Does Testosterone Make You Taller?

Testosterone is a vital hormone present in both men and women. Nonetheless, men have higher levels than women of testosterone. A man’s testicles are mostly responsible for the production of testosterone in men. The male’s body starts increasing the production of testosterone at puberty and then it starts to gradually decline from the age of 30 and older. Testosterone is an extremely important hormone for a man. It’s linked with a lot of things in a male body and that’s why you may wonder if testosterone makes you taller.test-400-gold-euro-pharmacies

Well, it’s actually hard to answer that question considering that:

  • Yes, it may help.
  • No, it may not be helpful.
  • No, it may be detrimental to your height.

Strange, isn’t it? Let’s explain.

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Testosterone hormone is heavily linked with sex drive, with the production of sperm, increases bone and muscle mass, and has a great impact on the mood of a man. When lower testosterone levels “kick in” – the man surely experiences some symptoms.

However, we stop getting taller way sooner than when low T kicks in.

Positive Impact of Testosterone on Your Height

So, I said that testosterone helps you grow. And it actually does. Testosterone is playing a crucial role in growing taller during puberty.

In fact, testosterone is not the only hormone important for you making you taller. There’s also Human Growth Hormone (HGH) that is produced in the pituitary gland. It’s an essential hormone for you to grow taller. It’s actually extremely important for many other things as it helps everything in your body grow.

As for testosterone – this hormone (as well as estrogen) is determining how fast a child grows throughout puberty. These hormones are stimulating the growth plates, which are responsible for the formation of new bones.

That’s why there are some situations when doctors might prescribe testosterone (and/or HGH) to children short of stature, failing to grow, or something similar.


However, testosterone only helps you grow taller when it’s within normal range and only when you’re still in your puberty. Testosterone is not going to have any effects on your height if your growth plates stopped. That’s why we get to the next answer…

Testosterone Has No Impact on Your Height

A general consensus is – no, testosterone doesn’t make you grow taller. If your growth plates stopped, then you won’t grow further. And commonly, growth plates close at the age of 15-17 for boys and 13-15 for girls. That’s why men tend to be taller than women. They have a few more years until their growth plates close.

Therefore, if you’re using testosterone for growing muscles or for TRT after your plates close – no, testosterone won’t make you taller.

However, testosterone still has numerous positive benefits. It’s extremely important for those who have low testosterone levels. People use Testosterone to increase levels and they have huge benefits. With low T levels – you are likely to experience nasty symptoms.


At the same time, even people with normal Testosterone levels benefit from Testosterone injections when it comes to muscle mass and strength gains. Testosterone is extremely effective for fitness and bodybuilding needs.

But there’s a moment when Testosterone can actually be detrimental.

Negative Impact of Testosterone on Your Height

Then again, if your growth plates are closed – testosterone isn’t going to have any effect on your height. Won’t make you grow taller or make you shorter. Nonetheless, there’s a moment when testosterone can actually make you shorter as it may have a negative effect on your height. Then again, that’s in puberty when your growth plates haven’t closed yet.

Let’s explain. Testosterone is a hormone that can help you grow. However, a part of testosterone converts into estrogen (E2). But estrogen is suppressing the growth plate function. It stops the rate of longitudinal bone growth. Moreover, it irreversibly stops the growth plates from dividing and developing.

  • That’s one of the reasons why men tend to have a few more years with open growth plates. They have less estrogen in their bodies compared to women.

Now, when there are lower/normal testosterone levels in a male body – there’s less estrogen too. This prevents growth plates from closing. However, if a person attempts to use testosterone during his puberty while growth plates are still open – this is going to lead to a spike in estrogen. Hence faster close of growth plates.Ultima-SuperTest-450

That is the reason why many males with lower testosterone levels are actually growing taller.

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  • In the end – I wouldn’t recommend using testosterone for growing taller. Yet, testosterone is still extremely important for all males. If you have low Testosterone levels or want to take your physique and performance to the next level – Testosterone Injections can be extremely effective. At you can buy Testosterone of the highest quality.

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