Steroid Use

Steroid use is very common nowadays and that’s mostly because steroids have been found very effective for various different purposes.

For example, steroid use is common among people who are suffering from a lack of hormones; for reducing inflammation as well as for people who are searching for physique and performance enhancement. Helps to gain muscle mass and strength whilst reducing body fat.

What Are Steroids?

Steroids are actually a laboratory made (artificially made) version of chemicals that are called hormones which are naturally being made in the human body. Steroids are made for acting exactly like those hormones and that is helpful for various needs.


Is important to know that there are 2 types of steroids:

  1. Corticosteroids
  2. Anabolic steroids

Corticosteroids are acting like hormones for reducing inflammation and they are prescribed to reduce inflammation easing symptoms of pain; stiffness; swelling etc. Usually given in such conditions as Asthma; Eczema; Arthritis etc. That’s pretty much the only steroid use when talking about corticosteroids.

Nonetheless, there are also anabolic steroids that are very different from corticosteroids. They are binding to androgen receptors unlike corticosteroids binding to glucocorticoid receptors. This is leading to very different effects.

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Anabolic steroids are having a lot of different uses both in medical settings and they are the type of steroid use for the purpose of physique and performance enhancement among bodybuilders and athletes.

What Are Anabolic Steroids?

Anabolic steroids are also synthetic versions (man-made) of hormones. Anabolic steroids are known to be variants of the male sex hormone testosterone (either specifically testosterone; testosterone precursors or other related compounds).

These are known as Anabolic and Androgenic Steroids (AAS). Because “anabolic” means that it helps build muscles and “androgenic” means that it increases male sex characteristics.

Anabolic and Androgenic Steroids (AAS) are also commonly called short roid (from steroid); gear (compound to help with your needs); juice and others. AAS are mostly called this way when the steroid use is mostly for the purpose of building muscle mass and improving performance.


Medical Steroid Use

As mentioned, corticosteroids are only used in medicine because they are ineffective for building muscles and strength. Corticosteroids are given to reduce inflammation and a doctor usually prescribes them when a person suffers from such conditions as asthma; arthritis; eczema and others to reduce pains; stiffness etc.

Anabolic steroids, on the other hand; are used in medical settings for many different purposes. For example, a man suffering from low T levels can be prescribed steroids (testosterone) to deal with it. They can be given to patients with HIV and AIDS; muscle wasting disease; help with recovery from burns; treat infertility; osteoporosis and many other uses.

  • There are a lot of different anabolic steroids and they are used for a lot of different needs by a lot of patients with different health conditions.

Performance Steroid Use

But at the same time, steroid use is very common among those men (and sometimes women) who are searching for getting their physique and performance to the next level. The use of steroids has a lot of different benefits and effects. People found out that with them, they are capable of increasing muscle mass way faster and way more than they could naturally.

They help improve strength levels; increase protein synthesis (which is why they are capable of building muscles easier) as well as improve endurance, and overall performance. They get enhanced recovery after each intense training allowing them to work out for way longer and more frequently, of course, resulting in more results.

There are numerous other benefits such as increased nitrogen retention; cell repair; muscle building; muscle hardness and muscle dryness; helps increase metabolism; burns body fat and maintains lean muscle mass during low calorie diets when an individual tries to cut fat.


Side Effects From Steroid Use

Steroid use among athletes and bodybuilders has a lot of other benefits. But at the same time, steroid use may offer a lot of negative side effects too. For example, acne; gynecomastia; hair loss; screwed up the hormonal balance; oily skin; aggression; dark colored urine; reduced sex drive, and ED are only some examples. There are many others as well.

That’s why, if you are serious about starting an anabolic steroid use for the purpose of physique and performance enhancement we highly recommend you:

  • Be at least 21 years old, preferably 25.
  • Only start steroids if you’ve been working out and having a good diet regimen for at least 6 months.
  • Do not use them for the purpose of physique and performance enhancement if you do not work out, sleep or eat properly.
  • Start very slowly – lower doses and shorter cycles. Then you can slowly and gradually increase them as well as the steroid amounts you use.

Steroid use can be very effective, but at the same time can be dangerous if not used properly. That’s why, please be careful.

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Testosterone Cypionate 200mg

Testosterone Cypionate is one of the many esters of the testosterone hormone (Cypionate is an ester that can be attached to other hormones too) and is one of the most widely used and popular Testosterone esters among athletes and bodybuilders. Is also the first line treatment for people suffering from low testosterone condition.

The anabolic steroid is having a half life of about 10 to 12 days, that’s why is considered a slower release compound which is commonly used by athletes in long cycle lengths of no less than 12 weeks up to about 16 weeks. That’s because is considered that the compound would reach peak blood levels after about 6 weeks of continuous use.

All of this is thanks to Cypionate attached ester, other esters as offering different release times, that’s why they have different half lives, different frequency of administration, and different detection time.

Testosterone Cypionate is considered very good and that’s why is such a popular compound and such a widely used form of testosterone. In the end, is having a very long half life, longer than most others including the popular Testosterone Enanthate, although they are offering similar release times.

Regardless of testosterone esters, it would result in increased testosterone levels when you use the compound. The difference is in “for how long the testosterone levels would be raised”.


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Pretty much like any other testosterone ester, Testosterone Cypionate is highly effective even if used all alone, nonetheless it can be stacked alongside other types of AAS with amazing success.

  • Testosterone Cypionate is an extremely important and famous compound during a stacked cycle because it is very effective, reduces risks of side effects and is overall very compatible with almost any given anabolic steroid.
  • But then again, because it slowly enters the system and slowly reaches peak blood levels, it requires about 4-6 weeks to see results.

Specifically Testosterone Cypionate 200mg

When talking about Testosterone Cypionate, people with vast experience may think about 250mg of this compound. This number is indicating the amount of Testosterone Cypionate per ml used. This compound comes as an oil based solution that should be used intramuscularly.

  • This solution is containing Testosterone Cypionate 200mg, Testosterone Cypionate 250mg or whatever other dosage indicated on the bottle of the compound per mL injected.

The 2 most popular versions are Testosterone Cypionate 200mg / mL and Testosterone Cypionate 250mg / mL.

Testosterone-Cypionate-200mg-amazing-muscular-body Testosterone-Cypionate-200mg-muscles That’s because is easy to dosage the exact dose that you need to administer. Lower dosages per mL may not be enough so you should inject too much of this solution, but with higher dosage per mL it may be harder to administer a specific dosage that you need.

Testosterone Cypionate 200mg or whatever other dosage is usually administered either once or twice per week. Once a week means full week dosage used same day of the week, twice per week means half weekly dosage used one day, other half used another day with time evenly apart, same day.

  • For example, if you use 400 mg per week and use it once, use 2 mL of Testosterone Cypionate 200mg only on Mondays.
  • Another example, if you use 400 mg per week and use it twice to make sure you have stable blood levels, use 1mL of Testosterone Cypionate 200mg on Monday and another mL of Testosterone Cypionate 200mg on Thursday.

Use more or less mL depending on the weekly dosage that you want to administer and depending on the amount of Testosterone Cypionate per mL. We recommend to get Testosterone Cypionate 200mg specifically because with such a compound is easy to understand and get exactly the amount of the compound you need.

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  • PS: Do not forget that administration of any given anabolic steroid should be followed by a PCT plan. You may get whatever you need from this site too.

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Buy Testosterone Enanthate Injection

Anyone who is interested into serious improvement when talking about physique and performance enhancement would really be interested into buy Testosterone Enanthate injection. That’s because this is among the most famous and widely used androgenic and anabolic steroid (AAS) that is used for such purposes in the entire world.

Testosterone Enanthate injection does nothing more than just boosting your testosterone levels, but as much as we know, this is an extremely important hormone for growing lean muscle mass and for almost all other physique and performance enhancement needs, that’s why the compound is so popular.

Why Buy Testosterone Enanthate Injection?

Except for bodybuilders and athletes searching for Testosterone Enanthate just to increase the testosterone levels which is helpful, they are also using this anabolic steroid for not allowing the suppression of their natural testosterone whilst using other more powerful anabolic steroids.


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As an example: many people using powerful anabolic steroids for their needs would suppress the production of testosterone naturally. That’s why a synthetic testosterone is added to the cycle – to maintain normal levels of Test.

It could be Testosterone Enanthate injection or any other testosterone form, but specifically Testosterone Enanthate is so popular because is considered to be great in both maintaining stable blood levels without too often administration frequency (injecting) and in the same time, the peak blood levels are reached faster compared to longer based Testosterone versions.


Needless to mention how important Testosterone is for those who are suffering from low testosterone condition. In fact, Testosterone Enanthate can be used for various different needs when talking about medical settings.

  • Same applies when talking about bodybuilding needs too. It can be used for both bulking and cutting and can be stacked with any given steroid of your choice.

With all of this being said, is quite obvious that lots of people are searching to buy Testosterone Enanthate injection – this compound is having a lot of different needs, as much as we can notice.

Where to Buy Testosterone Enanthate Injection For Sale

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We recommend customers to check closely for the source they plan to use in case you don’t love something here. That’s because there are just way too many scamming websites where the customer is not receiving what he paid for.

That means that you may buy:

  • Fake compound
  • Under dosed compound
  • Under quality compound
  • Overpriced compound

There’s also the risk of not receiving anything at all. We recommend to be careful because in whatever the earlier mentioned – you spend time and money. By getting a fake compound you’re also risking with your health.

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Testosterone Decanoate

If you’ve been researching about anabolic steroids and more specifically about testosterone, you might have heard about the misleading information that there’s no difference between different testosterone esters used.

Whilst this information is partially true, in fact, the testosterone ester that you will administer on your cycle is going to have a huge impact on how often you need to inject the testosterone, how painful the injection is going to be, the timing of blood work as well as on the timing it gets out of your system, therefore increasing or decreasing chances that you will be “busted” on an anti doping test if you have to pass one.

The info is partially true because indeed, in the end, you receive testosterone which is ultimately working the exact same way without any differences.

Testosterone is testosterone and it would have same effects as long as same dosage is maintained regardless of testosterone ester. Nevertheless, Testosterone ester is going to have a huge impact on all other factors earlier mentioned, that’s why testosterone esters are not the same.


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Decanoate Ester

Esters are actually chains of carbon and hydrogen atoms that are being attached to the parent steroid hormone, usually at the 17th carbon position. The longer the ester chain, the longer it requires for the compound for full dosage to reach your blood system.

That’s why slower ones are used less frequently, but they are taking more to come into full effect and taking more to get flushed out of your body.

For example, Decanoate has a half life of 15 days.


Testosterone Decanoate Explained

Testosterone Decanoate can be used alone, but is rarely used as a single esterified testosterone form. This is a part of the Sustanon blend (alongside Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate and Testosterone Isocaproate) being the longest testosterone version in this blend. It works as a long ester and therefore is having a half life of 15 days.

This is the reason why those people who are running this compound alone can inject it only once per week, or even once every 10 days, and they would be good. However, when used as a part of Sustanon (Testosterone Blend) is usually administered less frequently, so other forms of testosterone to remain stable too.

Yet, is important to remember that the Decanoate is going to linger in your system for a while after you will stop administering it. This makes it more risky to pass a anti doping tests because it takes more for synthetic testosterone to get flushed out of the body.

  • NOTE! Testosterone Decanoate is the second longest form of testosterone manufactured. Testosterone Undecanoate with a half life of about 16-17 days is considered the longest form with longest half life of all the testosterone esters.


Detection Times of Testosterone Decanoate

For those who are interested in using this long form of testosterone, either alone or as a part of Sustanontestosterone blend but are worried about the detection time should know that it has a pretty long detection times, especially compared to other testosterone esters, because is a long version itself that requires a long time until it would get flushed out of the body.

Testosterone Decanoate detection time is about 3 months. Testosterone Propionate, on the other hand is having a half life of 2 weeks only. But Testosterone Propionate is considered a more painful injection and should be used more frequently.


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Anavar Oral

Every person who is seriously looking for achieving a great looking body and/ or getting their physical performance levels increased would really love to buy Anavar oral. This oral anabolic steroid is going to help you achieve the driest, leanest physique possible whilst increasing your strength levels during the process and all of that whilst remaining a safe anabolic steroid.

Anavar oral coming as pills is considered one of the absolutely safest anabolic steroids that you can find on the market. Is hard to imagine another oral anabolic steroid to be as safe as Anavar is, yet the compound remains highly effective.

Oral Anavar pills are actually containing Oxandrolone – the main ingredient (the actual anabolic steroid) and you could find Anavar being sold as other trademarks (as long as Oxandrolone is main substance – we’re talking about same product, regardless of brand name).


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This anabolic steroid comes in form of oral pills and although you might find injectable Oxandrolone, that’s an extremely unpopular form of using the product. First off because injections have no advantages over Anavar oral pills but they have disadvantages – irritation at injection site, chances to get infection and painful injections (administration).

So there are oral Anavar pills that are extremely easy to administer and they are extremely effective, whilst still remaining safe for use. The Anavar oral pills are convenient making the anabolic steroid easy and hassle free to administer.

As much as we can see – Anavar oral is almost ideal for everyone. That’s because is easy to administer and much safer compared to most other steroids. With this being mentioned, tablets of Anavar oral can be administered by women and beginners too.


In fact, Anavar is considered the most popular steroid among women for fitness purposes. But is also used by male beginners, professionals and Oxandrolone is doing an amazing job for both bulking and cutting cycles too.

Cycles and Dosage of Anavar Oral

Cycles and dosages for women and for men are different when talking about anabolic steroids, oral Anavar pills make no exceptions. As you might guess, women should use way lower dosages than men due to their natural lower tolerance to steroids, including Oxandrolone.

To start off – women should consider their first Anavar administration with a dosage of around 5 mg per day. Dosages of Anavar oral higher than 20 mg a day for a woman are considered dangerous. That’s why they should start slowly and keep their doses within this range. Doses higher than 10 mg a day for a woman are risky, but it depends on various factors.

Women shouldn’t run oral Anavar pills for longer than 6 weeks, but most stop at 4 weeks. anavar-oral-dry-appearance

Both men and women determine their Anavar cycle length and dosage based on different factors such as level of experience, ultimate goals, personal tolerance to the steroid and few others. Earlier we mentioned the dosage of Anavar oral for women, but that’s very different for a man as it goes like this:

  • 30 mg a day of Anavar for beginner level users
  • 50 mg a day of Anavar for intermediate level users
  • 80 mg a day of Anavar for advanced level users

There are few absolute professionals who run Anavar oral pills in doses of 100 mg a day but that’s greatly increasing chances of side effects. Such cycles should be short and anything more than 100 mg a day of Anavar is considered pure abuse.

Abusive dosages are still dangerous as you may get nasty side effects, even from this seemingly safer anabolic steroid.

Men usually administer Oxandrolone in cycle length anywhere between 6 and 8 weeks and we do not recommend running it for any longer because of possible negative side effects in terms of liver toxicity. Oxandrolone is C17 alpha alkylated and that’s why is liver damaging.

Cycle length should be short and we highly recommend to add a liver protection product whilst running Anavar oral.



  • WARNING! Anavar oral is a pretty pricey anabolic steroid. It costs more compared to most other steroids. Due to its high price and high popularity – Anavar is commonly faked.

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Anavar Results Before And After

Anavar (Oxandrolone) is an orally active androgenic and anabolic steroid that is capable to offer results before and after that are mind blowing. Anyone using the compound properly reported its amazing effectiveness and one of the best thing about it – Anavar results before and after appear without too much or too bad side effects. That’s because this anabolic steroid is considered one of the safest on the market.

Anavar was crated back in 60s for increasing lean muscle mass in patients suffering from muscle wasting diseases. But then Anavar became a big hit in the world of fitness and bodybuilding because it possesses great anabolic and fat burning abilities.

Pro-Anavar-Beligas The product is so popular due to various reasons: it comes as oral pills so is easy to administer, it do a great job both for cutting and bulking cycles and plus to that, it has been proven to be very well tolerated by many users, even including women and children. All of this alongside with the fact that Anavar results before and after for physique and performance enhancement reasons are great – obviously the anabolic steroid is highly popular.

Anavar is nowadays having a banned status for recreational use, nonetheless, there are still a lot of men and women who are using this compound for increasing their muscle mass, body definition and reduce their body fat percentage.

No wonder why so many people search for Anavar results before and after – to make sure that the compound is indeed as helpful as is claimed and we can tell you, yes the compound is indeed that helpful.

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Anavar Results – Before And After Results in Photos

Is important to remember that Anavar results may be different from a person to another. It highly depends on various factors such as your age, gender, dosage administered, cycle, either you add other compounds or not, your genetic, your lifestyle such as your dieting and training schedule and various others.

Nonetheless, taken in consideration that every factors is “normal” or “average” then is said that beginners of Anavar may notice an overall increase of muscle mass of about 10 lbs and decrease of fat of about 7-12 lbs in their first 6 weeks cycle length.

Overall users may not be able to notice a big difference in their total weight, but they would surely see a difference in conditioning – that’s why Anavar is such a great compound and that’s why its results are so amazing.

Here’s an example of a man running Anavar and its results before and after:


What you will not see in the photo is that this man also received a lot of psychological benefits too such as increased energy, increased libido and sex drive, increased speed, power and so on and so forth.

The physical benefits, however, can be easily noticed – way more muscles all around with dramatically less body fat and this resulted in an overall more defined body.


That’s the difference 5 weeks apart. This woman administered 10 mg a day of Anavar and as much as we can see – the results are amazing because this woman managed to lose a big amount of body fat (especially around midsection) but in the same time she gained muscle mass.

  • With this being said, a woman may not see a huge (if at all) difference in body weight, but surely would see a big difference in overall body appearance and definition.

A woman can become defined and slim when this product is used properly.

The same rule applies to men – using Anavar in a responsible way is the key to receive best possible Anavar results Oxandrolon-10mg-Balkan-Rebranding-e1553005953653-1 with mind blowing benefits when comparing before and after cycle photos.

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Anavar Dose

Anavar (Oxandrolone) is a very famous anabolic steroid and that’s because the compound can be extremely helpful when talking about physique and performance enhancement and the best news is that the compound is also considered one of the safest steroid out there too. This is the reason why Anavar is considered the top most famous and widely used steroid for women athletes.

Nonetheless, Anavar still remains an anabolic steroid, that’s why side effects are possible.

It all depends on Anavar dose.

For making Anavar very effective and for making it remain safe, you need to learn as much as possible about Anavar dose and how to properly take it.


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Anavar Dosages

As with any other steroid, Anavar dosages are not “firm” and “constant” for everyone meaning that the proper Anavar dose for you depends on various factors. For example, they depend on your age, health condition, training, your constitution, desired results and many others. That’s why, consider them all before deciding on which Oxandrolone dosage you should jump on.

If you never had experience with the compound, we recommend to start with a low Anavar dose and then to slowly increase depending on how you feel.

Anavar dosage is highly individual and that’s because it can be from 5 mg per day up to 100 mg a day. As much as you can see, the difference is huge.


You need to find the perfect dosage for you individual, trying to find the right balance for your needs, the perfect balance of benefits and side effects.

Anavar (Oxandrolone) is a very versatile and universal compound which can be used for many different types of goals and by many different people. Plus, it can be stacked with many other steroids too.

  1. The product can be used by women with doses anywhere between 5 mg and 15 mg a day, and for men anywhere between 20 mg up to about 100 mg per day.
  2. Most common dosages for women is 10-15 mg daily whilst for men is in the range of 40-60 mg daily. The average cycle length is anywhere between 6-8 weeks, or can be as low as 4 weeks.

Female Anavar Dose


Anavar (Oxandrolone) is considered to be the number one steroid for women because of its great results and mild properties for offering side effects. Anavar dose for women is anywhere between 5 mg and 20 mg and women should start at the lower range. 10-15 mg a day is considered enough by most women to offer great efficiency.

Male Recomposition Anavar Dose

Anavar dosage for men who want to build muscle mass in the time of losing body fat consider doses of 40-50 mg a day of Anavar alongside with Equipoise about 400 mg a week, obviously whilst having a good diet and training program. But if that’s your first Anavar cycle, remember to start at a lower dose.

Male Cutting Anavar Dose

When this anabolic steroid is used for cutting cycles, Anavar dosage is usually anywhere between 30-50 mg a day. When used alongside other cutting product such as WinstrolStanozolol, the results are insane.


Male Powerlifting Anavar Dose

Anyone who is searching for huge gains in strength may safely use Anavar at a dosage of 50-70 mg a day or so but it works best when stacked with a powerful product such as Trenbolone 300 mg a week. You are likely to develop side effects from Trenbolone rather than Anavar, but taken in consideration the low dosage, with such a cycle you should be all good.

Male Bodybuilding Anavar Dose

It almost doesn’t matter what type of cycle you’re running for your bodybuilding purposes, by adding Anavar dosage anywhere between 40-80 mg a day, users would notice hardening effects and vascularity before stepping up on a stage.


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In order to get the best quality Anavar dose, you could use as we make sure to offer our customers only best quality AnavarOxandrolone products for the cheapest price. This means that, compared to our competitors, we won’t ever sell anything else than what is written on the bottle/ label of the product, exactly and for a low price.

  • You could save money whilst getting best quality anabolic steroid – just learn how to use it properly.

Dbol Blue Hearts

Dianabol that is often shortly called by many users – Dbol is an extremely famous anabolic steroid. In fact, when it comes to anabolic steroids, Dianabol (Dbol) is one of the most discussed and widely used steroid used on the market for physique and performance enhancement purposes.


  • Dianabol (Dbol) is an extremely popular anabolic steroid used in bodybuilding and anyone who is an exercise enthusiast that is coming in form of oral pills. One extremely famous version of Dbol pills is when it comes in form, shape and color of blue hearts. That’s why so many people are familiar with Dbol blue hearts.

This compound is extremely powerful and it comes in form of oral pills (in form of hearts blue colored) in most situations and with this being said, there is no need to inject the anabolic steroid. Despite the fact that there is an injectable form of Dianabol, is heavily under popular, that’s because is way easier to use pills and because injections can bring different issues.

  • So, people prefer pills and Dbol is popular as blue hearts in shape and color. Nonetheless, you need to know that Dianabol (Dbol) is only one brand among many others. Dianabol is the most famous brand among all others, yet, you could find it as other brands, therefore, you could different Dianabol pills shape and color.

The brand name and shape/ color of pills doesn’t really matter as long as you get the active substance Methandrostenolone or also known as Methandienone. If you find other brands/ pills but contain the same active formula then we’re referring to the exact same dbol blue hearts.

So, regardless if you get blue hearts Dianabol or some pink rounds Danabol – the active substance is the same, meaning the same product is offered.

Danabol 50mg balkan Rebranding

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What to Expect From Dbol Blue Hearts?

Dbol blue hearts pills are extremely amazing for people who want to grow immense amounts of muscle mass. The compound is helping users to grow muscles and get their strength to the next level in a very short period of time.


Blue hearts Dianabol are the original form and brand of Methandienone, but any other forms of this ingredient taken properly would ensure you get your bodybuilding needs enhanced.

This anabolic steroid is a powerful compound that is primarily concerning the growth of muscle tissues:

  • A magnified conversion of carbohydrate glycogen from the muscle cells and also making the liver breakdown the glucose to make it useful energy, therefore Dianabol boosts energy levels.
  • Huge increase in nitrogen retention, offering a great nitrogen balance and retention, it greatly helps the body to keep it in an anabolic environment which allows you to add muscles.
  • Proteins are extremely important to grow muscles, as we know, Dbol blue hearts are increasing protein synthesis and that’s obviously leading to boost in muscular growth.

The compound that is coming in form of oral pills is extremely effective for bulking cycles. Anyone who wants to grow lean muscle mass would really appreciate the efficiency of this compound.

But then again, you need to learn that either you get Dbol blue hearts (Dianabol pills shaped as blue hearts) or any other brands containing various different shapes and colors of pills – you need to make sure you get the same active substance of a high quality.

As long as you are getting Methandienone (Methandrostenolone) and you’re using it properly, it would result in great efficiency of a bulking cycle. Even if you plateaued from gains – you would still appreciate the efficiency of these little pills. Regardless what’s your purpose – faster results or results after plateau or both Dbol pills are amazing.

Also, to get best quality Dianabol pills, we highly recommend you to use this website as we offer these pills for sale. You could find Dbol as either blue hearts or as other pills – in whatever the case, the same high quality compound is maintained and you save money compared to other sources.

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Winstrol Injection

Winstrol Injection that may be better known as Winstrol Depot is the injectable version of the famous Winstrol androgenic and anabolic steroid (AAS) coming as pills. In fact, Winstrol is just the brand name but the active substance is Stanozolol. Regardless what is its brand name – as long as you receive Stanozolol, we’re talking about same compound.

stanoxyl 50 In addition to that, regardless what’s the administration form (pills or injection), you still receive same product – Stanozolol.

  • The Winstrol injection is less popular and used compared to pills because, obviously, pills are easier to administer and injections are sometimes painful.
  • Nonetheless, people who used both versions of Stanozolol (Winstrol injection and oral Winstrol pills), suggested that injections are more powerful and beneficial compared to pills whilst they are less detrimental (offering less side effects and less hepatotoxicity).


Buy Winstrol here.

This theory has not been approved by scientists, yet, that’s what people suggested when using Winstrol injection vs pills.

In addition to that, you can use injection less frequent than pills. That’s because Winstrol injection half life is 24 hours but Winstrol pills half life is 9 hours. With this being said, Winstrol injection can be used once per day (or once every 2 days), but Winstrol pills should be administered multiple time a day in order to maintain stable blood levels.

In the end, you receive Stanozolol and is pretty obvious that the side effects, the effects and overall results would be pretty much the same. It depends on the dosage, cycle lengths, your lifestyle etc.

What is Winstrol Injection?

Winstrol Injection is a synthetic anabolic steroid that was derived from DHT and is called Winstrol because is most famous brand for this steroid. When coming as injection is often called Winstrol Depot.

This is an overall very famous anabolic steroid because is going to help to increase all the physical abilities and would help your body to get developed in extremely short periods of time. Users of Winstrol suggested that they are feeling much better, they are looking much better and also perform way better too.

That’s because this compound is affecting you both physically and psychologically. In terms of psychological effects, Winstrol would make you feel overall better, would improve your energy levels, increase motivation and aggressiveness needed during intense workout sessions.

  • Talking about physical benefits, there are simply way too many to mention, but some of the most important ones include: maximizing your muscle gains, greatly increase your strength levels, helps to burn body fat, gets rid of water retention, increases vascularity and overall makes you muscular and having an impeccable body appearance that’s all hard and lean.

But keep in mind that Winstrol injection is used as a booster for your workout sessions and dieting. It would help you get your gains and results to the next level and would help reach them way faster, but in whatever the case it cannot be a substitute/ alternative for workout or dieting.


Without a proper workout and healthy lifestyle with a proper diet, you cannot expect great results.

In fact, by not properly using Winstrol injection (or pills, doesn’t matter) you risk getting side effects. You may get them even with a normal use, but usually they are either because your tolerance is too low, the body should adapt to them, or those side effects are well tolerable.

Winstrol Injection Side Effects

The side effects greatly depends on the dosage, cycle length, tolerance and various other factors. We recommend you to pay attention to Stanozolol Side Effects.winstrol-injection-body-man

Some side effects that should be mentioned include:

  • Hepatotoxicity (damage to liver)
  • Testosterone inhibition
  • Virilization (masculinization)
  • Cholesterol negative balance
  • Bad effects on cardiovascular health
  • Androgen related side effects
  • Nausea
  • Joint issues and pains
  • Pains and irritation at injection site
  • There are others

You may have noticed that there are no estrogenic related side effects, that’s because Winstrol is DHT derived so it cannot aromatize into estrogen.

Winstrol Injection Dosage

Use the compound either every day or at least every other day.

Dosage is anywhere between 30 mg up to 100 mg per day.

We recommend to start slowly and then increase as you need.

50 mg a day is the sweet spot for most people because is perfect balance between efficiency and side effects.

Cycle length shouldn’t ever go over 8 weeks, but we recommend to run Winstrol for 4-6 weeks to keep your liver healthy.

Winstrol injection is usually stacked with other steroids, but can be run alone. Most commonly, Winstrol is used in cutting cycles.


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Proviron Dosage

Mesterolone, otherwise known as Proviron – is an anabolic steroid that is very close by structure to a more famous steroid in the world of bodybuilding known as Masteron with the active substance Drostanolone.Proviroxyl-2-e1554378746389

You could find Mesterolone being sold as other brands except for Proviron, but this is the first and most famous brand for the main active substance.

Proviron is an orally active steroid that is similar to Masteron which is actually an injectable steroid. The compound is DHT derived and therefore it cannot aromatize. Without the process of aromatization, Proviron won’t cause estrogenic activity.

  • An interesting fact to mention here is that Proviron (Mesterolone) is almost the only orally active steroid that is not C17 alpha alkylated meaning that is having little to no potential for hepatotoxicity. You could use Proviron tabs without the risk of damaging your liver.

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  • With this being said, Proviron tablets won’t cause estrogenic side effects and won’t cause hepatotoxicity.

Plus, since is a mild product compared to other steroids, Mesterolone androgenic activity is not going to be really harsh either.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that androgenic related side effects are not possible.

Plus to that, Mesterolone may cause natural testosterone suppression, virilization (masculinization) negative side effects in women as well as deleterious effects on the cholesterol balance as well as cardiovascular system.

With this being said, if you plan to use Proviron for physique and performance enhancement purposes as a competitive athlete, powerlifter or bodybuilder, make sure to use proper Proviron dosage to get maximum benefits and lowest side effects.


How to Use Proviron For Best Results?

In order to achieve best possible results from ProvironMesterolone, we firstly recommend to learn about it as much as possible. You’ve got to know more so you know whether or not is worth using it (in terms of what types of benefits it can offer and what are the side effects).

You can maximize the efficiency and minimize the dangers of using Mesterolone by knowing how to properly run Proviron.

Proviron Dosage

Proviron containing Mesterolone as active substance is generally a compound that is very well tolerated by most men. This is an anabolic steroid that is not causing nearly as many and as nasty side effects when is being compared to the stronger steroids you can find on the market.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that women who are using higher Proviron dosages may get some virilization issues (process of masculinization). Women are more prone to receive the negative Proviron side effects due to the fact that women are using more estrogen – the hormone that this steroid helps to reduce.


  • Doses are lower among women, but for men, the average dosage is usually approximately 50 mg per day.
  • However, there are people saying that they used anywhere between 25 mg and up to even 250 mg a day without experiencing too nasty side effects.
  • Yet, those people who want to get enough benefits they would find that Proviron dosage of 50-100 mg a day is enough.

Is important to start with a low Proviron dosage to make sure that your body is responding well to its effects and to allow your body to get used to its effects.

Proviron Cycle

Is very important to cycle Proviron and not keep using it continuously. That’s because Proviron is capable to suppress the body’s ability to create testosterone on its own, as any other anabolic steroid.

Proviron cycle is usually anywhere between 8-12 weeks which is going to be enough to prevent aromatization and receive good benefits.

You shouldn’t run a longer Proviron cycle than you would with any other steroid out there.

proviron-mesterolone This anabolic steroid is best stacked with other anabolic steroids in order to receive maximum benefits. The addition of Mesterolone is going to bind to SHBG, this is allowing a more volume of testosterone to be present in your blood stream, enhancing the effectiveness.

Proviron cycle alone is almost non efficient, but when used in combination with other steroids, the efficiency greatly enhances.

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