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Primobolan is by far one of the most popular anabolic and androgenic steroids (AAS) for cutting purposes. The compound is popular because of the combination of 2 factors: Primobolan is effective in burning fat and maintaining lean muscle tissues whilst is safer than most other steroids out there.primobolan-cycle-cyclegear

  • This compound is far not as powerful as other steroids, especially such as Trenbolone. But at the same time, it is far not as nasty in terms of side effects.

So, for people who want an effective cutting steroid but are afraid of nasty side effects of anabolic steroids – buy Primobolan, it is a perfect choice.

The compound is highly effective specifically for cutting needs (not for bulking). Also, for those who want to have an aesthetic appearance.

Primobolan used to be a favorite steroid of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

So, individuals who want to get rid of body fat and maintain muscles (and even build some lean muscles) should buy Primobolan and make sure to use it properly. They would get increased muscle definition with vascularity and a shredded physique.

What is Primobolan?

primobolan-methenolone-odin-pharmaTo better understand what you can expect from using Primobolan steroid, you should first know more about it.

So well, Primobolan that is often called shortly Primo by most people is an anabolic and androgenic steroid coming in both oral and injectable versions.

  • The active substance derived from Dihydrotestosterone is Methenolone and comes with Enanthate ester when the injectable version and Acetate ester when is oral version.

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The compound cannot aromatize into estrogen and is doing an amazing job in cutting body fat. That’s why Primobolan (Methenolone) is mostly a cutting compound. It has some anabolic activity that helps users to maintain lean muscle mass. But due to low anabolic and androgenic ratings, Primo steroid is much milder than many other steroids.

It means that it has a safer side effects risk profile but is not going to be so effective in packing muscle mass. In the end, Primo is ineffective for bulking but is doing an amazing job for cutting and is well tolerated compared to other steroids.

That’s why Primobolan is a great choice for people who want to remain aesthetic, burn body fat and get muscle definition. It is also an amazing steroid for beginners because it is safer in terms of side effects.

Primobolan Advantages

Primobolan (Methenolone) has many advantages that you can put to good use by properly using it. For example, you don’t have to worry about aromatization which means that you’re safe from estrogenic related issues.

  • Enhanced Nitrogen Retention. Specifically due to nitrogen retention boost, Primo steroid doesn’t allow muscle loss during low caloric diets.
  • Boosted Immune System. While a lot of bodybuilders take advantage of this benefit, it can be an amazing thing for people with non-fitness needs. For example, it makes you as strong as possible with maximum strength, mental focus, energy, and endurance.
  • Lean and Hard Physique Appearance. Since Primobolan burns body fat and may even help add some lean tissues, users are achieving an ultimate hard, toned, and defined physical appearance.


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Once again, you need to learn how to use Primobolan properly before actually buying it. For example, you need to realize that Primo steroid isn’t going to be the best choice for a serious bulking phase. Additionally, it is highly recommended to use Primobolan stacked with other steroids to get maximum advantage out of it. Mostly it is stacked with Testosterone and other cutting compounds.

primo-100-xeno-labsOne more thing you should be aware of is the Primobolan price that is higher compared to many other steroids. That’s one of the reasons why some people avoid buying Primo. A mild steroid that is expensive. But that’s a huge mistake. They don’t know this is by far one of the best cutting compounds out there.

Additionally, if you’re going to buy Primobolan from, you are assured of the best prices on the market. We offer various Methenolone brands at competitive prices. We’re working exclusively with the best brands. That’s how we ensure the best quality and purity of all our products.

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