Does Testosterone Make You Taller?

Testosterone is a vital hormone present in both men and women. Nonetheless, men have higher levels than women of testosterone. A man’s testicles are mostly responsible for the production of testosterone in men. The male’s body starts increasing the production of testosterone at puberty and then it starts to gradually decline from the age of 30 and older. Testosterone is an extremely important hormone for a man. It’s linked with a lot of things in a male body and that’s why you may wonder if testosterone makes you taller.test-400-gold-euro-pharmacies

Well, it’s actually hard to answer that question considering that:

  • Yes, it may help.
  • No, it may not be helpful.
  • No, it may be detrimental to your height.

Strange, isn’t it? Let’s explain.

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Testosterone hormone is heavily linked with sex drive, with the production of sperm, increases bone and muscle mass, and has a great impact on the mood of a man. When lower testosterone levels “kick in” – the man surely experiences some symptoms.

However, we stop getting taller way sooner than when low T kicks in.

Positive Impact of Testosterone on Your Height

So, I said that testosterone helps you grow. And it actually does. Testosterone is playing a crucial role in growing taller during puberty.

In fact, testosterone is not the only hormone important for you making you taller. There’s also Human Growth Hormone (HGH) that is produced in the pituitary gland. It’s an essential hormone for you to grow taller. It’s actually extremely important for many other things as it helps everything in your body grow.

As for testosterone – this hormone (as well as estrogen) is determining how fast a child grows throughout puberty. These hormones are stimulating the growth plates, which are responsible for the formation of new bones.

That’s why there are some situations when doctors might prescribe testosterone (and/or HGH) to children short of stature, failing to grow, or something similar.


However, testosterone only helps you grow taller when it’s within normal range and only when you’re still in your puberty. Testosterone is not going to have any effects on your height if your growth plates stopped. That’s why we get to the next answer…

Testosterone Has No Impact on Your Height

A general consensus is – no, testosterone doesn’t make you grow taller. If your growth plates stopped, then you won’t grow further. And commonly, growth plates close at the age of 15-17 for boys and 13-15 for girls. That’s why men tend to be taller than women. They have a few more years until their growth plates close.

Therefore, if you’re using testosterone for growing muscles or for TRT after your plates close – no, testosterone won’t make you taller.

However, testosterone still has numerous positive benefits. It’s extremely important for those who have low testosterone levels. People use Testosterone to increase levels and they have huge benefits. With low T levels – you are likely to experience nasty symptoms.


At the same time, even people with normal Testosterone levels benefit from Testosterone injections when it comes to muscle mass and strength gains. Testosterone is extremely effective for fitness and bodybuilding needs.

But there’s a moment when Testosterone can actually be detrimental.

Negative Impact of Testosterone on Your Height

Then again, if your growth plates are closed – testosterone isn’t going to have any effect on your height. Won’t make you grow taller or make you shorter. Nonetheless, there’s a moment when testosterone can actually make you shorter as it may have a negative effect on your height. Then again, that’s in puberty when your growth plates haven’t closed yet.

Let’s explain. Testosterone is a hormone that can help you grow. However, a part of testosterone converts into estrogen (E2). But estrogen is suppressing the growth plate function. It stops the rate of longitudinal bone growth. Moreover, it irreversibly stops the growth plates from dividing and developing.

  • That’s one of the reasons why men tend to have a few more years with open growth plates. They have less estrogen in their bodies compared to women.

Now, when there are lower/normal testosterone levels in a male body – there’s less estrogen too. This prevents growth plates from closing. However, if a person attempts to use testosterone during his puberty while growth plates are still open – this is going to lead to a spike in estrogen. Hence faster close of growth plates.Ultima-SuperTest-450

That is the reason why many males with lower testosterone levels are actually growing taller.

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  • In the end – I wouldn’t recommend using testosterone for growing taller. Yet, testosterone is still extremely important for all males. If you have low Testosterone levels or want to take your physique and performance to the next level – Testosterone Injections can be extremely effective. At you can buy Testosterone of the highest quality.

Testosterone Injection Site

Testosterone is the base in all steroid cycles, it’s highly important for everyone who wants to run anabolic and androgenic steroids. It’s also the only steroid I recommend to beginners for their first steroid cycle. Yet, it seems like many beginners have a hard time finding the best testosterone injection site.

I would try to offer a step by step detailed guide on how to perform a self-administration of testosterone injection. This is extremely important for anyone who wants to run steroids. As mentioned, Testosterone is the first steroid during the cycle and is important in all further cycles as well. Moreover, you can’t run oral anabolic steroids only. It’s highly important to add some injections too. So, learn how to perform a self administration of testosterone and that would be similar to administering all other injectable steroids.

Cypo-Testosterone-Beligas Etho-Testoterone-Beligas Propa-Testosterone-Beligas

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Best Testosterone Injection Site?

The “best” testosterone injection site is a matter of preference. You need to find the area that is least painful and easier for you to inject. If you have a friend to help with that – great. If you don’t, then the best testosterone injection sites are large muscles. They usually are deltoids, quadriceps, or perhaps the most popular – the glut (upper back area of the thigh- butt cheeks).


Never Performed Self-Administration? Read Below

Ok, so, you might be nervous about self-administering testosterone but in reality, there’s absolutely no need to worry. A lot of people all over the world perform self injections effortlessly. As with anything – that’s a problem until you’ve done it for the first time. Lots of people say that their first injection took them 20 minutes, but later they are done in 10 seconds. Pain free and effortlessly. What you’ve got to do is to keep calm and understand that there’s actually nothing to be worried about. Then, start performing step by step.

Determine the Testosterone Ester and Concentration

Testosterone injections are coming in varying concentrations and they are having various esters. For example, there’s Testosterone Propionate that you need to inject on a daily basis or at least every other day. At the same time, there’s Sustanon (a blend of multiple testosterone esters) that I would recommend injecting every 2-3 days. And there’s also popular Testosterone Enanthate or Testosterone Cypionate that you can administer only once a week, but I would recommend twice weekly.

Therefore, it is very important to determine what type of Testosterone you have in order to determine the frequency of administration. As a reference:

Other than that, various brands and various testosterone esters offer varying testosterone concentrations. For example, Testosterone Propionate usually offers 100 mg/ml injected, but Sustanon usually offers 250 mg/ml injected. But it depends on the brand too. Some brands offer Sustanon 400 mg/ml or even 500 mg/ml. Some brands offer Testosterone Cypionate at 200 mg/ml while other brands offer the same Testosterone Cypionate but at a concentration of 300 mg/ml.

Be careful to understand and determine the correct dosages and frequencies of administration in order to avoid fluctuations. Or avoid unnecessary too frequent administration. That’s because it’s not enough to use Testosterone Propionate once a week. Your T levels would get high and low. At the same time, there’s no need to use Testosterone Cypionate every day – although you can do it, that won’t offer further benefits.


Use Correct Accessories

For performing an injection, obviously, you need a needle with a syringe, alcohol wipes as well as some Band-Aid, and/or a cotton swab. It’s essential to use a sterile, suitable needle. The same applies to the syringe. It’s very important that anything you use during a self administration of testosterone injection – it’s never been used before. Pretty much as with any given injections. Obviously, you shouldn’t use the same needle, syringe, or wipes twice.

Moreover, I recommend you to have twice as many needles as you have syringes. Use one thicker needle for drawing up the dosage out of the vial (testosterone bottle) and then change that needle with a finer one for injection. It helps reduce pains (while piercing the bottle cap, the needle might deform a little bit), risks of injections, and makes it easier to draw the testosterone. That’s since testosterone is a viscous and oily solution that might not be as easy to draw.

So, use a thicker needle, for example, 20-21 gauge for drawing up. Then use a finer one for painless injections, for example, 22-23 gauge.

In terms of syringes – it depends on the amount of testosterone you want to use. 1 ml syringes are enough in case your dosage is 1 ml or less. Of course, you’ll need bigger syringes if you plan to use more than 1 ml per injection. But They don’t really matter as long as you can draw the proper amount of solution.

Keep it Clean

Before you start doing anything at all, I highly recommend you wash your hands. And wash them carefully with antibacterial soap and enough clean water. That’s going to reduce the risk of infection. It’s vital for you to reduce the risks of infection as much as possible. Therefore, keeping your hands clean while performing an injection is very important.

Draw Testosterone

Now that you have proper knowledge about frequency and concentration as well as how to correctly use the accessories – you can start the performance. Obviously, the first thing you need to do is draw the medication from the bottle (vial).

Once you determine the exact dosage you want to use, draw the exact same dosage in your syringe. For example, if your testosterone concentration is 200 mg/ml but you want to get only 100 mg of testosterone, you will need 0.5 ml of it. Proceed to wipe the lid of the bottle with an alcohol wipe. Obviously, for the same reason of reducing infection.

But before you start drawing up your dosage from the bottle, firstly draw air into the syringe. Draw air that is equal to the volume of the dosage you plan to use. If that’s 0.5 ml, for example, draw air up to the 0.5 ml mark.

With the air inside the syringe, insert the needle through the lid and into the medication. Push down the air from the syringe into the medication by depressing the plunger. This is a very helpful step because by putting air into the bottle it would increase the air pressure inside. With increased pressure, it’s much easier to draw up the medication in the syringe. As said, testosterone is quite a viscous and thick oily solution, and sometimes is hard to draw it up. By following this step, drawing up is much easier.

Lastly, turn the bottle upside down with the syringe straight up and draw out the exact dosage of testosterone that you pre-determined.

Aspiration of the Syringe

The aspiration of the syringe is actually a very important step. You might have noticed (in hospitals or at least in movies) that doctors are keeping the syringes straight up, flick the solution and then get the air out. That’s very important with all injections. Make sure that there are no air bubbles inside the syringe. If you inject it with air bubbles, it could lead to embolism. That is a serious medical condition. So, make sure there are no air bubbles inside the syringe before you proceed to inject the testosterone solution. You do so through aspiration.

While holding the syringe up (with the needle that you plan to inject with), flick the side of the syringe. This would help get all the air bubbles to go up to the top. When all the bubbles are on the top and the solution is completely clean, slowly depress the plunger until a tiny drop of the solution comes out at the tip of the needle. Depress the plunger slowly and carefully to avoid losing too much solution.

There you are – your solution is ready for injection.

Prepare the Injection Site

Before you actually inject it, you need to prepare the injection site. Then again, for reducing the infection risks. Also, determine the injection site you want to use for administration.

Keep in mind that testosterone injections are usually intramuscular. Therefore, the needle should go directly into a muscle. Usually, large muscles are preferred spots, as said earlier. While there are other places to inject testosterone, there are 2 most popular spots. That’s because those are accessible sites for performing an intramuscular injection. They are:

  1. The deltoid (upper arm)
  2. The glut (upper area of the thigh)

They are also among the best testosterone injection sites because they allow you to avoid hitting a vein.

After you determine where you want to inject, wipe the area with a sterile alcohol pad. Make sure to wipe it all around where you want to inject to avoid infections. Alcohol on the pad is going to kill the bacteria on the skin. The bacteria are likely to get inside when piercing the skin if left unwiped.

The glute (buttocks) is perhaps the most popular testosterone injection site. Go for the top outside section of the glute. It means the top left corner or the top right corner depending on the glute you choose. That’s because this area has great accessibility to muscle tissues and they won’t allow you to hit a nerve or a blood vessel.

How to Inject Testosterone?

At first, it might be problematic. Many people have issues with it in the beginning, but that’s actually easier than it sounds. Simply hold the syringe with the solution inside like a dart above the already wiped injection site at a 90 degree angle. Plunge the syringe into the flesh and do it quickly – no need to slowly watch the needle piercing the skin. Although, make sure it pierces it at the correct angle. So, you’re almost all done.

Before you actually depress the plunger, I would recommend actually drawing the plunger back a little bit. Make sure that you’re not drawing blood because if you do – you’ve hit a vein. That’s why you need to remove the needle and do it again at a different spot. If you draw a bit and there’s no blood – start depressing the plunger at a slow and controlled pace. Fully inject the solution inside the syringe.

Tips for those who find it hard to inject it:

  • Numb the injection site prior to injection. It could be by holding ice for a minute or two or some OTC creams.
  • Focus on breathing. Don’t let anxiety get over you. You might start shaking which makes things worse.
  • Stretch the skin at the injection site. Spread the skin at the injection site to help the needle get easier.
  • Look away. Some people get anxiety simply because of looking. Try to look away when plunging and when getting it out.

Take Care of Injection Site Post Injection

Before you actually pull the needle (after fully depressing the plunger and fully injecting the solution), press around the injection site with a cotton swab. This would be helpful in preventing the emerging needle from pulling on the skin and causing unnecessary pains. Keep the cotton swab until the bleeding stops. Apply a Band-Aid if needed. Make sure the entry point of the needle isn’t left open and you don’t touch it with anything that could cause infections. If you somehow touched it – wipe with the alcohol pad.

Make sure to dispose of all the used accessories in the proper container so nobody has access to them. Make sure you won’t ever reuse them.


Make sure that you always maintain testosterone or whatever other medication at the recommended temperature, light, and dryness. Check the expiration date on the bottle. Never use it if expired and never keep it in high/low temperatures or in direct sunlight.

If you have questions about specific testosterone dosage for you, fill up the free cycle advice on our site


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Tips For Reducing PIP (Post Injection Pains)

  • Shake the solution a little bit before drawing/injecting.
  • Try to heat up the loaded solution a little bit. At the room temperature or slightly above.
  • Numb the injection site with ice or lidocaine or some other similar creams after injection.
  • Although some go for subcutaneous injections – intramuscular are always the best.
  • Keep the muscles relaxed as much as possible. Best after a hot shower.
  • Massage the injection spot, both before and after injection.

Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone Propionate is the testosterone version that is capable of helping you grow muscles really fast. That’s because Propionate is the fastest acting Testosterone ester. Therefore, it is capable of offering amazing results in terms of muscle gains at the early stages of an anabolic steroid cycle.

Test Prop kicks in the system of a user really fast – that’s the main advantage and at the same time, the main disadvantage of this testosterone form. We’ll talk about this in this article.

What is Testosterone Propionate?


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Testosterone Propionate is the fastest acting esterified testosterone. It is also the first esterified testosterone created. The only testosterone version with an even shorter half-life and faster release time is Testosterone Suspension which has no ester attached.

Scientists attach the esters to the hormone to increase the half-life. Therefore, Testosterone Suspension with no ester offers a half-life of only a few hours. Testosterone Propionate half-life is 1-3 days. All other versions of Testosterone offer longer half lives.

This anabolic and androgenic steroid is short-acting, coming in the form of an oil solution. This steroid administration method is an intramuscular injection. Using this steroid, you’re just increasing your total testosterone levels. Pretty much as any other testosterone version.

Testosterone Propionate vs Other Testosterone Versions

There’s no other difference between Testosterone Propionate and other versions except for the half life. The release time of the main compound in the system after administration. This means that the ultimate results in terms of side effects and benefits won’t be different from one version to another. They depend on the dosage, cycle length as well as your genetics and lifestyle.

Nonetheless, due to different release times, there are still some advantages and disadvantages that I was talking about earlier.

  • The advantage of Test Prop over other Testosterone versions is that you quickly get results from using it. It kicks in the system fast. It also flushes out of the system fast too. Except for the fact that it would end up in a shorter detection time, the side effects would disappear quicker too in case you stop its use.
  • The disadvantage of Test Prop over other Testosterone versions is that you need to administer it more frequently to maintain stable testosterone levels in the blood. While longer versions can be used only 2 times a week, Test P injections are every other day at least. But I recommend it daily. Other than that, it contains less oil. That’s why the injections are generally more painful than other testosterone forms.


So, you get the same results of the Testosterone Propionate cycle compared to any other Testosterone version. The difference is that the results are seen faster and side effects disappear sooner with a shorter detection time. However, you need to use it daily and might experience more PIP (post injection pains).

Testosterone Propionate Cycle

Most commonly, Testosterone Propionate comes in bottles of 10 ml containing 100 mg/ml. Use the solution as an intramuscular injection at least every other day. Nevertheless, it is best to use it every day to avoid fluctuations. Around the same time of the day, each day.

Beginners have better chances with other Testosterone versions because of less painful injections using them less frequently. But that’s a matter of preference. Also, intermediate users and especially professionals often stack Testosterone Propionate with other steroids. Yet, it doesn’t require a kick-starter of a cycle as with longer versions of testosterone.

Generally, cycle lengths are shorter. From 6 weeks up to about 10 weeks. 8 weeks Testosterone Propionate cycle length is the most common. During all cycles better have Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) handy such as Arimidex or Aromasin. Fish oil, liver protection, and other supplements can be helpful too.


Beginner Cycle

Test Prop for 6 weeks in dosage of 50 mg (0.5 ml) daily or at least 100 mg (1 ml) every other day.

Intermediate Cycle

Test Prop for 6-8 weeks in a dosage of 50-100 mg daily (0.5 – 1 ml). Can stack with other steroids. Usually, cutting ones.

Professional Cycle

Test Prop for 8-10 weeks in dosage of 50-150 mg daily or up to about 200 mg every other day. Mostly stacked with other anabolic steroids.

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Winstrol Cycle

The Winstrol cycle (sometimes called Winny) is an extremely popular anabolic steroid cycle in bodybuilding. That’s because it is a steroid that can be administered in the form of intramuscular injection and oral pills offering some really powerful effects in terms of fat burning and muscle building.

  • Using a Winstrol cycle, users won’t get the bloating as it is not a “wet” steroid. Therefore, users can grow lean muscles and burn fat, getting shredded and ripped.
  • However, if you wouldn’t run a correct Winstrol cycle and abuse it, the steroid is likely to cause negative side effects.Winstrol-25mg-100tabs-hutech-480x484-1

In order to get maximum benefits from a Winstrol cycle and the least side effects, you’ve got to use this compound correctly.

NOTICE! It is important to know that Winstrol is a powerful steroid. It is not suitable for beginners. Stanozolol has high toxicity and powerful effects. Therefore, Anavar is a better option for beginners. It offers similar results of burning fat and building muscles, but it is milder. Therefore, it won’t offer as many results but won’t offer as many side effects either.

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  • PS: Winstrol is mostly used as pills because injections are not having advantages over pills, plus they might be painful. Also, Stanozolol is liver toxic. That’s why, absolutely any cycle with Winstrol should be accompanied by a liver protection supplement such as NAC, Milk Thistle, or whatever other.

Solo Winstrol Cycle

As mentioned earlier, it is not recommended to run Winstrol as the first steroid cycle. That’s because of its ability to cause nasty side effects. But except for that, Winstrol is not recommended to be used alone. Only women are recommended to use Winstrol solo. Yet, if you still go for it, be very careful.


If you never used steroids in the past and you want to start with Winstrol, better to use a very low dosage for a short period. Usually, that’s about 10 mg a day for 6 weeks. Never go over 20 mg/day, which already might be too much.


Almost no intermediate users ever use the Winstrol cycle alone. But if you do, 20 mg/day or a maximum of 30 mg/day is all we can recommend. Again, for no longer than 6 weeks.

  • PS: PCT plans for men after a solo Winstrol cycle should start about 3-7 days after the last dosage.



Winstrol dosage for women shouldn’t ever exceed 20 mg/day. In fact, that’s a dosage only for professionals. Beginners should start with 5 mg/day and the sweet spot is 10 mg/day. Anything over 10 mg/day is for professionals while higher than 20 mg/day is abuse! 4 to 6 weeks is the proper Winstrol cycle length for women.

Testosterone and Winstrol Cycle

Winstrol, like any other steroid, is always stacked with testosterone for best results. A third or even fourth steroid is added if the user has enough experience.


Beginners start with lower doses of 20-30 mg/day of Winstrol and about 200-300 mg/week of Testosterone (usually Enanthate or Cypionate). Winstrol is used for 6 weeks, while Testosterone for 8-10 weeks.


Intermediate users stack Winstrol and Testosterone in higher doses such as 50 mg/day of Winstrol and about 300-500 mg/week of Testosterone. Usually, the Winstrol cycle length is 6 weeks while Testosterone is commonly for 8-12 weeks.


Adding Other Steroids

As it was mentioned, you can add other steroids too. However, the most common ones are injectable steroids. No other orals because Winstrol (Stanozolol) is liver toxic. 2 oral steroids would put too much stress on your liver. Additionally, other injectable steroids are usually cutting steroids. That’s because Winstrol is mostly a cutting steroid that is highly effective for cutting purposes.

The most common additions to a Testosterone and Winstrol cycle are:

Which of these steroids to add depends on which ones are most suitable for your needs. It also depends on your level of experience because I definitely don’t recommend Trenbolone to beginners.

An example of a highly professional Winstrol cycle: (I don’t recommend it to beginners!)

winstrol-50-stanozolol-odin-pharma winstrol-injectable-stanozolol-odin-pharma




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Also, a Winstrol cycle is maximum effective and least likely to cause side effects when you use high quality Stanozolol. is offering the best quality Winstrol for the least possible prices!

Winstrol Side Effects

It is important to know that all anabolic and androgenic steroids (AAS) are associated with side effects. In fact, every given compound is associated with side effects and Winstrol is not an exception. That’s why, regardless of what you’re putting in your body, I highly recommend you to learn about it as much as possible. Including its side effects.

The good news is that Winstrol side effects are far not as bad as with other anabolic steroids. Although I can’t say that it is among the mildest steroids either. You can control the side effects if you know what you’re doing. When used by healthy individuals responsibly, Winstrol side effects can be minimized or avoided altogether.

Yet, you’ve still got to learn about Winstrol side effects.


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Explaining Winstrol Side Effects

The active substance in Winstrol is Stanozolol. This is a steroid that doesn’t convert into estrogen since it is derived from Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Therefore, the good news is that it is not going to cause negative side effects such as water retention or gynecomastia.

  • Yet, you’ve got to know that although it doesn’t make you hold water, hypertension (high blood pressure) can still occur. It’s because your Red Blood Cell (RBC) increases.
  • Also, acne and hair loss are possible and quite often reported side effects of Winstrol. Yet, those individuals who are predisposed to such issues are at much greater risk.
  • It is important to know that absolutely all anabolic steroids suppress natural testosterone production. So, after each cycle with each steroid, including Winstrol, you’ve got to prepare a PCT plan.
  • It’s also extremely important to know that Winstrol is liver toxic. Is one of the really harsh steroids to your liver, that’s why you’ve got to be very careful about it. Try to keep your liver healthy!

So, as much as you can notice, Winstrol is considered fairly safe when used correctly. But this definitely doesn’t mean that there are no side effects associated with its use. Please, be very careful if you plan to run Winstrol. When we talk about the side effects – it doesn’t mean you will surely get them. They depend on the dosage and how long you run it for. But also on other factors such as other compounds used with it, the personal tolerance to the drug, and many others.


Joint Pains

Dry and sometimes painful joints, tendons, and ligaments are quite a commonly reported side effect when an individual runs Winstrol in a cutting cycle. Lots of bodybuilders and athletes that are using this steroid trying to prepare for an upcoming competition trying to get their physique and performance in the best possible condition report joint pains. The pains are results from dry joint sockets. Winstrol is flushing water out of the body. But that water is important for keeping healthy joints.

We recommend you run supports that can help you deal with this issue during the Winstrol cycle. Some even add Deca to their cycles for lubricating their joints and getting relief.

Estrogenic Side Effects

As mentioned, Winstrol (Stanozolol) is not an estrogenic steroid, that’s why it won’t cause water retention, gynecomastia, or other high estrogen related issues.

Androgenic Side Effects

Winstrol is a steroid with a fairly mild androgenic activity. That’s why the risk of hair loss and acne (including other androgenic issues like roid rage and others) is not as high as with other steroids. Yet, it is a steroid derived from DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), thus the risks of issues are still possible. Mostly, people with a genetic predisposition to such issues would suffer from it. So it varies from one person to another. Exactly as all other side effects.

Additionally, women are likely to experience virilizing issues such as irregular menstrual cycles, deepening of the voice, clitoris enlargement, hair growing on the face or body, and others.

Cardiovascular Side Effects

Stanozolol is infamous for lowering the good type of cholesterol and increasing the bad cholesterol type. It is important to have a cholesterol friendly diet. Taking fish oil supplements can help too. It could still lead to hypertension despite it not causing you to retain water because of an increase in red blood cells. All of this could lead to heart and other cardiovascular related issues.

Testosterone Side Effects

All steroids are suppressing natural testosterone production because the body receives signals that too many hormones are present in the body. It shuts down a production which is a problem both during the cycle and after it. That’s why we recommend running a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) when you complete your Winstrol cycle and adding a testosterone base during the cycle.

Hepatotoxic Side Effects

This anabolic and androgenic steroid is one of the harshest steroids for the liver. It is harsher than Anavar, although less toxic than Dianabol, or especially Anadrol or even Halotestin. Nonetheless, you still need to be very careful about your liver health and that’s regardless if you’re using Stanozolol as injections or pills. Both forms have an impact on your liver enzymes. Avoid anything that can put even more stress on your liver (such as alcohol, OTC drugs, and other oral steroids) and avoid Winstrol altogether if you have pre existing liver issues. Add supplements that can help your liver work better such as liver-protecting supplements.


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Clenbuterol For Sale

Clenbuterol, shortly known as “Clen” is a drug that is highly appreciated by those who want to strip off body fat. That’s why it is generally used by people searching for cutting and weight loss purposes.


Clenbuterol is not an anabolic steroid, hence it’s not as effective at building lean muscle tissues and strength as steroids are.

Nonetheless, it is by far one of the best fat burning products that maintain lean muscle tissues.

Additionally, since it is not a steroid, it doesn’t touch your hormones. That’s why it can be used by both men and women. Yet, it is often used in combination with steroids to get “deeper” effects. That’s because there are steroids that help burn fat too, but they are working in different ways.

  • So when Clenbuterol is stacked with steroids, they are just complimentary in each other’s effectiveness when it comes to cutting and weight loss purposes.

What is Clenbuterol?

Pro-Clenbuterol-BeligasClenbuterol is actually a bronchodilator. It is medically used for helping people to breathe easier. Therefore, it is prescribed to asthma sufferers and in cases of other respiratory issues such as COPD and others. But Clen is a stimulant. It works by binding to Beta-2 receptors thus is a Beta-2 agonist.

It is known to boost metabolism. That’s why your body demands more “fuel”. It takes fatty deposits as a source of fuel to convert into the energy it needs. Additionally, it keeps muscles intact by preventing the breakdown of protein within muscles.

That’s why Clenbuterol is overall such a powerful and amazing product. It can be used alone or stacked. Can be used by both men and women and it does an amazing job at burning fat and keeping your muscles.

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You’re losing extra pounds of weight while getting more energy, stamina, and endurance. You’re boosting your performance and strength and you’ll get a much toned physical appearance.


Buy Clenbuterol Online

Everyone is free to buy Clenbuterol USA online. You can buy Clenbuterol for sale even if you’re in other countries too. Clen is a banned substance in certain countries (including the USA) or controlled in others. That’s because it can be dangerous if abused. However, with proper administration – you’ll avoid the side effects.

  • If you are unsure how to use the Clenbuterol cycle – fill up the free cycle advice form.

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You may notice that we have multiple Clenbuterol products. Some of them might be even offered as different brand names. That’s because we’re working with different manufacturers. Regardless of the trade name or the manufacturer you choose to go – be 100% sure that all products are real and of the best quality.

That’s because before we’re deciding to work with a source, we make sure that their products are offering exactly what is written on the bottle. All brands are accredited with GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice.

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Deca Durabolin Cycle

  • It is important to understand that unless you’re getting Deca Durabolin prescribed, you shouldn’t use it continuously. Deca Durabolin in bodybuilding is used in cycles. Therefore, you should have some breaks. If you won’t and continue using it infinitely, sooner or later you’re going to develop some pretty nasty side effects.

Generally, the longer a cycle is, the more likely it is to cause side effects. In the end, the exact Deca Durabolin cycle depends on various factors. We can’t even say what’s the exact duration of the Deca Durabolin cycle that you need. Nonetheless, based on those factors, you can easily determine it for yourself.


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Before Running Deca Durabolin Cycle

We always recommend using Nandrolone Decanoate stacked with Testosterone.

Some people use these 2 steroids combined with other steroids. Again, which ones depend on different factors. But you shouldn’t run a Deca only cycle because it very rarely leads to the desired effects. Nandrolone without Testosterone leads to side effects and fewer benefits.

Additionally, we highly recommend you to prepare a PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) protocol after each cycle. Nandrolone is highly suppressive to natural testosterone production. Obviously, without enough levels of this hormone in your body, you’re going to experience lots of nasty symptoms.

As for the Deca Durabolin cycle for women – we recommend against it. If they are sure they want to try Nandrolone, better go for the Phenylpropionate version (NPP – Durabolin). But women have much better options than Nandrolone in the first place. The virilization effects are a real thing. Other side effects may appear too.

Popular Deca Durabolin Cycles

Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) is mostly used for bulking cycles. That’s why it is mostly stacked with bulking compounds. It is generally used in doses of 400-600 mg per week, commonly.

But it can be used in doses as low as 100 mg/week or as high as 1000 mg/week.

Deca Durabolin cycle lengths are generally long – no less than 10 weeks. It just takes 4-6 weeks to fully kick in the system. So, people commonly use it for 12-16 weeks. Usually, the entire weekly dosage is used once a week, but some people split it into 2 weekly administrations.


Moderate Cycle For Bulking

A moderate cycle goes with Deca Durabolin and Testosterone combination only in moderate dosages.

  • Week 1-11 Testosterone Enanthate 500 mg a week and Deca Durabolin 300 mg a week
  • Week 12 Testosterone Enanthate 500 mg a week
  • Start a PCT plan at week 14
  • The entire cycle have aromatase inhibitors handy

Advanced Cycle For Bulking

An advanced Deca Durabolin cycle usually features Testosterone with Deca and an oral bulking steroid like Dianabol or Anadrol. Which oral to add depends on your goals, level of experience, etc. But here’s a very popular bulking Deca Durabolin cycle:

  • Week 1-6 Testosterone Cypionate 750 mg a week; Deca Durabolin 500 mg a week and Dianabol 50 mg per day.
  • Week 7-14 Continue with the same steroids and same dosages but discontinue the use of Dianabol altogether.
  • The last 2 weeks until you reach week 16 go with Testosterone Cypionate alone in a dosage of about 500 mg per week.
  • PCT plan (unless in TRT or cruising) starts at week 18.
  • Optionally, you could add HGH the entire time in a dosage of about 4 IU. It depends on various factors whether you should or should not add it.
  • The entire time have Arimidex or Aromasin handy. Cabergoline is also a good idea in case you noticed high prolactin levels.

Cycle For Cutting

Deca Durabolin in cutting cycles is very rare. That’s because this compound aromatizes into estrogen and that’s counterproductive for a cutting cycle. Nonetheless, some people still go for it. Especially those that run Winstrol for cutting and they have dry / painful joints. Here’s an example of a cutting cycle with Deca Durabolin:

  • Week 1-10 goes with Deca Durabolin 150 mg per week and Testosterone Enanthate 200 mg per week.
  • After running them for 2 weeks, add Winstrol about 50 mg/day (week 3-10).
  • Optionally might add HGH 2 IU/day or/and Masteron or Primobolan in a dosage of about 400-500 mg/week for 8-10 weeks. Some even go for Trenbolone about 350 mg/week for an even more cutting effect.
  • Aromatase inhibitors might or might not be needed.
  • PCT plan starts at week 13 with Clomid and/or Nolvadex


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Methenolone is the chemical name of the steroid best known by its brand name Primobolan or Primo. This is a performance enhancing compound that has been on the market since the 1960s when it first appeared as a medical compound.

Primobolan (Methenolone) is a compound that is often overlooked because it offers mild gains but has an expensive price tag. Nonetheless, what most people don’t know is that it is a highly effective product. It does an amazing job in burning fat and can even help grow lean muscles at higher doses.

Primobolan – Methenolone Benefits

Those who want to run steroid cycles with minimal side effects and remain aesthetic would really love Primobolan. A cycle with Methenolone isn’t going to make you a mass monster, instead, the gains would be dry and effective, with an overall increase in performance and without nasty side effects. During a Primobolan cycle you can expect some subtle and small gains, but in the meantime, you’ll lose body fat and all the gains would be lean and quality, without water retention.

Primo is actually a very versatile steroid.

It can be stacked with almost any given steroid, if not with all of them. The compound is used as a performance enhancer with any other performance enhancer. Methenolone can be used both in bulking and cutting cycles.


Methenolone Profile

Primobolan – Methenolone is a DHT derived steroid. It doesn’t aromatize into estrogen. Therefore, you won’t get high estrogen levels and estrogenic issues.

On paper, it displays fairly low anabolic and androgenic activity with a rating of 88 and 44-57, respectively.

Therefore, Primo has a mild nature making it a great option for people who want to keep the steroid cycle as safe as possible. As well as for those who are more susceptible to side effects. Especially if you’re susceptible to estrogen related issues.

Methenolone Enanthate and Acetate

Methenolone comes as oral and as an injection version. The oral Methenolone Acetate (Primobolan) is not as popular as Methenolone Enanthate (Primobolan Depot) because oral Methenolone is not as effective as injections.

Plus, they are more expensive, should be used more often, and are somewhat liver toxic. Methenolone Acetate is not C17 Alpha Alkylated. That’s why it is not as liver toxic as other steroids, but that’s why it is not as effective either.

Primo-lab-1 primalab-100-1



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The Enanthate ester is attached to Methenolone and is offering a release time as other Enanthate bound steroids, similar to Testosterone Enanthate. That’s why Methenolone Enanthate is used in a similar way. Such as injecting it twice a week during the cycle.

Methenolone – Primobolan Side Effects

It is important to remember that all drugs can have side effects, especially when talking about anabolic steroids. Methenolone is milder, but it is no different so side effects can occur. It is one of the mildest steroids when talking about how they affect people or how you can manage them. But they are still likely to come in different ways.

  • Methenolone Acetate is not C17 alpha alkylated, but it is still somewhat liver toxic. Methenolone Enanthate, however, is not. Also, both versions of Primobolan won’t cause estrogenic issues.

Instead, side effects from steroids can affect you in terms of the cardiovascular system, cholesterol health, androgenic as well as suppressing natural testosterone. Those are the side effects that you may notice when using Primo.

It is very important to know that not everyone will experience side effects. Additionally, it may affect people differently. You should know how to deal with them separately. This way you’re going to minimize the risks and control them easier.

Methenolone – Primobolan Administration

Commonly, Primobolan is used as an injection, in cutting cycles stacked with Testosterone, both for around 12 weeks. But cycle length can range between 10 and 16 weeks. Other steroids are sometimes added too.

For bulking it goes well with Deca Durabolin, Trenbolone, Dianabol, and Anadrol.

For cutting it goes well with Masteron, Trenbolone, Anavar, and Winstrol.

Usually, Primobolan dosage ranges between 300 mg and 1000 mg per week. The most common dosages are 400-600 mg a week.



  • Those who search for immense amounts of muscle mass and strength wouldn’t really benefit from Primobolan. There are other better options.
  • Instead, it is a favorite steroid among those who want to minimize the risks during an anabolic steroid cycle while enhancing performance and getting aesthetic looks.

Primobolan is great for lean muscle mass and is even better for those with already low body fat. Additionally, it works in synergy with other AAS and PEDs as a cycle enhancer.

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Halotestin Cycle

Halotestin is a very strong anabolic steroid. If you want to run a Halotestin cycle, we highly recommend being smart about it. This is not your common steroid that can be treated lightly.

Halotestin with the ingredient Fluoxymesterone is an extremely hepatotoxic oral steroid. That’s why the use of this AAS should be limited. Both in terms of dosage and cycle length. Check below a few tips that you should remember when using Halotestin:

  • Start with a low Halotestin dosage. I recommend beginners 10 mg/day. 20-30mg per day is what you would need. 40 mg/day is the absolute maximum – don’t take any more or you’ll suffer from side effects. If you’re using this steroid for the first time, then don’t run higher doses than 20 mg/day.
  • Do not use Halotestin for longer than 5-6 weeks. But even this length is too much. I would actually recommend keeping cycle length no longer than 4 weeks. The compound is very hepatotoxic so the shorter the cycle length, the safer for you.HALOMED-5-Fluoxymesterone-DEUS-MEDICAL
  • I highly recommend using a cycle supporting product during the use of Halotestin. Supplements meant to protect your liver and other organs work best.
  • Never run Halotestin with compounds that can stress your liver even more. Like other oral steroids. Also, it is not a smart move to stack it with powerful steroids like Trenbolone.
  • Halotestin shouldn’t be used alone or as a base steroid during a cycle. Testosterone is always used during the Halotestin cycle. Other injectable compounds can be stacked too when you have more experience.

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Examples of Halotestin Cycle

Below I’m going to share some examples of Halotestin cycles, however, you should remember those are just examples. The dosages of any compound can be adjusted according to your own needs. So the cycle lengths. But remember to keep them within the proper guidelines in order to avoid side effects.

It is highly recommended to keep cycles as safe as possible.

If you damage your health, it is quite obvious that you won’t be reaching your goals of physique and performance improvement.

Beginner Halotestin Cycle

Halotestin-Cycle-beginner  By mentioning “beginner” we mean people who never used Halotestin specifically but who previously used other anabolic steroids. We do not recommend Fluoxymesterone to people who never used any other steroids in the past. This is not a steroid to start your steroids journey with.

Also, beginners shouldn’t ever stack Halotestin with other compounds other than just Testosterone. Also, shouldn’t run Halotestin for longer than 4 weeks or dosage higher than 20 mg/day.


  • Testosterone Enanthate 500 mg/week for 8 weeks
  • Halotestin 10 mg/day for 3 weeks and then increase to 20 mg/day for one more week

Intermediate Halotestin Cycle


Intermediate users are people who previously used Halotestin cycles and they responded very well to it. Now they are searching for an even higher boost in strength with the help of Halo.

Intermediate users might attempt stacking Halotestin with other injectable steroids except for Testosterone and they may also increase the dosages. They may attempt 6 weeks if they respond exceptionally well too.


  • Testosterone Propionate 50 mg/day for 8 weeks
  • Masteron Propionate 50 mg/day for 8 weeks
  • Halotestin 20 mg/day for 5 weeks. Might increase to 30 mg/day the last 1-2 weeks.

Professional Halotestin Cycle

Professionals are people who used anabolic steroids including Halotestin numerous times. Usually, these are people who compete in professional sports or big bodybuilders or huge powerlifters/strongmen.Halotestin-Cycle-professional

Commonly, a professional Halotestin cycle is run right before a competition or show in order to improve the physique at the best possible condition or to greatly enhance performance. They might attempt 40 mg/day dosages stacked with other compounds. Which ones depend on the level of experience, goals, and so on and so forth. Yet, higher dosages than 40 mg/day or longer cycles than 6 weeks are still strictly forbidden.


  • Testosterone Propionate 50 mg/day for 10 weeks
  • Trenbolone Acetate 75 mg/day for 10 weeks
  • Halotestin 20 mg for 2 weeks, 30 mg/day for 2 more weeks and end the last 2 weeks with 40 mg/day.



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Halotestin – Fluoxymesterone is an extremely powerful steroid. Use it with great care to avoid damaging your health. Run it in the recommended guidelines and do not forget about the PCT plan at the end of each cycle as well as cycle supporting supplements during the cycle.

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Dianabol Side Effects

Dianabol side effects can be very serious, but they can be controlled and avoided altogether if you know how to properly administer it.

Dianabol (Dbol) is an orally active anabolic steroid that is used by lots of people all over the world for building muscles and gaining strength fast.

The compound is very popular due to its ability to increase lean muscle mass and reduce body fat alongside a great increase in strengths. Therefore, this is a favorite anabolic and androgenic steroid among bodybuilders, powerlifters as well as other athletes. Additionally, the compound is known to enter your system really fast, offering quick results.

Dianabol is one of the most popular steroids in the world. It is a steroid used by “big names” bodybuilders such as Sergio Oliva and Arnold Schwarzenegger. That’s because, despite its effectiveness, it can remain fairly safe. So, the steroid was around for decades.

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  • Now you can learn how to use it whilst avoiding side effects. But still, you should know that as with any other compound out there, there are some side effects associated with its use.

Now, we’re going to share some of the most prominent Dianabol side effects here.

Androgenic Dianabol Side Effects

Absolutely all anabolic steroids cause androgenic side effects. People with genetic predispositions to them are most vulnerable to them. That’s all because steroids are increasing testosterone levels which are then converted into DHT. Others increase DHT levels directly. In one way or another, androgenic activity in the body is increased.

This is leading to androgenic issues such as hair loss, oily skin, acne, aggression (known as roid rage), and various others.

Yet, Dianabol is moderately androgenic. It is less androgenic than testosterone. Therefore, although possible, androgenic Dianabol side effects are less likely to occur compared to other steroids.

Estrogenic Dianabol Side Effects

Initially, Dianabol – Methandienone (methandrostenolone) was supposed to be less estrogenic than testosterone. However, it ended up being much more estrogenic because it has a high aromatization ability. That’s why, while running a Dianabol cycle, your estrogen levels are going to skyrocket. So, estrogenic issues are possible.

That’s why Dianabol offers “wet” gains – puffy looks of muscles. That’s what makes it perfect for bulking, but a poor choice for cutting. Due to aromatization alongside liver issues it causes, Dianabol is notorious for causing hypertension too (high blood pressure).

Headaches, erectile dysfunction, bloating, water retention, and gynecomastia are also known as popular side effects of Dianabol caused by high estrogen levels.

Hepatotoxic Dianabol Side Effects

Dianabol is an orally active steroid. It is C17 alpha alkylated. The methylation helps it pass through the liver without being destroyed. Therefore, you can use Dianabol pills and it would remain effective. The problem is that liver enzymes would increase which is likely to cause liver damage if this issue is not addressed.

Liver toxicity and hypertension are 2 main reasons why Dianabol cycles shouldn’t be too long. Otherwise, this would cause negative side effects. To protect your liver, also make sure to avoid using anything else putting even more stress on the liver, and run supplements protecting the liver.

Gender Specific Dianabol Side Effects

As with any other anabolic steroid – women are likely to experience virilizing issues and men are getting their natural testosterone production suppressed when using Dianabol. That’s because of increased T levels. Men’s bodies stop producing testosterone levels naturally. It’s because they receive exogenous testosterone. But women are turned into men (and fast) due to this exogenous testosterone.

Women have safer alternatives than Dianabol. But men should run a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan after each cycle with Dianabol.


Dianabol Side Effects Conclusion

Keep in mind that Dianabol is a steroid and it can affect every person differently. Some may get mild side effects, for others they can be nasty. Also, except for the earlier mentioned issues, there are various others that can occur. Stomach up set, headaches, vomiting, nausea, and an abnormal decrease in appetite (usually, it should boost your appetite), diarrhea, constipation, etc. are possible side effects too.dianabol-50-dbol-methandrostenolone-odin-pharma



Also, by purchasing the best quality product you ensure maximum results vs least side effects.

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