Winstrol For Sale

Winstrol is perhaps the most popular anabolic steroid for cutting and weight loss cycles and that’s because it is definitely among the best ones for such needs. Therefore, it is no wonder that there are so many people out there searching for Winstrol for sale. Especially after the movie “Baywatch” with Zac Efron flashing around his “Winstrol body” at the beach.

If you know what Winstrol is and you simply want to buy it, you’ve come to the right place. Or maybe you are searching for some information about Winstrol? Well, you’re still in the right place. We can help you get your Winstrol for your goals and we can also help you with information and a Winstrol cycle for your goals too.

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Before You Buy Winstrol For Sale

But before you actually go and get Winstrol for sale, I strongly recommend learning at least some basic information about this anabolic and androgenic steroid.

You can find a lot of information about this steroid on our site. For example, through blog posts. However, you’re also free to request free cycle advice. A professional bodybuilder is going to help you with a cycle containing Winstrol if you need it, based on your needs, goals, and preferences.

There’s a lot of information that you need to learn about Winstrol. You’ve got to know about its benefits, side effects, dosage, and cycle including many others. You should prepare a PCT and also need liver protection with Winstrol (Stanozolol). Moreover, it’s a steroid that yields the best results when stacked with other steroids. So, you also should use it with testosterone.

As you can see, there are various things that you should know before running the Winstrol cycle. If you’re having experience with steroids, or especially with Winstrol itself, you most likely know all of this. But it never hurts refreshing your memory and it definitely won’t hurt learning if you haven’t so far.


What is Winstrol?

Winstrol (nowadays popular as “Winny”) is an extremely popular and potent steroid. Winstrol is the most popular brand, but there are numerous others too. The active substance (main ingredient) is Stanozolol. This is an AAS that you could use both as intramuscular injections and as oral pills too. But since injections offer pretty much the exact same benefits and side effects as oral pills without much (if any) differences at all, most people resort to oral Winstrol pills.

Stanozolol is a steroid with high anabolic activity and lower androgenic activity making it very favorable for bodybuilders. Moreover, Stanozolol is a derivative of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which means that it cannot convert into estrogen through the process of aromatization. This means that the end result of using Winstrol is looking very hard and defined while increasing vascularity.

This is the reason why Winstrol is mostly a cutting steroid. Bodybuilders love it because it doesn’t cause water retention, or bloating and in fact, it helps “flush out” the excess water from the body that makes them look ripped, dry and shredded. No wonder it’s among the best steroids for pre-contest and cutting cycles. The gains from Winstrol are solid and long lasting.

Winstrol (Stanozolol) is also a great compound that blocks SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) in a similar way Proviron (Mesterolone) does. This makes Winstrol a perfect steroid for stacks with other steroids as they are working much better due to lower SHBG activity. At the same time, Winstrol is highly anabolic (way more anabolic than Proviron, for example).

Winstrol Downsides

  • Before you get to buy Winstrol for sale, you have to understand that although it sounds great when a steroid makes your physique dry and hard, it comes with side effects.

For example, Winstrol is a very powerful steroid, so powerful that I wouldn’t even suggest it to beginners. If you do start with it, do it very carefully. It’s important to understand that powerful steroids are very effective, but they are more likely to cause side effects. And Winstrol is not a steroid that you should treat lightly.

  • For example, as with any other steroid, it is going to cause some cholesterol issues, androgenic issues, testosterone suppression in men, and virilization issues in women.

There are no steroids that wouldn’t cause these issues, but Winstrol is likely to cause them to a greater degree than other steroids, especially when talking about cholesterol issues.

  • Moreover, you may know that most oral steroids are liver toxic.

Well, Winstrol is among the most liver toxic steroids out there. In fact, Stanozolol is causing your liver enzymes to spike even if you run an injection version.

  • But a “unique” type of estrogen that we can associate with the use of Winstrol is the “dry joints”.

According to anecdotal reports, Winstrol is “drying out the joints” causing them to be painful. It’s believed it occurs because Winstrol is “forcing” water out of your body. This makes you look dry, but it also dries the joints causing them pain. This is the main reason why Winstrol in bulking cycles is not a good idea when bodybuilders usually train with very heavy weights.


How to Dose and Cycle Winstrol?

Winstrol injection has a half-life of 24 hours. Winstrol pills offer a half-life of around 9 hours. Therefore, if you use injection, once a day administration is enough. But if you run pills, better split the total daily dosage into 2-4 doses a day for maintaining stable levels of Stanozolol in your blood for yielding the best results.

Still, most people choose oral pills. That’s because injections are still as liver toxic as pills, you still need to use them often. Moreover, Stanozolol injections are painful. You need to use them intramuscularly and most people say they are causing pretty harsh injection pains.

As with other oral medications, taking it with food is going to decrease the availability, but it’s likely to decrease side effects risk too. You may use it on an empty stomach if you tolerate it well though.

Winstrol dosage for men is starting at about 20 mg per day. It can be anywhere up to 80-100 mg per day but that’s only for professionals. Most people find that 40-60 mg a day is all they need. Start slowly and work your way up to a higher dosage, don’t start with a high dosage from the start.

Winstrol dosage for women is starting at about 5 mg a day and is rarely going over 15 mg a day. Women should be careful with the masculinizing effects that it can have. It’s more effective than Winstrol and Primobolan, for example (popular choices for women), but more likely to cause virilization issues.

Cycle length shouldn’t go over 6 weeks for women due to masculinization risks (4 weeks would be safer). And it should go over 8 weeks for women due to liver toxicity, cholesterol issues, and others. 4-6 weeks are safer options! 

Winstrol For Sale Conclusion

winstrol-stanozolol-odin-pharmaWhat you can read here is just a part of what you should know about Winstrol. That’s why, before you actually buy Winstrol for sale, as said, better learn about it first as much as possible. It can be an awesome pre-contest drug. It could get your cutting cycle to the next level. But at the same time, it could cause side effects too.

Moreover, it goes without saying – for yielding the best results from a Winstrol cycle, you’ve got to make sure you get your hands on the best quality Winstrol – Stanozolol.

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Anadrol Cycle

There’s almost nothing better than an Anadrol cycle when it comes to growing muscles and gaining strength and doing it fast. According to people who already tried Anadrol cycles, it’s not uncommon to add at least 20 lbs and increase strength levels by at least 10-20% of maximum lifts during a single cycle.

At the same time, it’s important to understand that Oxymetholone (Anadrol) is an extremely powerful orally active steroid. That’s why it’s so helpful in the first place. However, being so powerful also means it has harsh side effects.

Therefore, to make sure that you gain the best results from the Anadrol cycle and keep side effects at bay, you should learn how to use this steroid correctly.

  • PS: for maximum results from the Anadrol cycle and control of the side effects, you need to make sure you get real Oxymetholone for the highest quality. At you’ll find the best quality steroids for sale at the lowest prices.

So, let’s learn how to correctly run an Anadrol cycle.

How to Use Anadrol?

Injectable Anadrol vs Oral Anadrolanadrol-oxymetholone-odin-pharma

Oxymetholone is a substance that you can find both in the form of injection and in the oral version. Nonetheless, when thinking of Anadrol, most people think of the oral version. Many might not even know there’s an injectable Anadrol version.

That’s because it’s highly unpopular. Oral Anadrol is by far the most popular version. 

Yet, some people still go for injectable Anadrol thinking that it won’t strain the liver. That’s a big mistake. You don’t use it orally, so it won’t enter through the liver to enter the bloodstream, but your body still processes it through the liver. Moreover, injectable Anadrol is more difficult to get hold of in comparison to oral Anadrol and as you can understand – it’s much harder to administer.


Therefore, the best way to use Anadrol is by oral pills.

Anadrol Half-Life

Oxymetholone has a short half life of only 5-9 hours.

This is the reason why it’s much better to split the total daily dosage throughout the day. This is true regardless of the dosage you use. Most often, oral Anadrol pills contain 50 mg. As a result, you could cut the pills into 2-4 doses and use them throughout the day. Unless you want to use a higher dosage per day, which I don’t recommend unless you have a lot of experience with this steroid in lower doses.

Anadrol Cycle Length & Dosage

Since we started to talk about dosage – male bodybuilders typically use doses of Anadrol of 50-100 mg a day for a period of 4-6 weeks. The 8 week Anadrol cycle is the absolute maximum cycle length. I wouldn’t recommend beginners to start right away at 100 mg/day and/or 8 weeks.

  • Beginners would find 50 mg/day for 4 weeks sufficient as the first time of running the Anadrol cycle.

Some women also use Anadrol cycles. I don’t really recommend this steroid to women due to better alternatives (such as Anavar or at least Winstrol). However, if a woman plans to use it, never exceed the dosage of 25 mg/day and 6 weeks. But I would rather recommend 12.5 mg/day for 4 weeks.

It’s important to understand (both males and females) that the higher the dosage – the higher the risks of side effects. Anything over 100 mg/day for a man and 25 mg/day for a woman is drastically increasing the side effects risk without adding too much further benefits.


Using Anadrol During Cycle

It’s important to understand that Anadrol pills are fat soluble. This means that swallowing them with food is likely to decrease their biological activity. This is going to lower your results. It would make them less effective, start working slower and flush them out of the system faster.

For the best results, you should administer Anadrol on an empty stomach. However, this is also increasing the risks of side effects. If you notice some issues (especially stomach related) you could try eating a small amount of food before using the Anadrol pills.

Moreover, because it’s liver toxic, better use some liver protective supplements with it. Such as LIV 52 among many others. I personally tend to use one pill of Liv 52 with every dose of Anadrol throughout the cycle.

I also tend to avoid using the Anadrol solo cycle. A standalone Anadrol cycle is not going to be as effective as when you add Testosterone to that cycle. It’s a common thing for adding other steroids to the Testosterone and Anadrol cycle. This increases the benefits and results, but increases side effects too!

Anadrol Cycle Stacks

Anadrol is a powerful steroid that only people with experience should use. Usually, those who have experience decide to stack it with other steroids, powerful injectable steroids like Deca Durabolin, Trenbolone, and, obviously, Testosterone.

Do not stack Anadrol with other oral steroids (or those that increase liver strain) because it can cause too much stress for your liver.

But even when you stack it with non liver toxic injectable steroids, it’s still important to understand that other side effects will exacerbate too. Such as testosterone suppression, cholesterol issues, blood pressure, estrogenic and androgenic issues, and others.

But stacks would definitely offer even more benefits.

Solo Anadrol Cycle

Still, some people go for solo Anadrol cycles. I wouldn’t recommend doing so. Better have it stacked with at least testosterone. Usually, a standalone Anadrol cycle is something only beginners attempt. Usually, they go for something like:

  • Week 1-4 Anadrol 50 mg/day; Week 5-6 Anadrol 75 mg/day.

Testosterone and Anadrol Cycle


This is a cycle that I would recommend if you want to use Anadrol because it contains testosterone. In fact, Anadrol with testosterone is one of the best duo stacks for building size, mass, and strength. Better run it only if you have experience with steroids.

Prepare Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) during the cycle to prevent gynecomastia. AIs are useless with Anadrol, but they could help with aromatization from testosterone.

  • You can add it at the beginning of your 10-12 weeks cycle with Testosterone (usually 400-500mg/week) as a kick starter, or at the end of the cycle to “break a plateau”. Usually, it goes with 50 mg/day of Anadrol for 4-6 weeks.

Some people get this cycle to “the next level” by increasing the dosage of Testosterone to 500-700 mg/week stacked with 6-8 weeks of Anadrol in a dosage of 50-100 mg/day. Some choose to start with 50 mg/day and then go to 75 mg/day and finish with 100 mg/day. The increase in dosage of Anadrol is once every 2-3 weeks by 25 mg.

Three or More Steroids Anadrol Cycle

An Anadrol cycle involving three (or even more) steroids is only tailored for professional users who have a vast variety of experience with a vast variety of anabolic steroids. Usually, it goes with Deca Durabolin and/or Trenbolone. In rare cases, some people may add Masteron or Primobolan, but that’s not very common.

An example of an awesome bulking cycle with Anadrol is:

  • Week 1-14 Testosterone Cypionate 600 mg/week (split into two doses a week) with Deca Durabolin 400 mg/week (split into two doses or once a week). Week 1-2 Anadrol 50 mg/day and week 3-8 goes with 100 mg/day. Some choose to run Testosterone Cypionate one additional week before the PCT plan in a slightly lower dosage of 300 mg/week because Deca flushes out of the system slower than Test Cyp.


Remember that these are only some examples of how you can run an Anadrol cycle. There are a lot of different ways how you could use it. Whatever the case, I strongly recommend you to use it only if you know what to expect from it, you know how to properly administer Anadrol, have a proper workout and diet plan, and get real Oxymetholone of high quality.

We can help you buy the best quality Anadrol for sale for the cheapest prices and we can also help you with advice in terms of how to use Anadrol specifically for your needs.



Buy Anavar

Buy Anavar from for the best quality Oxandrolone and the best prices. This is a steroid that is popular for often being counterfeited on the black market. That’s mainly because it’s a steroid that is a bit more pricey in comparison with other steroids and because of its mildness. Being milder, many scammers assume that they could fit in there other substances and the clients wouldn’t understand the difference. That’s a huge mistake.

That’s a huge problem because both Stanozolol and Methandienone are more powerful with more risks of side effects. So, in an instance where Anavar (Oxandrolone) is listed on the label but Winstrol or Dianabol is the true product, the individual could use it and experience way more and nastier side effects than should have. Especially when talking about liver issues, cholesterol values, cardiovascular strain, estrogenic issues, virilization in women, testosterone suppression in men, and others.

In the end, customers should be sure that what is listed on the label is EXACTLY what they are going to receive and of the highest quality.

Other scammers may not offer other substances instead or mixed with Oxandrolone, but they offer low quality/purity and/or under dosed products. This means that on the label they claim 10 mg per tablet, for example, but they barely offer 5 mg or even less.

There are also sources that disappear as soon as you send the money too. Taking money and sending nothing.

In order to avoid all these forms of scams, buy Anavar from!


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Why Buy Anavar?

Anavar is by far one of the best anabolic and androgenic steroids on the market. This is a fairly mild steroid that is not going to cause nasty side effects. Or at least, not as nasty in comparison with other anabolic steroids. This is the reason why Anavar is the most popular steroid for women and it’s also a popular steroid for steroid beginners. Nonetheless, since it’s highly effective, a lot of professional bodybuilders use it too. odin-pharma-anavar-25

So, Anavar (oxandrolone) is highly popular despite its high market price. But then again, with you could save a lot! So, if you do purchase oxandrolone and use it correctly, you’re likely to experience the following benefits:

  • Muscle gains
  • Fat loss
  • Big pumps
  • Mild side effects
  • Strength increase
  • Enhanced athletic performance
  • Female friendly


Don’t know how to use the Anavar cycle correctly? Well, the exact administration depends on so many factors. Your age, gender, level of experience with steroids, weight and height, and other factors all come into play. If you want to determine the best way to use Anavar specifically for you, fill up the cycle advice form.

This is a steroid that is capable of helping you with both your bulking and cutting purposes, but you have to learn how to use it correctly.



Anavar (Oxandrolone) is an orally active steroid. It is a steroid that is considered with some of the best side effects vs benefits ratio. That’s because while Oxandrolone is highly effective, it’s milder in terms of side effects. At least, in comparison with other steroids.

You can buy Anavar as numerous other brand names because each manufacturer has its own brand. Anavar is just the most popular brand of Oxandrolone. In the end, regardless of the brand, make sure you buy Oxandrolone of the highest quality.

That’s exactly what you can do at Except for this steroid, there are a lot of other steroids that you could buy for sale. Anavar, however, is by far one of the best steroids, despite its fairly high price. We would help you save money and use it correctly. Therefore, by buying Anavar you’re going to make sure you’ll reach your physique and performance enhancement goals much easier and faster.

Oxandrolone is a steroid that you can use both in bulking and cutting cycles. Many use it for general body recomposition too. But then again, with proper use.

Where to Buy Trenbolone

If you’re wondering where to buy Trenbolone and now you’re reading this article – congratulations, you’ve found the perfect place. Buy Trenbolone for sale from and make sure that you get the best quality of Trenbolone. 

This is a highly popular and highly effective anabolic steroid. Most of those people who already had Trenbolone cycles would agree with the fact that this is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids that you can use nowadays.

  • So, due to immense power, Tren is capable of completely changing your physique and enhancing your performance to a crazy level. However, because of the same immense power – it’s very likely to cause side effects.

So, most people who have already tried Trenbolone know that this is a steroid you should be careful with. While it’s likely to offer a lot of different benefits, it’s also likely to cause some nasty side effects. This is a very popular steroid for causing side effects. That’s why most of those who talk about Trenbolone can tell you about their awesome benefits and results, but they are very likely to share that all of that is not without side effects.

The point is – if you want to buy Trenbolone, you first need to learn about this powerful anabolic and androgenic steroid. If you already know everything you need, you can start purchasing Trenbolone online.

How to Buy Trenbolone?

Trenbolone-Enanthate-Genetic-Pharma-e1581430081990Simply go on our list of Trenbolone products and choose the one that is more suitable for you. I recommend paying attention to the brand and your region. Buy steroids from brands that are closest to your region so you would avoid long shipping times and customs seizure risks.

Therefore, if you’re in the USA for example, then go for brands that are having warehouses in the USA. After you choose a brand, you can buy Trenbolone. You may notice that most brands are having three different Trenbolone versions. If you are unsure which one you should buy, I recommend Trenbolone Acetate. That’s because Acetate is the shortest ester allowing you to get a quick idea of how this steroid works for you and then flushing it out of the system fast in case you experience side effects.

Trenbolone Acetate is overall the most popular and widely used version. So, after choosing the brand and the ester that you want for Trenbolone – add it to your cart and go to checkout. You are going to receive instructions on how to pay for it.


After the payment just wait for your order which is going to come as soon as possible. We at will try everything we can so everyone can receive their orders as soon as possible.

Why Should You Buy Trenbolone?

Because this is an overall amazing steroid that is capable of helping you lose body fat and grow muscle mass. It’s so helpful and powerful that a lot of those who had experience with it suggests that it could grow lean muscle mass even when you’re in caloric deficit!

It’s no wonder that Trenbolone is considered the single most powerful steroid that you could use. However, I wouldn’t recommend it to beginners. Those people who do not have enough experience with other milder anabolic steroids should run Trenbolone.

I recommend having a good idea of what this steroid is all about before you’re looking at getting Trenbolone for sale. But as soon as you do, there’s barely anything else better! It is going to help you achieve a mind blowing increase in performance, especially when talking about strength indicators. You’re going to break your personal records in all the major exercises. At the same time, you’re going to look better than ever. With a huge increase in lean muscle mass and a huge decrease in body fat, Trenbolone is going to make you look drier, harder, and with much bigger vascularity.

By taking all of this into consideration, it’s quite obvious that this is an anabolic steroid that remains true for the money. If you’re going to buy Trenbolone you are definitely going to find that this is a compound worth the money. Especially considering the money.


Buying Trenbolone For Sale

Trenbolone is one of the most affordable steroids that you can buy on the market, despite being among the most powerful ones. When taking into consideration the money vs strength of steroids, you just can’t find anything else better. In fact, Trenbolone is probably worth even more money considering its immense power.

  • That’s why there’s no better steroid to get a better bang for the back. Everyone who used it (correctly) said it’s worth every single penny. This is a cheap yet powerful steroid.

That’s especially true when you’re buying Trenbolone from  The reason is simple – you buy Trenbolone for a cheaper price in comparison with most other sources out there. That’s true for whatever brand you choose.

We’re a source that works with the manufacturers that have certification from GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice. Therefore, all steroids you buy from us are real, of the highest quality and purity with the exact dosage that you can see on the label. Moreover, we have cheaper prices too.

Therefore, you can buy Trenbolone Acetate for sale, buy Trenbolone Enanthate for sale, buy Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate for sale or buy Trenbolone with a combination of all three esters.



In The End


HB-parabolan-trenbolone-hexahydrobenzylcarbonate-2002x2002-1If you want to buy the best quality Trenbolone, use as your trusted source of anabolic steroids. Especially considering that you can’t and shouldn’t run a Trenbolone only cycle. I strongly recommend stacking Trenbolone with Testosterone. That’s because Tren is very suppressive to testosterone.

So, you always need to stack Tren with Test. So, despite the fact that Trenbolone doesn’t convert into estrogen, you still need anti-estrogens handy due to testosterone. Trenbolone is also likely to increase prolactin levels, therefore, you need cabergoline handy just in case your prolactin spikes during the Trenbolone cycle.

One more thing – you need a proper Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan after each Trenbolone cycle. Therefore, as you can see, there are a lot of things that you should prepare when planning to use Trenbolone. Not to mention if you want to stack it with some other steroids for even more benefits.

Therefore, it’s very important to have a trustworthy source that is offering quality products for good prices. That’s why, again, if you’re wondering where to buy Trenbolone = We are a source that will never let you down. We’re going to offer the best quality products for the lowest prices, all with the best customer support service and the fastest possible shipping options.



Sustanon 250

Sustanon 250 is an extremely popular trade name for the injectable steroid that is offering a controlled release of testosterone after administration. The number “250” after the name indicates the amount of testosterone per one milliliter (mL; cc) you inject. Sustanon is a popular brand with a combination of four different testosterone esters. 

  • You can find various different trade names when searching for “testosterone blends” except for Sustanon and with various different concentrations of testosterone except for 250 mg/ml. 

Scientists created Sustanon 250 in an attempt to eliminate the peak and trough of testosterone in the blood serum that one single ester of testosterone creates. With the help of the testosterone blend (Sustanon 250 or whatever others), you get both fast results (due to short testosterone esters) and sustained release (due to long testosterone esters).

Sustanon 250 Profile

Sustanon-250-Genetic-Pharma-e1581427314924The results (both benefits and side effects) that you may experience from using Sustanon 250 (testosterone blend; mix) are exactly the same as using any other testosterone version. That’s because either you use a single ester or multiple ones, you only get testosterone which obviously works the same way.

However, what really changes when going for a specific testosterone ester or for testosterone blend (Sustanon) as well as the concentration of each testosterone product, is the frequency of administration (injection) and the amount (ml; cc) that you need to use.

  • For example, Testosterone Enanthate has a much longer half life than Testosterone Propionate. Therefore, you need to use it less often. But ultimately, you’ll get the same results.
  • At the same time, different concentrations offer different amounts that you use. For example, Sustanon 250 mg would offer one 250 mg of testosterone per ml/ cc that you inject. But the Sustanon version of 400 mg (Sustanon 400) would offer 400 mg of testosterone per each ml/ cc that you inject.


While there might be other very slight differences – these are the main ones. In the end, you just increase Testosterone regardless of the ester and the concentration. But based on the ester and concentration, you need to determine how much and how often you should inject. In order to receive the amount of testosterone that you need per week and to keep stable the levels of testosterone in your blood.

Sustanon 250 Advantages

Considering that you get the same results (both benefits and side effects) from using whatever version of testosterone, why would you run Sustanon 250, specifically?

Well, you can use Sustanon less often than some versions of testosterone while still getting stable levels of testosterone for a while. 

Because Sustanon has four different ester chains that are released at different times, the user is less likely to experience the sharp peak and sharp decline in testosterone as with other esters. It has various testosterone esters that enter and flush out of the system in controlled release, some faster and others slower.

Therefore, by using Sustanon 250, you can maintain stable blood levels and you get fast results too. With Sustanon, you don’t have to wait for 4-6 weeks for the results to kick in as with long versions of testosterone (such as enanthate or cypionate). At the same time, it would stay active in the system for a long time, unlike when you go for short versions of testosterone (such as propionate).


Sustanon 250 Disadvantages

The main purpose of Sustanon 250 is to maintain as stable blood testosterone levels as possible. Nonetheless, there are many people who say that their levels are more stable with other versions of testosterone such as enanthate, for example. They report that with Sustanon, they get more highs and lows (fluctuations) which lead to different issues such as mood swings and other symptoms.

That’s why, in order to avoid this problem, you have to inject it often, such as every other day. It is because of the shortest esters of testosterone in Sustanon 250. That’s obviously a disadvantage when you want to use long versions of testosterone in order to avoid injections too often.

The least frequency of injection (administration) is twice a week. However, it’s unlikely to avoid the highs and lows (fluctuations) in this administration schedule. Not to mention if you attempt using it less frequently. Some people are using it only once a week and doctors prescribe it even less frequently than once a week due to longer versions of testosterone.

That’s a big mistake because by the time the longer esters in Sustanon kick in, the shortest versions are long gone.



As said, there are four different esters of testosterone combined together. All esters have different half-lives. That’s why the steroid release from the ester will peak and decline at varying times depending on the ester.

Testosterone on its own has an extremely short half life (of only a few hours). So, in order to avoid injections every couple of hours, esters were attached to the testosterone hormone. This helps them release testosterone in a controlled manner and in a much longer time after injection. This increases the release (half-life) to days and even weeks.

So, there are four esters in the same oil carrier when talking about Sustanon 250. You may find varying testosterone esters at varying concentrations when talking about testosterone blends. They could offer various concentrations, esters, numbers of testosterone, and so on and so forth.

But the original one is Sustanon 250 containing:

  • 100 mg of Testosterone Decanoate. The longest ester in this steroid with half life of about 15 days. It’s the longest ester out of all esters used in testosterone except for Undecanoate.
  • 60 mg of Testosterone Isocapropate. A mid-range release ester with a half life of about 9 days. Shorter than Enanthate or Cypionate but longer than all the rest.
  • 60 mg of Testosterone Phenylpropionate. Another mid-range ester with a half life of about 4 days or so. It’s closer to the “shorter” esters.
  • 30 mg of Testosterone Propionate. This is the shortest ester used in testosterone with a half life of about one day. The shortest esterified testosterone (shorter is only raw testosterone without an ester).

So, when you use 1 mL of Sustanon 250 – that’s what you’re going to receive.


In the end, Sustanon 250 is a matter of preference. Some people say that they are doing very well with it, others say that Testosterone Enanthate or Cypionate are doing a better job in maintaining stable testosterone levels.

Some say they get better results with Sustanon, others say that single ester Testosterone works better. It’s all a matter of preference. But I would still recommend using Sustanon 250 every other day or at least 3 times a week to make sure you won’t get fluctuating levels.

Buy Sustanon 250 from or whatever other testosterone version or anabolic steroid that you may need. We promise maximum quality for each steroid at competitive prices!



Aromasin Side Effects

Aromasin is the brand of Exemestane. This drug lowers estrogen, but Aromasin is likely to cause side effects if you don’t use it correctly. That’s why I strongly recommend learning about this product before actually using it.

Let’s start from the very beginning. If you use anabolic steroids, you are going to need to add testosterone to your cycle to keep high T levels during the cycle to achieve your physique and performance enhancement goals. Testosterone (as well as other steroids like Nandrolone, Boldenone, and Methandienone) converts into estrogen.

Estrogen is a hormone that forms through the conversion of testosterone and other male hormones into estrogen, estradiol, etc. They do so by attaching to an enzyme in your body called “aromatase” enzymes. Therefore, when you use aromatizing (wet) steroids, you are likely to get high estrogen levels as they convert into this hormone through those enzymes.

If you end up with high estrogen levels (out of the normal range), you are likely to experience high estrogen symptoms and side effects. Some of the most notable side effects of steroids (high estrogen) are male breast tissue growth (gynecomastia), erectile dysfunction (inability to get and/or maintain an erection) as well as water retention (excess of fluids) which can lead to high blood pressure (hypertension).

Anabolic steroid users run a variety of different drugs and compounds to deal with those steroids’ side effects (related to high estrogen symptoms). The best way to keep high estrogen from causing negative side effects and symptoms, obviously, is to reduce estrogen levels.

To do that, you need an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) – a product that binds to aromatase enzymes and doesn’t allow steroids to bind to them. This way, they block the conversion of testosterone and other steroids into estrogen, thus lowering total estrogen levels.



Aromatase Inhibitors vs SERMs

It’s important to make sure you know the differences between these two categories of drugs. They are both anti-estrogens as they deal with estrogen. However, Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs) only block the estrogen from reaching specific tissues (such as breast tissues) but don’t lower estrogen. Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) on the other hand, like Aromasin (Exemestane), bind to aromatase enzymes and therefore block the conversion of estrogen altogether. This lowers the total estrogen levels.

So, while SERMs like Nolvadex can help deal with gynecomastia, Aromasin can help deal with the entire specter of high estrogen issues.

Aromasin (Exemestane) specifically is a suicidal Aromatase Inhibitor (AI), unlike other AIs such as Arimidex (Anastrozole) or Femara (Letrozole). This makes it a better choice because as soon as it binds to the enzymes – it permanently disables that enzyme (destroys it). Therefore, Aromasin is definitely a very popular option among bodybuilders.

Explaining Aromasin Side Effects

Now, let’s assume that you use Aromasin, why does it offer side effects? Most likely – because you use too high a dosage.

According to studies, a single dosage of 25 mg of Aromasin (usually, Exemestane tablets come in strength of 25 mg/tab) is capable of reducing 80-90% of the estrogen. It has a half-life of only 9 hours, but because of its ability to permanently disable the aromatase enzyme, the levels remain low for up to 72 hours.

Now, assuming that your levels of estrogen are only slightly elevated or they are in the normal range altogether, yet you use Aromasin in high dosage. It’s fairly obvious – your estrogen is going to lower too much.

While too high levels of estrogen lead to side effects, too low levels of estrogen lead to side effects too. The point of using Aromasin is to keep estrogen within normal range and definitely not to lower it too much.

By using too high a dosage of Exemestane, you lower too much estrogen. Not enough estrogen levels is a really bad idea because estrogen is an important hormone even for a male.

Therefore, the reason why you get Aromasin side effects is most likely because of too high a dosage. There are some rare cases in which you may use proper doses and still get side effects. That’s rarely and only in case you’re allergic to this product, have some pre existing health issues, or abnormal natural reaction to it.

Due to all these factors, it’s important to start using Aromasin (Exemestane) in a low dosage and slowly titrate up as you get a feeling of how it works for you.


Examples of Aromasin Side Effects

As I said, the most common Aromasin side effects are related to low estrogen symptoms. Therefore, you can search for low estrogen symptoms- if you’re getting any of them while on Aromasin, it’s likely you use too high a dosage and estrogen is too low.Aromasin-side-effects-bodybuilding-man

Check some common side effects:

  • Hot flashes
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Excess sweating
  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain
  • Mood changes
  • Erectile dysfunction (yes, estrogen helps you get/maintain an erection)
  • Muscle/ energy/ strength loss (yes, estrogen helps with all of this)
  • Osteoporosis

In short, estrogen is an important hormone for you to grow muscles, gain strength, and feel good. It’s also a very important hormone for maintaining normal cholesterol levels. In addition to that, estrogen is a popular hormone that maintains your bones in good health. That’s why low levels of estrogen are likely to lead to thinning of bones (osteoporosis). This could make them susceptible to breakage.

In the end, the overall point of this is that you need to use Aromasin only if you have high estrogen. Also, use only in normal dosage.

  • Don’t attempt to crush your estrogen to avoid low estrogen symptoms.
    But don’t allow estrogen to remain high to avoid high estrogen symptoms.

In The End

Supo-Aromasin-BeligasAromasin (Exemestane) is a powerful estrogen lowering drug. You need to use it carefully only when you actually need to lower estrogen. Too high a dosage is likely to cause side effects associated with low estrogen. Not enough dosage (or not using it at all) when you do have high estrogen symptoms (usually, as a result of using steroids) is not a good idea either.

Make sure you buy the best quality Exemestane. This is the best way to make sure that Aromasin is going to work exactly as it should. On our site you’re going to get the best product ensuring the least possible side effects and maximum efficacy.

Lower quality products are likely to cause more side effects and they are less susceptible to work as they should. An additional bonus (except for many others) – you can buy it for very low prices. Cheaper compared to all other sources where you can buy Aromasin.



Sibutramine is a diet drug that helps control appetite. This is an appetite suppressant compound that is doing a great job for people who are searching for cutting and weight loss cycles. The most popular brand name is Meridia. However, the product is not produced anymore because in 2010 FDA prohibited the sales of Meridia (Sibutramine).

Now you can find it as numerous other brand names.

This appetite suppressant was the first drug medically approved for treating obesity. In fact, it was the only use of Sibutramine. 

According to studies, the product is highly effective in losing weight. It was a prescription drug as an adjunct in the treatment of obesity when a proper diet and exercise plan were involved. It was discontinued in the United States and some other countries because it was increasing the risks of cardiovascular and stroke issues.

Athletes and bodybuilders are still sometimes using Sibutramine to help them reduce their appetite. Needless to mention that this is greatly helpful in losing weight and burning body fat. Given a proper diet and exercise, Sibutramine helps you consume fewer calories. As a result, the body burns more calories than you consume. This is what leads to fat and weight loss during cutting cycles. Bodybuilders often stack anabolic steroids with them in order to avoid muscle loss.

Sibutramine Profile

sibuzone-sibutramine-alphazone-pharmaceuticalsSibutramine is an uptake inhibitor. It doesn’t boost the release of neurotransmitters. Mainly – Serotonin. It still, however, works on Serotonin. It stops it from being reabsorbed by the serotonin norepinephrine re-uptake receptors. This is a popular neurotransmitter because it regulates your mood, your sleep, and… your appetite.

Because of this, a lot of anti-depressant drugs contain serotonin inhibiting substances. They have a great impact on your mood. But as we all know, anti-depressants have a great impact on sleep and appetite too. So does Sibutramine. It may affect your mood and sleep too, except for appetite.

That’s why it got banned. Sibutramine was helping people lose weight with a caloric deficit diet and exercise plan, so it was approved for obesity treatment. But because it affected cardiovascular health it got banned.

So, if you’re thinking of using Sibutramine during your weight loss or cutting cycle, make sure you’re not having a history of stroke, heart related issues, high blood pressure, or others. Using Sibutramine may make it all worse. 


On the other hand, this product is actually highly effective. Studies indicate that a lot of patients of varying ages and both genders had great success in losing body fat. Bodybuilders use it to lower appetite and control it as well as to lower cravings for cheat meals and junk food. Nonetheless, Sibutramine isn’t as popular as other weight loss compounds such as Clenbuterol. Clenbuterol is not an appetite suppressant (although it has some appetite suppressive effects) but rather a stimulant.

Yet, if you’re looking for appetite control specifically then Sibutramine is a better option.

Sibutramine Dosage and Side Effects


You should be aware that Sibutramine’s only form of administration is oral pills. Sibutramine pills have a half life of 14-16 hours (reach peak concentrations after 3-4 hours). That’s why you only need to use it once a day. I strongly recommend using it as soon as you wake up in the morning. It may be helpful in avoiding insomnia side effects. Insomnia is among the most common side effects of Sibutramine, alongside jittery and dry mouth.

That’s why I strongly recommend drinking a lot of water during the use of the Sibutramine cycle. Usually, it lasts 8-12 weeks. I recommend keeping cycles shorter (6-8 weeks), especially in the beginning because of its dependence liability. You could also try slowly reducing the dosage at the end.

The starting dosage is usually 10 mg/day. Some bodybuilders may take higher doses. But I don’t recommend increasing the dosage sooner than 4 weeks into the cycle. And if you do increase, increase by 5 mg/day at a time.

After the cycle ends, make sure you continue working out and dieting properly. Remember that the appetite may return so you could regain the weight back. Watch out for it.

Also, watch out for cardiovascular problems. If you have a history of cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure, increased heart rate, or whatever other heart condition – it may be worth staying away from Sibutramine. Especially if you currently suffer from any of them.

  • You may experience dizziness, headaches, stomach issues, nausea, dry mouth as well as insomnia, jittery, joint/muscle pains, and others. If you do experience any of them, they may go away after a while. If they don’t or if it’s getting unbearable – stop the use or at least reduce the dosage.

Buy Sibutramine Pills For Sale

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However, you should be careful with this powerful weight loss compound. Pretty much as with any other weight loss compound such as Clenbuterol.

Whatever the case, we make sure that you will receive the best quality product for a very adequate price.





Isotretinoin is the chemical name of the brand Accutane. It was developed back in 1982 by Dr. Gary Peck, who has discovered that it is highly effective at treating cystic acne. He made it after discovering that vitamin A is doing a great job at inhibiting sebum production in high dosages. With inhibited sebum production, acne can’t form. Sebum is an oily and waxy substance that your body produces in sebaceous glands. When there’s too much of it, acne forms easier.

Anyway, remember that except for Accutane, there are numerous other brand names available for Isotretinoin. That was after Roche’s patent expired. Another popular brand is Roaccutane including other generic names. ultima-accutane-20

So, make sure to buy quality and real Isotretinoin in order to make sure that the product would be effective at dealing with your acne issues.

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Why would you need Accutane? Well, I would actually recommend you stay away from it in case you don’t need it.

However, there are a lot of bodybuilders who use anabolic steroids that need Accutane. That’s because the use of steroids is having negative effects on their skin. The anabolic and androgenic steroids are causing oily skin, damage their skin appearance and might even lead to acne related side effects. So, they use Accutane (Isotretinoin) as a method to fight off those negative effects of steroids.

What is Accutane?

Accutane or Roaccutane including other brand names (Isotretinoin) is a medication that is mainly used for treating severe acne cases. It treats bad cases of cystic acne with high success and is helping skin renew itself more rapidly. However, in medical settings, doctors can prescribe it to prevent or even treat certain types of skin cancers. It may be effective at treating other skin related diseases.

Isotretinoin is related to vitamin A as it is a type of retinoid. Small quantities of retinoids are naturally found in the body too. In many countries, Accutane is an over the counter product. However, in the USA, it’s a prescription drug.

  • If you’re looking to prevent acne, as a result of using steroids you won’t get a prescription for it, most likely. But even if you do get a prescription, it’s much cheaper to get it from

Anyway, Accutane is working as an isomer of Vitamin A. By doing so, it drastically reduces the amount of oil (sebum) that the oil glands release into the skin. Without the same amount of sebum (oil), it’s way harder for acne to form. Thus, acne is drastically reduced.

Most patients using Isotretinoin report awesome results.

If lower doses are not effective, almost everyone reports awesome results by increasing Accutane dosage. The higher the dosage, the higher risks of Accutane side effects. But the higher the dosage, the more effective the product is and the risks of recurrence drastically drop too.


Why Does Acne Appear In the First Place?


To understand how Accutane works, you first need to understand why acne appears. Well, as said, acne is appearing, mostly, because of too much secretion of oil (sebum) by oil glands. Accutane helps prevent this. However, why do oil glands produce so much sebum? Usually, because of hormonal imbalances. But it’s important to understand that there are different other causes and different types of acne as well.

But generally, acne is a chronic skin condition, as you already know it. It causes black and/or whiteheads, pimples and overall greasy skin that doesn’t look good. People who suffer from acne usually suffer from anxiety because of these issues, leading to low self esteem and other psychological issues. That’s especially noticeable in teenagers. That’s because teenagers usually go through a hormonal roller coaster. During that time (teenage years) the androgens and testosterone levels spike. That’s why acne forms.

It appears as a result of hormonal imbalances as well as because of increased androgens. Moreover, acne is mostly appearing on those parts of the body that contain most oil glands for example on the face, back, and chest.

A similar situation we can notice when users add steroids to their cycles. That’s because steroids are anabolic and androgenic which means that their testosterone and androgen levels suddenly spike as they add the steroids.

  • It’s important to understand that although most cases of acne are genetic (like 80%), there is evidence proving that your overall diet, level of hydration, and other lifestyle choices (like smoking and others) have a strong impact on the severity of acne as well as the risk of appearance. 

Due to side effects, Accutane (Isotretinoin) should be kept as a last resort to fight off acne when all other treatment fails. First, you should implement natural treatments.

Accutane Dosage in Bodybuilding

Chances of acne are increasing when adding anabolic steroids to your regimen. All steroids are increasing the risks of acne, but some of them are more likely to make you suffer from acne than others. Generally, those that are having higher androgenic activity. Since Trenbolone is a steroid with some of the highest androgenic activity, Trenbolone is one of the worst in terms of acne.

The dosage of steroids and the cycle length obviously play a role too. This means that by using lower doses you’re having lower chances of acne appearing and even if it does – not as bad. So, it’s important to pay attention to the type, dosage, stack, and length of cycle that you use when you’re having acne issues.

It’s the androgenic part that mostly triggers increased acne. Hormonal changes can trigger it as well.

Nonetheless, in the end, all anabolic and androgenic steroids increase the risks of acne. That’s why bodybuilders attempt to use Accutane to prevent or deal with acne. Especially since those who use anabolic steroids, mostly use them to look good. It applies to bodybuilders, models, physique competitors, and many other athletes.

In the end, you have to consider the steroids, whether or not you are genetically prone to acne, and so on and so forth.

Anyway, Accutane dosages among bodybuilders are generally much lower than dosages for the general public who are getting Isotretinoin as prescription drugs.

  • Most steroid users run it once a day in a dosage of 10-20 mg/day for 6-8 weeks. Or only as long as the steroid cycle lengths. Very rarely longer or in higher doses.
  • Physicians, however, prescribe doses of 50-150 mg/day to people with acne. That’s why the chances of side effects are much lower among bodybuilders and steroid users. Use the entire daily dosage with a large meal.


Accutane Side Effects

Most side effects from Accutane (Isotretinoin) are directly related to the dosage. So, watch out for the dosage you use. That’s because higher doses can result in vitamin A toxicity.

Most Accutane side effects disappear quickly after you stop the use. Nonetheless, some side effects can be permanent. The permanent effects, however, are not a problem for bodybuilders. That’s because studies suggest Isotretinoin may stop long bone growth in young people who are still growing. This may result in stunt growth. Nonetheless, bodybuilders usually stopped growing long before they started the use of steroids.

Other side effects are related to sexual issues, skin issues, psychological effects, vision issues, and gastrointestinal effects too.

Some studies suggest that Isotretinoin could lead to reduced libido and erectile dysfunction. Then again, that’s rarely a problem with bodybuilders who usually have solutions on hand.

Skin issues are those related to dry lips, skin, and nose. Nonetheless, dry lips is also a sign that the product works as almost everyone suffers from this side effect using Accutane.

Psychological side effects may appear too, but then again, that’s rarely a problem among bodybuilders.

Some people report dry eyes which is a common effect among Accutane users. Some suggest that this may lead to some vision issues like decreased night vision, blurred vision, and others – but that’s very rarely.

Diarrhea, nausea, and abdominal pain are sometimes side effects of Accutane, but using it with a large meal is very likely to help you avoid this issue.

Pregnant women should not use Isotretinoin because of the high risks of causing birth defects. Obviously, bodybuilders have no such issues, yet women should be aware of it.

  • Other side effects are possible too as this is not the full list but it got you covered with most of them.

Buy Accutane For Sale

Accutane is an awesome compound when it comes to dealing with acne. It’s actually one of the best anti-acne solutions in existence. If you’re having acne that you can’t treat for a while then Accutane can be an awesome solution. 

Roaccutane-10mg-1However, it’s usually the last solution because of the possible side effects. So I recommend starting with natural remedies and trying everything you can to clear acne. If you did and nothing helps, then you could try Accutane. Just use it carefully if you’re using it for preventing or dealing with acne as a result of using anabolic steroids.

Moreover, make sure you get the best possible quality of Isotretinoin in order to ensure it’s going to be helpful and won’t cause nasty side effects. Make sure you use it correctly too.

  • In whatever the case, at you can buy Accutane for sale including numerous other ancillaries that you may need during the cycle of anabolic steroids. You can buy here everything you need for a steroid cycle. We could also help you with information and everything else that you need in regards to AAS.


Cutting Cycle Diet and Train Plan

If you’re aiming to lose weight and fat then cutting cycles is what can help you best. Cutting is an extremely popular workout technique specifically because it allows you to burn excess fat and maintain lean muscle tissues.

This is a fat loss phase that bodybuilders and fitness lovers use to get their muscles visible. They attempt to lose as much fat as possible and maintain muscles as much as possible. Usually, people undergo a cutting technique after a bulking one when they grow muscle mass as much as possible, but it usually involves gaining some fat too. Cutting, on the other hand, aims to maintain that muscle you gained during the bulk cycle, and burn extra fat.

  • That’s why many bodybuilders start cutting a few months prior to a major event. Fitness enthusiasts usually do it in the summer to get as lean as possible.

Cytomel-T3-BeligasA cutting cycle involves a weight loss diet and a different training program than the one you usually go for in a bulking cycle. Without a proper diet and workout plan, you risk losing muscles, or not going through a really effective fat loss phase.


You may plan to use anabolic steroids that could greatly assist you in your cutting cycle. They actually do a great job. They aid you to maintain lean muscle tissue, offer energy that often users lack during a cutting cycle (due to receiving fewer calories than their body requires), and make everything in the body work harder allowing you to burn fat easier and faster. Nonetheless, using anabolic steroids without a proper cutting plan isn’t a good idea. They help you reach these goals, but you can’t use steroids without a cutting plan and expect to achieve your body dream goals.

I’m going to share some basics about following a cutting diet and training plan.

Bulking vs Cutting

Before we continue, you should be aware of the differences between bulking and cutting so you would know where to start. Some people may need to start with a cutting plan, others with a bulking plan. It highly depends on 2 main factors (including others): your goals and body fat percentage.

For example, I highly recommend people with a high amount of fat start with a cutting cycle in order to burn off excess fat and then aim at growing lean muscle tissues. By the way, it’s a myth that fat transforms into muscles. Their compositions are extremely different. On the other hand, if you’re fairly skinny, then a bulking plan is a much better option for you.

Based on this, you are likely to follow the same goals.

Go for cutting if you aim to lose fat whilst maintaining muscles.
But go for bulking if you aim to gain as much muscle, strength, weight, and size as possible. Cutting Cycle Diet and Train Plan vs bulking

Both these workout techniques require you to get enough sleep (7-9 hours a day) and a clean, healthy diet (calculating macros). Both require you to train intensively and be consistent. With both cutting and bulking cycles, you need to listen to your body because people are all different with different responses. Moreover, start slowly and gradually get to the next level.

However, there’s still a huge difference between them. You need a different diet plan. During a cutting, you need less calories and different macronutrients (less fat and carbohydrates). Also, you do need to follow a different training plan. For example, you usually have less weight training with less heavy weights, instead, you have less rest time between sets and exercises with overall much more cardio exercises in order to keep your heart beat up.

Cutting Diet Plan

Let’s talk about the diet that you need to follow during a cutting cycle and then we’ll get into the training part.

As said, the cutting diet is different from the bulking one and this is the biggest difference between the two training techniques. While bulking you consume more calories than your body requires, on a cutting you should consume less.

Remember that you need a cutting diet in order to cut fat while you maintain muscle mass. That’s why I don’t recommend a drastic decrease in the calories you consume. You risk losing muscles alongside fat. At the same time, you should make sure you still consume fewer calories than your body needs as it’s the only way to lose weight and fat.

  • PS: The main difference between weight loss and cutting diet is that during weight loss you don’t really care about muscle maintenance. That’s why it usually involves fewer calories and less weightlifting training. Cutting cycles requires less weight and strength lifting than bulking, but still need more than weight loss diets. Moreover, you also need more protein and carbs during a cutting than in a weight loss diet in an attempt to keep the lean muscles.

Do not assume that you shouldn’t lift weights regularly during a cutting cycle. You risk losing muscles during a calorie deficit diet.

By the way, a cutting cycle usually lasts anywhere between 1 and 4 months. It depends on various factors such as your goals, how lean you are before starting, your response, etc. Mostly, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts run their cutting cycle prior to an event in order to get leaner with muscle definition.

Cutting Cycle Diet and Train Plan bodybuilder

How to do a Cutting Diet

A cutting diet plan is created on an individual basis based on various factors such as preferences, goals, gender, age, health conditions, etc. Nonetheless, there are some basic rules that everyone needs to follow in order to even call it a “diet” plan.

The main difference between the cutting and bulking plans is in the calories that you’re consuming. You need more calories than the maintenance calories your body needs to survive for bulking. However, fat loss only occurs when you’re constantly consuming fewer calories than your body needs.

You should pay attention to the macronutrients that you eat too as they have slightly different ratios from the macronutrients on a bulking cycle.

Calculate the Calories you Consume

Determine the calories that you need and by eating less you would start to lose the excess of fat. The total number of calories that you need to eat a day depends mainly on your:

Lifestyle (Exercise Level)

Based on those, you could determine the maintenance calories (the calories you need per day in order to maintain your current weight). You could also use a calorie calculator online.

You would need fewer calories to lose fat. Using the exact same amount or even more won’t allow you to lose the extra fat. However, consuming too little calories (way below maintenance calories) your body would take its energy needs from muscles. Hence, you’ll start losing muscles too.

I recommend everyone to keep their calories around 10-30% under the maintenance for cutting. Same 10-30% rule should go for bulking, above the maintenance. When you’re bulking, consuming even more calories would add too much fat.

Assuming you need around 2,500 calories as maintenance, you’ll need to eat no more than 2,250 calories a day for cutting cycles. But don’t attempt consuming less than 1,750 calories a day in order to avoid muscle loss.

Cutting Cycle Diet and Train Plan results

Determine your Macronutrients

Now, you would need to pay attention to what exactly you’re eating in order to fulfill the macronutrients. If you attempt eating junk food (processed food and fast food) but still try to stay within the calories range you would still have a bad time.

That’s because you may not get the nutrients that you need. Plus, junk food offers no vitamins and minerals that you need. So, following a clean and healthy diet is imperative. Add a lot of vegetables to your diet!

So, the macronutrients that I was talking about are: fats (9 calories per gram), carbohydrates and proteins (4 calories per gram each). Assuming that you follow the 2000 calories dieting plan for losing weight (during a cutting), then out of 2,000 calories (100%), you need around 10-20% fats, 30-50% carbs, and 30-60% protein.

Following this, you can determine the amount of protein, fats and carbs that you need during a cutting cycle. The ratios are a bit different during a bulking diet as you may eat a bit more fats and carbohydrates.

You are going to need around 1 gram of protein per lbs of bodyweight (2.2 grams of protein per kg of bodyweight).

So, if you’re a 160 pound man (72 kg) then you would need around 160 g of protein x 4 calories = 640 calories. Assuming that you’re on a 2,000 calories cutting diet and you eat 15-30% of fat then that’s 33-67 grams of fat per day (33-67×9 = 297-603 calories). Let’s assume 60 grams of fat x9 calories = 540 calories. So, you have 540 calories from fat, 640 calories from proteins. You’re left with 1180 calories that you should get from carbohydrates.

This is just an example of a cutting diet plan.

Cutting Exercise Plan

Cutting Cycle Train Plan

During a cutting, you shouldn’t try to break personal records. It’s a time that your body is deprived of calories so you may notice reduced energy and strength. While anabolic steroids that you add during a cutting cycle greatly helps, you would still perform much better with heavy weights during a bulking cycle.

So, during a cutting you still need strength and weight training in order to avoid muscle loss. But usually, the weights are lower. Moreover, you need resistance exercises that help maintain muscle mass during a calorie deficit. Continue with your strength training, but do not expect gains considering you eat less calories than your body burns.

  • You may reduce the weights and the frequency of strength/weight training during a cutting cycle in comparison to a bulking cycle. Nonetheless, still follow one.

Instead, you should mostly focus on those exercises that increase your heart rate. Those are exercises that help you burn a significant amount of calories. And that’s what you aim for during a cutting cycle – to burn calories that allows you to burn excess fat.

Change your training routine from the bulking cycle for making it more active that allows you to keep your heart rate increased. So, you’re reducing the weights but you also reduce the rest times and you could also use some super sets that could greatly help.

Overall, focus on cardio exercises that could greatly help. Also, an excellent way to burn calories in a short period is HIIT workouts (high intensity interval training). Try to increase your overall activity level such as more walking, cycling, etc. even when you’re not working out.


It’s imperative to follow a good cutting lifestyle (technique) even if you’re using anabolic steroids. We, at can help you determine the best anabolic steroids for your cutting cycle, but you should workout properly and follow a good diet plan. Remember that you’ve got to rest and get enough sleep too!

We can also help you to receive your best quality anabolic steroids for sale. While running them properly and properly following a cutting plan, you’re sure to achieve your goals.



Check below some more helpful tips for your cutting plan:

  • Go for foods rich in fiber. Those foods that offer a lot of fiber (like some specific vegetables) help you burn fat and contain more nutrients that help you stay fuller for longer periods.
  • Drink a lot of water. It’s essential for you to stay hydrated for speeding your metabolism and aiding fat loss.
  • Avoid unhealthy foods. It goes without saying that it’s very important to do so. When tempting, allow yourself one day every 2 weeks (or no more often than weekly) when you eat more calories with “less healthy” foods.
  • Avoid liquid carbs. A lot of people don’t even think of how much calories and carbs beverages can contain. They also increase the level of hunger too. Avoid them.
  • More cardio. You should go for more cardio than when you’re bulking. Go for high intensity cardio and aerobic exercise.
  • Weight lifting. While you may not lift as heavy weights and not as often, it’s still very important to continue weight lifting to avoid muscle loss.
  • Steroids help. Anabolic steroids are a great source of energy with fat burning abilities and muscle maintenance. However, make sure you run them properly to avoid side effects.

Arimidex Side Effects

Arimidex, exactly like any other drug, is capable of causing side effects. The severity, intensity, and overall occurrence of Arimidex side effects greatly depend on the dosage and personal response to this drug.

If you’re using anabolic steroids you already know what Arimidex is. Or at least, you definitely should. I always recommend everyone to have testosterone in their steroid cycles. But testosterone is a steroid that aromatizes into estrogen. That’s why I always recommend my clients to have Arimidex handy. You need to use it whenever high estrogen symptoms appear.

But before you actually use Arimidex (or any other product) I highly recommend learning about it first. You should know what to expect from using Arimidex, including its side effects too. I’m going to share below some of the most common side effects that it may cause. Will also include mild side effects and severe side effects of Arimidex.

But before I continue, I need to warn you to first learn about Arimidex in general. Arimidex is the brand name (the most popular one among many others) but the active substance is Anastrozole. This is an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI), thus an anti-estrogen drug. It reduces serum estrogen levels by binding to aromatase enzymes, not allowing aromatization (the process of testosterone turning into estrogen).

Side effects of Arimidex greatly depend on the dosage, age, other health conditions, other medications, and so on and so forth. They are very different from one person to another.


Estrogen and Arimidex

As said, Arimidex (Anastrozole) reduces estrogen levels. This is a vital hormone for men. It’s also an important hormone for growing muscle mass. Administering too much or too high doses of Arimidex, your estrogen levels go too low. Without normal levels of estrogen, you start to experience some negative symptoms. Pretty much as you do when you get too high levels of estrogen.arimidex-1mg-astrazeneca-1

  • So, the point is to keep estrogen within the normal range. For bodybuilders, the levels of estradiol (estrogen) anywhere between 20-40 picogram/ml (pg/ml) are perfect.

You shouldn’t allow aromatizing steroids to increase estrogen too much leading to high estrogen symptoms. But you shouldn’t administer too high doses of Arimidex (or other AIs) that would lead to low estrogen symptoms.

Therefore, it is evident that Arimidex side effects are strongly related to low estrogen symptoms. This is usually a result of too high Arimidex (Anastrozole) doses.


Mild Arimidex Side Effects

Here are some mild side effects of Arimidex that people report:

  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Hot flashes
  • Joint/back pain
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Insomnia
  • Low libido
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Decreased strength

The list goes on but these are the most common. If you experience one or multiple of these side effects, there’s a chance you’re crushing too much E2 (estrogen). Usually, side effects go away within a few days or a couple of weeks after stopping the use of the drug.

Serious Arimidex Side Effects

Serious side effects from using Arimidex (Anastrozole) can occur too. However, they are very rare and mostly occur if you overdose on Arimidex, use it for way too long, have an allergic reaction to it, or have pre existing health conditions that Arimidex may make them worse.

Some serious side effects that we can report are:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Heart disease
  • Allergic reaction (common allergic reactions which may be mild or severe)
  • Liver issues
  • Blood clots
  • High cholesterol issues

The Takeaway

The good news is that bodybuilders very rarely report any side effects from using Arimidex. As long as they don’t abuse it. First, they need only small doses for controlling estrogen and second, they don’t need too high doses.arimidex-beligas-1

  • I recommend you to start with a very low dosage of Arimidex (Anastrozole) of around 0.5 mg up to 1 mg maximum only when you notice high estrogen symptoms during the cycle of aromatizing steroids.
  • Common high estrogen symptoms are water retention, erectile dysfunction, gynecomastia, and others. I suggest you learn about them too.
  • Keep estrogen within range, don’t let it go too high or too low. Start slowly and don’t increase without the need to actually do so. Listen to your body symptoms or best – go for blood work.

Aromatization level is very different from one person to another. Some might need Arimidex 1 mg EOD while on 300 mg/week of Testosterone. Others don’t need to use Arimidex at all while on 600 mg/week of Testosterone. If the second group of people would use Arimidex 1 mg EOD, they would definitely develop side effects.


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