is a safe compound but as long as it is used properly.

If you’re searching to use Finasteride for hair loss purposes, do not ever go over 1 mg a day dosage. Studies done proved that Finasteride 5 mg has no further benefits compared to Finasteride 1 mg a day for hair loss. However, the increased dosage is more likely to offer side effects and makes them more likely to be long lasting.

In the end, the lower the dosage – the safer Finasteride is. It should be used on a daily basis and never used more than once per day.


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