Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)

Here you would find everything that you need about Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). Whether you’re planning to use it or simply want to find out more information about HCG – check the article below.

hcg-5000-odin-pharmaHuman Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a polypeptide hormone and people call it by the nickname “pregnancy hormone” because it’s an extremely important female hormone during pregnancy. It’s also the hormone that pregnancy tests track for. After conception, the levels of hCG increase and if there are traces of it on the test, the indicator of pregnancy shows positive. After 2-3 months into the pregnancy, the levels of HCG start to slowly decline until the woman gives birth. However, this hormone is also present in males body too. Although not as much as in women’s.


Scientists found ways to create synthetic HCG and people can use it by injections (the only way to administer HCG). HCG injections are approved by the FDA to treat some medical conditions both in men and women. Women mostly get HCG injections for treating infertility while men get a prescription of HCG for treating hypogonadism as well as to help improve sexual function and sperm load.

However, hCG is very popular in bodybuilding settings as well. We are going to share the most important things that you need to know about HCG in bodybuilding here. So, if you are unaware of why you might need HCG or plan to use it, better read it carefully.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) in Bodybuilding Settings

Human-Chorionic-Gonadotropin-HCG-bodybuilding-role   People in the fitness industry who are using anabolic and androgenic steroids (AAS) have found that Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) can be helpful for their needs. They mostly use this compound in an attempt to reduce the side effects and possible damage from anabolic steroids.

So, you can use it either to prevent or to counteract some negative adverse effects of anabolic steroids such as testosterone. This is the reason why HCG is in our PCT category of drugs, despite the fact that I wouldn’t really recommend using it in Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). We’ll get into it later.

When you administer HCG, it works by mimicking the effects of Luteinizing Hormone (LH) in the body. As a result, you stimulate the Leydig cells (testes). That’s how it helps your testicles to start growing when you’re using Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. As a result, your testosterone levels increase so does your sperm count. This is the reason why HCG is helpful for anabolic steroid users.

For example, it’s well known that when you use steroids (like for example testosterone alone or with other steroids), your testicles (balls) shrink. It’s because your body (testes) doesn’t produce testosterone anymore. This may reduce testicle size, and negatively affect sperm load and fertility (decreasing them).

Not all people using testosterone (and other anabolic steroids) experience such side effects. However, for those who do notice testicle shrinkage and/or decreased sperm count – HCG can greatly help you. People add it in their anabolic steroid cycle to keep testicles plump as a preventative measure, or as a treatment (after already noticing shrinkage). Moreover, it could also help to come off a steroid cycle because it increases testosterone levels (theoretically, in a natural way).

Why I Don’t Recommend HCG During PCT? And HCG Side Effects

HCG is still slightly suppressive to actual natural testosterone production in men, after all, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is still a hormone. That’s because this compound slowly starts to desensitize your pituitary glands gradually. It occurs as a result of mimicking the Luteinizing Hormone (LH).

This is the reason why you shouldn’t ever abuse it by taking too high dosages and/or using it for too long periods. This is also one of the reasons why using it during Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) isn’t a good idea. If you want your HPTA (Hypothalamus Pituitary Testes Axis) to fully recover properly. Being actually natural.

Another possible side effect and the next reason why using it during PCT isn’t a good idea – the ability of HCG to increase estrogen levels. During PCT, you need to avoid high estrogen levels and that’s why HCG isn’t the best option. Some people still add it during PCT though, in an attempt to “remember” their testicles they have a job to do. HCG increases LH and this results in stimulating Leydig cells. Therefore, you get a spike in testosterone levels. Needless to mention that this would lead to an increase in aromatization into estrogen.

High estrogen symptoms include: water retention, male breast enlargement, erection issues, and others. People who add HCG during their PCT generally need an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) such as Aromasin (Exemestane). HCG during the cycle would still increase estrogen, however, that’s rarely a problem due to HCG itself considering that you already have high Testosterone levels (thus, likely high estrogen levels) from the use of testosterone with possibly other aromatizing steroids.


Other Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Side Effects

Remember that this is a compound that has no other way of administration except for injections. Therefore, as with any other compound that you inject, there are possible injection site issues. Such as redness, pain, and inflammation at the injection site.

Moreover, like anything in this world, some people are developing allergic reactions to it or they are hypersensitive to it. Allergies and hypersensitivity, however, is a very rare occurrences. But still possible. It could manifest from mild skin rashes up to severe anaphylactic reactions.

Other side effects: stomach pain, nausea, fatigue, vomiting, or dizziness. In very rare situations, it could lead to edema, depression, irritability, or blood clots forming. With proper use and without allergies/hyper reactions – serious side effects are unlikely.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Dosage

For Medical Reasons

First off – if you get HCG prescribed for hypogonadism or whatever other health condition, you could buy it from our site in an attempt to save money. However, I recommend you to use it exactly as your doctor recommends you to use it.

No doctor would prescribe it for anabolic steroid use though.

How to Use HCG?


Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) usually comes in 5,000 IU ampules. Most commonly, you’ll get it as a powdery substance of white color. You need to reconstitute this powder with bacteriostatic water. There are other solutions to reconstitute it with such as sodium chloride and others, but the most popular is bac water. It comes as a powder so it would last longer. After reconstitution, the mixture won’t last long – about 30-60 days. Moreover, you need to store the mixture in the refrigerator (unlike powder that shouldn’t be stored in the refrigerator).

If you don’t know how to measure the IU = it depends on how much bacteriostatic water you use for reconstitution. For example, if you’re mixing the entire HCG vial and it contains 5,000 IU with 10 ml of bacteriostatic water, then each ml (cc) you inject would offer 500 IU. If you mix the entire HCG vial (of 5,000 IU) with 20 ml of bacteriostatic water then each ml (cc) would offer 250 IU. I guess you got the point.

You need to inject this solution subcutaneously (SubQ). Therefore, you’ll most often use an insulin needle. Most commonly, subQ injections go into stomach fat.

HCG Dosage for Bodybuilding

Typical hCG dosage varies anywhere between 250 IU and up to 3,000 IU per week. Most people use it anywhere between 1 and 3 times per week. Either once weekly, twice weekly, or 3 times a week. Follow the same schedule, such as the same day(s) of injection to maintain stable levels of hCG. So, you use as low as 250 IU per injection once a week, or as much as 1,000 per injection 3 times a week.

Most common dosage – 500 IU 2 times per week.

As said, I don’t really recommend using HCG during PCT because of the suppression of the pituitary gland and because of the estrogen increase risks. Some people still use it so I recommend you to have Aromatase Inhibitors handy if you do.

Most people use it during the cycle. Either to prevent testicle shrinkage or sperm decrease; or to treat them.

  • A common plan is: 250-500 IU 1-2 times a week during the steroid cycle. Then 500-1000 IU 2-3 times a week for the last 1-3 weeks of the cycle. Some use it for only 2 weeks in general. Others use it in the off time in between cycle and PCT plan.

When exactly to use it, how often and the exact hCG dosage depends entirely on your needs, how you react to it, steroid dosages, symptoms, and many other factors.


HCG Diet

Some people run hCG in an attempt to lose weight. Those people follow a special diet and use HCG injections. Therefore, those people use HCG for weight loss.

The HCG diet is when a person uses an injection to boost the efficacy of the low calorie diet they’re on. But the calorie restriction is extremely low – up to 500 calories per day. Such a diet can help lose weight inevitably, considering the very low calorie intake. However, I wouldn’t recommend you run this plan because such restrictive diets with so low calories can lead to side effects.

Moreover, HCG itself won’t be as helpful in the weight loss process as it’s the fact that you’re actually undereating.

My Experience with HCG

To be honest, I don’t really love HCG. It sounds like an awesome compound that can greatly help reverse some damage from anabolic steroids. And that’s actually true. But only for some people, but not for me. I’ve seen and heard a lot of guys having a lot of success with HCG, but then again, not for me.

Most people need HCG by the way, only when they use high doses of anabolic steroids and/or long cycle lengths. That’s why HCG is not for everyone. First off – not everyone gets their testicles smaller and not everyone tolerated it very well. Remember that it comes with side effects.

I still use it whenever I’m on high doses and using longer cycles. However, I try to limit the HCG. Limit hCG dosage and only for a limited period. Never use it during PCT though.

I add herbs and natural methods as well as use natural detoxifiers, vitamins, and minerals – all of which help you go through a better cycle and get through a better and faster recovery throughout a PCT protocol. But if it works for you – go for it.

Especially considering that HCG is actually not expensive at all. It would cost you from only around $30 for the entire 5,000 IU vial.

In The End

HCG is a popular compound among steroid users. If you notice your testicles getting smaller during the cycle and/or you’re worried about getting sperm load decreased then Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is surely a compound for you. Remember that it’s not an all safe compound, but it can greatly help prevent or recover some of the damages done by anabolic steroids. Especially considering its low price.

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Dianabol Cycle

We all know how immensely helpful it is to cycle anabolic steroids in terms of growing muscle mass. And a Dianabol cycle is by far among the most popular steroid cycles among bodybuilders and athletes. Dbol is an ideal steroid for those who want to pack on muscle mass and strength. That’s why it is so popular in the first place.

While it remains relatively safe, a Dianabol cycle can help beginners pack on up to 25 lbs on their first cycle! Dbol is also the steroid that helped Arnold Schwarzenegger win the Mr. Olympia championship 7 times! It’s the steroid that most IFBB Pros use and most bodybuilding legends (if not all) use it at some point in their lives.

  • Dianabol (Methandrostenolone or Methandienone) is perhaps the most popular orally active steroid in the steroid world. It’s so popular that there’s a high chance some people in your local bodybuilding gym probably run a Dianabol cycle. Or at least, experimented with it.

It’s hard to imagine a better steroid when it comes to building a massive amount of muscles and gaining lots of strength fast. The only exception is Anadrol (Oxymetholone), however, Anadrol is much harsher in terms of side effects. That’s why Dianabol remains more popular.

How to Take Dianabol?

dianabol-20-methandienone-odin-pharmaDianabol is an orally active steroid that you need to swallow. It comes as pills. There is an injection version of Dianabol, but it’s very unpopular without advantages over pills. Due to a short half-life of 3-6 hours, you need to administer pills 2-4 times a day. It means that you split the total daily dosage into 2-4 even doses and use them every 4-6 hours throughout the day. This would ensure maximum stable blood levels and optimal results.

However, since it’s an oral steroid, it’s also C17 alpha alkylated. This means that you need to protect your liver. That’s why I highly recommend taking Dianabol alongside liver protection supplements.


Taking Dianabol on an empty stomach is going to provide the best absorption rate. Therefore, you’re taking the absolute maximum of the dosage that you’re administering without wasting it. However, if you experience some stomach issues, you could take it around your meal times.

  • It’s also important to remember that the Dianabol cycle is not as effective when you run it alone. I would recommend stacking it with testosterone. More experienced people stack it with testosterone and other bulking steroids during the cycle.

Dbol is a very aromatizing steroid. That’s why you need to prepare Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) during the cycle in case you notice high estrogen symptoms. It’s common to notice estrogen related side effects during a Dianabol cycle.

Dianabol Dosage


Dianabol is a powerful steroid meaning that you can cycle it in lower doses and it’s still going to be effective. Beginners report excellent results at a dosage of only 15-20 mg per day. But most common Dianabol dosages are higher, anywhere between 30 mg and 60 mg per day. Rarely does someone choose to run doses higher than 60 mg per day, but if someone does – those are experienced professionals. Only if you previously had Dianabol cycles and you know what to expect, you can increase over this dosage. Up to a maximum of 80-100 mg/day.

So, beginners run Dbol at 15-30 mg/day. Intermediate users in 30-50 mg/day. Professionals run 50-80 mg/day.

  • PS: you should also take into consideration the number of other steroids you stack with Dianabol during the cycle. As well as their dosages.

Dianabol Cycle Length

Some people suggest that the Dianabol cycle length can be up to 8 weeks, however, I wouldn’t recommend running it for 6 straight weeks. It has liver toxicity issues. So, using it for any longer than 6 weeks is likely to cause hepatotoxic issues.

6 weeks is the most common Dianabol cycle length. Beginners may opt for 4 weeks.

  • PS: due to risks associated with Dbol use and due to the availability of other safer steroids, women shouldn’t run Dianabol cycles.

Why Cycle with Dianabol?

Dianabol serves as a perfect steroid to kick start your bulking cycle. While other long lasting injectable steroids take a while to kick in and offer some results, Dianabol would start working instantly. So, it’s perfect for kickstarting the cycle – the main reason why people use Dbol.

However, another extremely popular reason why Dianabol is such a popular steroid – breaking the plateau of gains. Since it’s such an effective compound, you can effectively break through a plateau in muscle mass gains.

Dianabol cycle would help users rapidly gain muscles and strength.

However, it’s not very wise to cycle Dianabol with oral steroids or those that are C17 alpha alkylated. This would put more stress on your liver. It’s also not wise to run a Dianabol cycle for cutting needs. Due to its high aromatization liability, although it helps to burn fat, won’t be really effective for a cutting. Instead, a bulking Dianabol cycle is great!


Dianabol Only Cycle

As mentioned earlier, I wouldn’t recommend running a Dbol only cycle. It suppresses testosterone levels and you need at least a bare minimum of T levels to enhance the overall cycle effectiveness. So, stacking it with testosterone is going to offer the best results. Experienced people usually stack Dbol with other bulking steroids too, such as Deca Durabolin. So, Dianabol is almost always used in cycles with other anabolic steroids. Injectable steroids that are not hepatotoxic. While those injectable bulking steroids build up in your system, Dbol would start working faster.

  • Yet, some people still go for it. In fact, only inexperienced and beginners go for it. They run 15-30 mg/day for 4-6 weeks alongside liver protection supplements. PCT 1-2 days after the last dosage.

Beginner Dianabol Cycle

Beginners run a Dianabol cycle in an attempt to gain strength and grow muscles and more often than not, they have huge success. Usually, they run Dbol with Testosterone for keeping testosterone levels high and for more bulking success.

Usually, those who previously used Testosterone run Dianabol at the beginning of the cycle, the first 6 weeks. If that’s your absolute first ever steroid cycle, I would recommend Testosterone without Dianabol. If you’re impatient – add Dbol at the end of the Testosterone cycle (it would work as a plateau breaker) after you get a feeling of how testosterone works for you. A beginner Dianabol cycle is very simple, yet highly effective.

  • Week 1-12: 500 mg per week of Testosterone Enanthate and (first or last, depending on experience) 6 weeks with Dianabol 20-30 mg per day.
  • Start PCT from week 15 (usually, 4 weeks PCT), and don’t forget you’re very likely to need Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs). Run on cycle support supplements (at very least liver protection, at very least during the use of Dbol).


Intermediate Dianabol Cycle

Intermediate users are people who already know how Dianabol works for them. They also had a few different steroid cycles under their belt. Most commonly, these people search for serious muscle mass growth during their bulking cycle. That’s why it usually involved higher doses of Dianabol, Testosterone and stacked with Deca Durabolin.

  • Week 1-16 Testosterone Enanthate or Cypionate 600 mg per week. Deca Durabolin for the first 14-15 weeks in a dosage of 400 mg per week. You stop Deca 1-2 weeks prior to stopping Testosterone because Deca is longer based steroid, you need to make sure it’s out of the system when you start your PCT. Dianabol, again, the first 6 weeks. You can increase the dosage up to about 50 mg/day.
  • PCT starts at week 18. Again, you’re going to need on cycle supplements and are very likely to require Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) to control estrogen.


Advanced Dianabol Cycle

Most people do not need anything harsher past the Intermediate Dianabol Cycle. Nonetheless, there are still some professionals with years of experience and lots of steroid cycles under their belt. They require a serious bulking cycle to gain as much muscles as possible. I need to warn you that this cycle is very harsh – I do not recommend it to people without experience. It’s very helpful to grow muscles, but the risks of side effects greatly increase!

  • Week 1-14: Testosterone Enanthate or Cypionate 1,000 mg/week with 600 mg/week of Deca Durabolin. Usually, these people are cruising (no PCT) so they don’t need to stop Deca sooner than Testosterone. You do, however, if you are not planning to cruise and run a PCT after a cycle. For the first 8 weeks, they run Trenbolone Acetate – a very powerful anabolic steroid. The first 6 weeks: Dianabol in dosage of 50-70 mg/day. They also stack it with 4 IU a day of Human Growth Hormone. You start with HGH from day 1 and stop it when you stop the PCT (or at least 16 weeks).
  • For this plan, you’re obviously going to need Aromatase Inhibitors and on cycle supplements. However, you would also need Cabergoline. This is a compound that helps lower prolactin. Prolactin is a hormone that can increase as a result of using Trenbolone or Nandrolone. Since you have both of them in your cycle, in pretty high dosages, you’re likely to need to control prolactin levels as well.


In The End

methandionex-dianabol-euro-pharmaciesKeep in mind that these are just examples of Dianabol cycles. They can be so different.

You’ll need the best quality of Methandrostenolone for the best results during the Dianabol cycle. On our website – you can buy Dianabol for sale from the best manufacturers. You make sure to buy the purest steroid for the cheapest prices on the market.


Turinabol Cycle

Anyone searching for effective yet safe in terms of side effects anabolic steroid cycles, would really love a Turinabol cycle. That’s because Tbol is one of the safest oral steroids, that is easy to administer and helpful for physique and performance enhancement purposes. Turinabol is an awesome steroid that is helpful both for beginners and professionals. Additionally, both men and women can run a Turinabol cycle as well.

Here you’re going to find different Turinabol cycle examples. Remember though – those are only examples. Dosages and cycle lengths of each steroid (including Tbol) can and should be adjusted according to your own needs, experience, response, etc.

Turinabol Facts

Apto-Turinabol-BeligasIt’s important to know before you start a Turinabol cycle that this anabolic steroid is not going to help you grow immense amounts of muscle mass. As other anabolic steroids would. Although Tbol is derived from Dbol – it’s very different.

Dianabol is an oral steroid for bulking cycles. But Turinabol is mostly an oral steroid for fat loss and cutting cycles. It’s important to know this information before you actually start a cycle with Tbol.


Moreover, Turinabol (Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone) has a rather long half-life compared to most other oral steroids. Half life is 16 hours. That’s why once a day administration during the Turinabol cycle is enough. Take the entire daily dosage at the same time of the day, daily. Some may want to split. There’s no point in splitting into more than 2 doses throughout the day (like every 12 hours or so).

Turinabol Dosage mostly depends on your level of experience. For example, it ranges between 15-30 mg/day for first timers who never had a Turinabol cycle in the past. Turinabol dosage increases for people who had experience – it is usually between 30 mg and 50 mg a day for intermediate users. Lastly, professionals can increase the dosage, up to 80 mg a day (sometimes even higher). However, such Turinabol doses are only for people with great experience and enough Turinabol cycles under their belt. Women who want to use Turinabol shouldn’t ever get over 10 mg/day. Anything past this dosage greatly increases the risks of virilization side effects.

Also, the Turinabol cycle length is 4-6 weeks for women. Men can run a Turinabol cycle for 4-8 weeks. Using it any longer is not a good idea because of the possible negative side effects.


What Else To Know About Tbol?


Turinabol cycles are offering the best results when you stack it alongside other anabolic steroids during the cycle. This steroid has an amazing synergistic effect with Testosterone as well as with other similar androgen hormones that are getting more effective as a result of inhibited SHBG. Turinabol inhibits SHBG and that’s what makes other steroids work even better.

SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) is a type of protein that binds to testosterone and makes it “inactive”. That’s why the testosterone that binds to SHBG is unable to do its job. However, Turinabol binds to SHBG very efficiently. That’s why more testosterone can circulate through the body allowing for a more anabolic environment and overall better muscle building effects.

This is the main reason why, despite Turinabol’s low anabolic and androgenic ratings, it’s a great steroid to add during the steroid cycles. You can use Tbol in low dosages alongside other steroids. While Turinabol itself won’t do a great job for muscle building, it helps other compounds to work more efficiently. It binds to SHBG. That’s great because other steroids that would have bound to SHBG make them useless. Because of the Tbol’s bound, steroids become more effective.

But then again, Turinabol has a very weak anabolic rating. That’s why it’s not a good option for bulking and mass gaining purposes. Especially considering there are other options that are much better for such needs.

So, Turinabol cycles are mostly for pre-contest, fat loss, and cutting needs. It preserves lean muscles during caloric deficit phases. So, I would recommend everyone to run Oral Turinabol cycles specifically for cutting needs. It’s a better option for cutting and when stacked together with other compounds, rather than a Turinabol only cycle.

Turinabol Only Cycle

Because of the reasons I mentioned earlier, Turinabol only cycle is not a good idea. It keeps SHBG from binding to other anabolic steroids making them more efficient. When you don’t add other steroids – you don’t benefit from this effect.

In addition, Tbol is very mild. A standalone cycle isn’t likely to offer desired results.

This is why Turinabol only cycle is very rare. Usually, only beginners or women use such cycles.

For men: 15-30 mg/day for 6-8 weeks. For women: 5-10 mg/day for 4-6 weeks.

Beginner Turinabol Cycle

Example of a beginner Turinabol cycle:

  • Week 1-12: Testosterone Enanthate at 300 mg per week. (Split dosage into 2 even halves throughout the week evenly apart).
  • Week 1-8: Turinabol 30 mg per day. (Once a day, every day, at the same time of the day. Or split throughout the day into 2 even halves, every 12 hours).

This is a fairly basic type of Turinabol cycle and here, Tbol works as a “booster” for Testosterone and as a “kickstarter” of the cycle. Therefore, the user is likely to experience faster results and greater effects because of more free testosterone in the bloodstream (since Tbol binds to SHBG).

Remember though – testosterone enanthate is a long ester version. This means that it requires some time until the levels would greatly increase and allow users to yield some gains. Usually, it starts at about 3-4 weeks into the cycle. Turinabol, however, helps provide steady lean muscle mass gains during the time that blood plasma level of testosterone slowly increases. But since Tbol binds to SHBG, the overall anabolism level greatly increases when you stack it with Testosterone.


Intermediate Turinabol Cycle

Example of intermediate Turinabol cycle:

  • Week 1-12: Testosterone Cypionate at 500 mg/week (split dosage) and Equipoise at 400 mg/week (once a week or split dosage).
  • Week 1-8: Turinabol 50 mg per day (once a day or split dosage)

This is a more serious Turinabol cycle with a higher dosage allowing for an even more anabolic effect. Especially considering that you have increased Testosterone dosage and added Boldenone Undecylenate (Equipoise) which has an even higher anabolic activity.

The two injectable steroids (Test Cyp and EQ) are long versions of anabolic steroids – they need long cycle lengths to become effective. People who use Test Cyp and EQ usually won’t see any dramatic benefits and effects until week 4-6 of the cycle. That’s why Tbol works as a kickstarter as well. With a higher dosage, you can notice steady lean muscle mass gains.

Overall, you can expect a great cycle for lean muscle mass gains. Equipoise, although aromatizes, it’s not very aromatizable (not as much as Testosterone) and Turinabol doesn’t aromatize at all. So, EQ and Testosterone can greatly help improve the quality of strength and size of gains, while 50 mg/day of Turinabol would greatly enhance their effectiveness.

You can expect low water retention and bloat from this cycle unless you’re greatly aromatizing naturally.


Advanced Turinabol Cycle

Example of advanced Turinabol cycle:

Week 1-8:

  • Testosterone Propionate every other day at 50 mg per shot (or 25 mg/daily)
  • Trenbolone Acetate at 50 mg per day (same time of the day)
  • Turinabol at 80 mg (once or split dosage per day)

This is an advanced Turinabol cycle that I would not recommend to beginners. It contains Turinabol dosage in the higher range (80 mg/day). Moreover, it contains Trenbolone Acetate – a very powerful anabolic steroid that I don’t recommend to beginners. This is a powerful cutting cycle, allowing users to experience great fat loss and lean muscle gains results. Cutting cycles are usually shorter, so you start with all 3 steroids at a time, and then stop all of them at the same time (2 months later).

Testosterone Propionate is a short ester allowing you to maintain proper testosterone levels during the entire cycle. It doesn’t kick in the system slow as previous versions of testosterone, but you need to use it at least every other day (or daily). Trenbolone Acetate also doesn’t need a “kickstarter” because of its short testosterone ester. So, all 3 steroids start working almost instantly and all of them work in synergy for fat loss and lean muscle mass gains.

Both Turinabol and Trenbolone are unable to aromatize into estrogen. At the same time, there’s testosterone that can, but you use it in very low doses of 150-200 mg/week. That’s why the conversion rate during this cycle should be extremely low. As a result, the estrogenic risks should be extremely low.

Usually, professionals run such Turinabol cycles pre-contest to display great muscle definition without water retention or bloating.

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HGH Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone (shortly HGH) is a peptide hormone popular as name Somatropin with numerous different brand names. This hormone is essential for endocrine functions in living animals and humans. It stimulates growth on the cellular levels and is present in all body parts.

HGH is stimulating cell reproduction and regeneration. It’s an extremely important hormone for all humans, for a healthy life. But it also has a lot of benefits for fitness purposes too. Because it has numerous advantages for physique and performance enhancement, exactly like anabolic steroids, HGH got banned by WADA and other anti-doping agencies.

However, exactly as with steroids, a lot of people all over the world still use Human Growth Hormone with great success.

HGH (Somatropin) is identical to naturally occurring HGH that the pituitary gland secretes. The hormone is still called a steroid because it’s also a synthetic made hormone. However, it’s in no way an anabolic or androgenic steroid, because Human Growth Hormone is not a “sex” hormone. It works in different ways than anabolic steroids, and it’s highly effective for physique and performance enhancement. It’s also a vital hormone. That’s why it is often prescribed to people with low HGH levels.

To better understand how it works, you first need to understand:

How Growth Hormone Affects a Person

The pituitary gland secretes Human Growth Hormone and because of this hormone, the human skeleton normally develops. Moreover, it also has an anabolic effect on muscle cells, allowing them to grow. In addition, HGH is stimulating protein synthesis and reduces adipose tissue. That’s all very helpful for a person, especially for those involved in regular exercising.

Generally, HGH has a lot of benefits for the human body. Proper healthy life would be impossible without normal levels of HGH from many various aspects. This hormone has a comprehensive action when it comes to protecting the body from destructive processes and activating regeneration processes.

There are studies proving that a person suffering from HGH deficiency may “rejuvenate” a person by 10-20 years when HGH levels are back on track.

Being a growth hormone, it is quite obvious that this medication is awesome at increasing muscle size. And thanks to “muscle memory” you can maintain this size even after stopping the use of HGH. Moreover, because of its effects on fat and adipose tissues, HGH greatly helps you lose weight and excess fat. Studies indicate there’s a strong connection between lack of HGH and being overweight.

That’s why, there are so many people (both men and women) who can benefit from looking better, feeling better, and being youthful, all along with great improvements in performance and physique.



Insufficient levels of HGH can lead to the following symptoms:

  • Decreased sexual activity
  • Impaired sleep patterns
  • Muscle atrophy
  • Dry skin, unhealthy skin appearance
  • Shedding of hair
  • Fat gain without changes in diet
  • Fragile bones, tendons, and ligaments
  • Fragile nails
  • Lack of energy (chronic fatigue syndrome)
  • Mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, and mood changes
  • Cognitive disorders – lack attention and memory loss
  • Malfunctions of the cardiovascular system

HGH Benefits (positive effects)

While it may seem hard to believe – a lot of cinema stars, models, and athletes use HGH for its rejuvenating properties. Considering these people need to preserve a beautiful body image, that’s actually fairly obvious. A lot of famous people use HGH or were caught using it at some point in their life. Sylvester Stallone is just an example among many others. More than 50% of well known actors (and actresses), models, and so on and so forth use HGH to look young.sylvester-stallone-hgh-cycle

That’s why HGH is called “the fountain of youth”. It’s pretty much the only compound in existence that you can call this way. Human Growth Hormone has a lot of different benefits that you can yield. Some of them include:

  • Improved cognitive and overall intellectual functions
  • Reduces the healing and recovery period
  • Strengthens the heart and overall cardiovascular system
  • Increases bone density
  • Helps get a learner body image with less fat and more muscles
  • Huge improvement in skin, nail, and hair health
  • Improves sexual desire and performance
  • Betters your sleep
  • Lowers cholesterol concentration
  • Helps with better mobility of joints and reduces pains
  • Greatly helps improve the functionality of organs as well as their regeneration
  • Activates protective functions of the body
  • Improves immune system
  • Enhances basal metabolic rate
  • Stimulates the use of adipose tissue

A lot of athletes and sportsmen use it for physique and performance enhancement purposes. Except for the benefits I mentioned above, they may also experience:

  • Strengthens bones
  • Burns body fat
  • Improves strength levels
  • Increases lean muscle mass

There are various other benefits as well.

Who Mostly Benefits from the HGH Cycle?

Those people who suffer from a lack of HGH levels are obvious beneficiaries. For example, children suffering from stunted growth may greatly benefit from HGH. Moreover, those who suffer from pituitary tumors and have a lack of HGH would appreciate the effects of HGH as well as those with muscular dystrophy due to HIV infection. Many other people would benefit from it as well. Such as elder people with naturally low HGH levels.

At the same time, athletes and bodybuilders greatly love how Human Growth Hormone works for them too. That’s because with the help of HGH they can:

  • Accelerate recovery from injuries and after intense workouts
  • Increase muscular size and functionality
  • Activate the breakdown of the body both visceral and subcutaneous fat
  • Improve the overall performance
  • Gain more strength, endurance, energy, and stamina

Who Won’t Benefit from the HGH Cycle?

Almost anyone is almost sure to benefit from using a proper HGH cycle. However, there are some exceptions where I would not recommend using Human Growth Hormone. For example, you should not use HGH in case you find yourself in one or multiple of the following cases:

  • Thyroid disease (unless your doctor allows the use of HGH)
  • Specific injuries to some parts of the body (unless your doctor allows it)
  • Under 21 years old (unless your doctor allows it)
  • Have cancerous tumors
  • Have diabetes or pre-diabetic
  • Intolerance, allergies, or hypersensitivity to the active substance

If you’re having one or multiple of the following conditions, either talk to your doctor or avoid the use of HGH altogether.

HGH Side Effects

It’s important to remember that Human Growth Hormone is capable of causing side effects too. Like anything in this world – excess of something is detrimental. That’s why is important to start an HGH cycle slowly. Do not run high doses immediately. Also, keep cycle lengths appropriate. You can run higher doses only as you gain more experience with this compound.

After all, this is a hormone, that’s why they can have negative effects on the human body when they are in excess. Especially for long periods. Here’s a list of some common side effects that you may experience when using HGH, especially for too long periods and/or in too high doses.

  • PS: Most side effects of HGH appear after a while of using it. In 90% of cases, they appear as a result of using too high a dosage.

Human Growth Hormone side effects:

  • Increased sensitivity to insulin
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Tightness of joints
  • Swelling (edema) in the legs and/or arms
  • Joints and/or muscular pain
  • Gynecomastia
  • Headaches
  • Growth of internal organs
  • Others

How to Use Human Growth Hormone (Somatropin)

It is best to use the injections of Human Growth Hormone on an empty stomach. Studies indicate that the best time for injection is in the morning. However, some people say that it works best for them at night, right before going to bed. When to use it – is up to individual preference.


  • Note that HGH comes only in the form of injection. You need to administer it subcutaneously. Although intramuscular injection of HGH is also possible, it’s best to use SubQ. No other version of administering Growth Hormone exists. Subcutaneous injections usually go in the stomach.

There’s a strong interconnection between Growth hormones and food. It’s definitely best to use HGH on an empty stomach because the sugar level is low. That’s why people use it in the morning right before waking up, or when they go to bed. In both cases, you have an empty stomach. It’s also a good idea to avoid eating 1-2 hours after injection.

We recommend the administration of insulin only if you use high doses of HGH and for long periods. Mainly, that’s only for experienced athletes and bodybuilders. They use insulin about half an hour after an injection of Somatropin.

Best Nutrition During HGH Cycle

If you’re using HGH for anti-aging and therapeutic benefits, you don’t need special diets. Nonetheless, to reach your goals of “youthfulness and therapeutic benefits” you still need to have a healthy and clean diet.

People who search for weight loss or muscle gain purposes while on Human Growth Hormone, should follow more strict diets. Having a diet on point is the secret to achieving your results. Moreover, you should consider the workout plan too. There are different workout schedules for weight loss, hypertrophy (muscle gains), and health benefits. Talk with your trainer for the best plan for yourself and your goals.

Here are some general rules for a proper nutrition plan:foods-on-cycle

  • Get your minimal amount of proteins per day (about 1 g per lb or 2 g per kg)
  • Have a good proportion of proteins / fat / carbohydrates
  • Avoid junk food (fast food)

When bulking

  • Eat at least 5 times a day
  • Consume foods that are high in calories, fats, and carbohydrates
  • Eat one hour before and one hour after training

When cutting

  • Reduce foods that are high in calories, fats, and carbohydrates
  • Avoid eating right before going to bed
  • Eat 1-3 times a day

The options for meals are almost endless. If you are used to eating junk food daily, do not attempt to quit abruptly. Most of those who do, fail to keep up with a good diet after a while. Try to switch the meals to clean and healthy food gradually. Check for the foods that you enjoy most and find online healthy recipes for them.

You shouldn’t only eat chicken breasts and rise as many people tend to think. Eating healthy shouldn’t be boring, actually. You can always add natural herbs that can make you enjoy your meals such as garlic, basil, oregano, and many others. Chicken is a good source of protein indeed. But fish, turkey, and beef are always a good idea too. While you shouldn’t overeat beef, fish is almost a “must” in any diet. Get your proteins and healthy fats for maintaining your muscles and staying healthy!

Best HGH Cycles

It’s important to understand that regardless of the dosage and cycle of Human Growth Hormone you plan to use – it requires a while of continuous use of HGH until you’re going to notice the first benefits of HGH. People suggest that it takes AT least 2 weeks, but to get real results from week 4 or even more.

Because of this, and because of the fact that HGH is a helpful hormone, as well as it doesn’t require a PCT plan – most HGH cycles are long. At least 6 weeks, but that’s very rarely, up to 32 weeks or so. Yet, the most common HGH cycle lengths are ranging between 16 and 24 weeks. That’s regardless of the goals you’re aiming for.

eurotropin-hgh-100iu-somatropin-euro-pharmaciesBecause people need to use it for so long to make it effective and because Human Growth Hormone is generally an expensive compound – not everyone is ready to start an HGH cycle in the first place.

  • But at you can buy HGH for sale for the best prices and be sure – it’s the best HGH quality. This allows you to save a decent amount of money. Even people with prescription HGH buy from our site. That’s because a monthly prescription of HGH in low doses (therapeutic needs) would cost you from $4,000 and onwards.


At, you wouldn’t spend even $1,000 for the same amount.

HGH Dosage


  • Be aware that HGH dosage for weight loss, for women, for therapeutic benefits, and for anti-aging goals never go over 4 IU a day. Most commonly, 1-3 IU a day.
  • Also, beginners shouldn’t start with higher doses of 4 IU a day either.
  • When it comes to muscle mass growth, however, you need at least 4 IU a day and onwards (and you’ll yield all other benefits too).

However, doses over 4 IU a day are only for those who want to grow muscles and those who already have previous experience with Human Growth Hormone.

  • Doses over 6 IU a day are most susceptible to side effects.

That’s why only professionals might attempt it.

  • Some professionals attempt doses of 10 IU a day or even more.

But that’s something we definitely wouldn’t recommend to inexperienced people.

Adjust HGH doses according to your goals, lifestyle, and training regimen. Needless to mention that with a proper lifestyle, diet, and workout routine, HGH is going to be more effective, with less side effects and you’re more likely to reach your goals, faster.


HGH Solo Cycle

There’s rarely anyone running a solo HGH cycle. Unless you’re using it for therapeutic and anti-aging benefits. If you’re aiming for such goals 2-3 IU a day for 16-20 weeks of HGH is going to be enough.

HGH Cycle For Women

Women use HGH in order to get a better muscle definition, less body fat, and an overall weight loss effect. They usually use 2-4 IU a day. It helps improve skin condition, lose fat and grow some lean muscles. Therefore, the overall appearance of a woman greatly improves. Especially because Growth Hormone is not a sex hormone and is not going to cause androgen related side effects (virilization – masculinization).hgh-human-growth-hormone-for-women-cycle

Women usually use it for 16 weeks. Either alone or stacked with other compounds.

They may stack with Clenbuterol and/or Liothyronine for weight loss. Some stack with Anavar for growing lean muscle mass. Professionals run all of them stacked for ultimate body recomposition.


However, that’s only with lots of experience. They tend to run:

HGH about 4 IU a day for 16 weeks.
Clenbuterol started with 20 mcg/day and gradually increased up to 80-100 mcg/day. Start at week 7 up to week 16.
Liothyronine T3 started at 25 mcg/day, gradually upped to 75 mcg/day, and then gradually reduced back to 25 mcg/day then stopped. The entire process from week 5 up to week 16.
Anavar. 10-20 mg/day for the last 6 weeks of the cycle.

HGH Cycle For Cutting

Using HGH for cutting (weight loss purposes) generally means you use lower doses of 2-4 IU a day. Other compounds that go with HGH for cutting highly depend on a lot of different factors. It can go from:

Testosterone and HGH alone for cutting up to Testosterone with HGH, Trenbolone, Winstrol, Clenbuterol, Liothyronine, Primobolan, and Masteron all in the same cycle. HGH dosage and cycle length rarely change, what really changes is the dosage and cycle length as well as the number of other PEDs added during the cutting cycle depending on the level of experience, exact goals, etc. Remember that you need an appropriate cutting diet and workout plan.

HGH Cycle For Bulking

Using HGH for bulking (weight and muscle gaining purposes) means that the starting dosage is 4 IU a day. However, it is the maximum dosage for beginners. Dosage can go up to 10 IU a day. Some bodybuilders confessed to using as much as 20 IU a day – I definitely wouldn’t recommend it. To keep it somewhat safe, 4-8 IU a day is maximum.

The cycle length is never less than 16 weeks (unless something goes wrong). Most commonly, people start with HGH during their bulking cycle and continue using it until their Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan ends. Or for 16-24 weeks if they are cruising (or in TRT).

Exactly as with cutting plans, the amount of other PEDs, their dosages, and total cycle length depend on many different factors. For bulking, it can be a similar plan as for cutting with Testosterone and HGH alone (but in higher doses). Or it can be up to stacking HGH with Testosterone and many other anabolic steroids and PEDs together. There’s a very wide variety: Equipoise, Deca Durabolin, Insulin, Dianabol, Anadrol, Trenbolone, and many others.


Human Growth Hormone Conclusion

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is an essential hormone for any person. It’s necessary to have a proper level of HGH for the proper development and recovery of any human body. Athletes, bodybuilders, models, actors and actresses, and many of those who want to get their physical performance and appearance to the next level search for ways to increase HGH levels. Many of them use HGH to increase the levels even well over the normal range for achieving performance and physical appearance that is “well over” most people’s physiques and performance. They use it in cycles during which they obtain mind blowing results. Then they are capable of maintaining those results with a proper lifestyle.


HGH is highly effective, but you need to follow a few simple rules to actually reap off its benefits and stay away from possible side effects. Proper dosage administration, cycle length as well as proper lifestyle are all very important. Establish your desired goal and use Human Growth Hormone according to it for achieving the optimal results.


It’s important to understand that a full cycle of Human Growth Hormone is actually expensive. Considering that you need to use it for around 3-4 months straight but HGH is generally expensive to manufacture. Nonetheless, those people who start with an HGH cycle say that it’s worth every single penny.

Especially considering that the HGH price at is way much lower compared to all other places where you can buy it from.

Especially compared to prices of prescription Human Growth Hormone. If you have a prescription HGH – compare the prices you can buy it from our site and the price for a month you spend. You’ll notice a huge difference.

Dbol Side Effects

Dbol side effects mainly include: androgenic, estrogenic, suppressive, and hepatotoxicity. But you can control all of them with proper knowledge. Either you already run Dbols or plan to do it soon – you’ll love reading this article.

There’s a high chance you’ve heard about Dbol – it’s an extremely popular anabolic steroid for growing muscle mass. Dbols is perhaps the most popular oral steroid on the market. And it has always been. It’s the first oral steroid that was popular in the world of bodybuilding and it remains nowadays.

Dianabol is very popular because it is powerful and effective. There’s barely any other steroid that can rival Dianabol. Well, except for Anadrol (Oxymetholone). Anadrol steroid is even more powerful than Dianabol (Methandienone) but that’s when the problem begins – Anadrol is more likely to cause side effects.

The reason why Methandienone is such a popular steroid is that it’s a steroid with a “sweet balance” between effectiveness and side effects.

  • When you run a steroid cycle with more powerful ones like Anadrol – the side effects can become too harsh to bear. On the other hand, if you’re running milder steroids, you won’t yield the same awesome results when it comes to packing on muscle mass and size.

So, no wonder Dianabol (Methandrostenolone) remains the most popular oral steroid in existence. It has bearable side effects and users can control most of them. Some genetically gifted guys, alongside a good diet plan and training regimen – avoid the side effects altogether!

What To Know About Dianabol Side Effects?

It’s very important to understand that the side effects intensity and appearance depend on a lot of different factors.

methandienone-dianabol-euro-pharmaciesMainly Dbol side effects depend on:

  • Dosage you run
  • Cycle length
  • Genetics (personal tolerance)
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Health condition
  • Diet you maintain
  • Workout schedule
  • Other steroids you add
  • Weight and height
  • Supplements you use
  • Many others factors


If you want to keep side effects at bay, you need to prepare for a cycle. For example, make sure you don’t have any health conditions that can aggravate the side effects. Especially those related to the heart, blood, or liver.

Make sure you have a good diet and a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you don’t abuse Dianabol either. Also have anti-estrogens handy, including medications for the Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) and on-cycle supplements.

When you are informed – you are prepared. Therefore, you can lower the side effects, risks, and intensity.

Explaining Dbol Side Effects

As I stated earlier – there are a few main categories with side effects of Dbols. Those side effects appear as a result of how Methandienone works when it reaches your system.dbol-side-effects-huge-arm

  • Testosterone suppression. Any steroid suppresses natural testosterone production. Dianabol suppresses it too. That’s because steroids increase exogenous testosterone and other hormones affecting HPTA. Moreover, Dbol increases estrogen a lot. This is why your body stops producing testosterone.
  • Estrogenic issues. Dbols are highly aromatizing. When it reaches your system, a good amount of Methandienone converts into estrogen through aromatization. As a result, estrogen levels increase.
  • Androgenic issues. A part of testosterone is converted into DHT – a male sex hormone that increases androgenic activity. A part of Methandienone converts into DHT too, increasing the androgenic activity in some parts of the body.
  • Hepatotoxicity. Dianabol is C17 alpha alkylated. This is what allows it to remain high in bioactivity when you use it as pill. Non C17AA steroids are not effective when you swallow them. So, C17 AA helps it remain active when you use Dbols as pills, but it increases liver enzymes. The steroid passes through the liver and this causes your liver to work harder.

How to Avoid Dianabol Side Effects?

You can avoid experiencing the side effects explained above. As mentioned, when you have proper knowledge of how to do it – you can combat those side effects.

  • Testosterone suppression. All steroid cycles must be followed by Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). PCT helps increase natural testosterone production. Moreover, adding an injectable Testosterone during the Dbols cycle would help too.
  • Estrogenic issues. Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) are products that help inhibit the aromatization process. They bind to aromatase enzymes and inactivate them. As a result, testosterone and methandienone cannot convert into estrogen.
  • Androgenic issues. Some people use 5alpha reductase inhibitors such as Finasteride. It reduces DHT levels because it inhibits the 5alpha reductase enzyme that converts into DHT. This reduces androgenic activity in the body. But Dbol has reduced androgenic activity so it’s unlikely to experience androgenic issues. Unless you’re genetically prone, use high dosages and/or long cycle lengths.
  • Hepatotoxicity. You can combat liver damage by running short cycle lengths, avoiding abuse, avoiding any other substance that can stress your liver even more as well as adding liver protection supplements. The supplements help your liver cleanse faster and short cycle lengths won’t stress it out for too long. Avoiding alcohol abuse, other C17AA steroids, or OTC meds is important because they would make your liver work even more.


Dbol Side Effects and Symptoms

Each of the categories I explained above has different side effects and symptoms examples. You should know that with proper use you are unlikely to experience hepatotoxicity issues. Also, because Dianabol is not highly androgenic, such issues are unlikely to be nasty. Nonetheless, because of high aromatization, estrogen related issues and natural testosterone production is very likely to occur. They include:

  • Testosterone suppression. Low Testosterone symptoms. Usually occurs after a cycle. Such as: muscle and strength loss, fat gains, depression, anxiety, irritation, insomnia, low sex drive, and others.
  • Estrogenic issues. High estrogen symptoms. Usually occurs while using Dbol. Such as: water retention, bloating, hypertension (high blood pressure), gynecomastia (male breast enlargement), and others.
  • Androgenic issues. High androgen symptoms. Usually occurs while using Dbol. Such as: oily skin and acne, hair loss (male pattern alopecia), aggression (roid rage), and various others.
  • Hepatotoxicity. Liver damage, cirrhosis, or other symptoms. Usually occurs when using Dbol for a long time and/or in very high doses. Symptoms include: stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, light colored bowel movements, loss of appetite, dark colored urine, jaundice, and others.

I really hope this post is going to help you have a better understanding of what type of side effects you can expect from running a Dianabol cycle. If you need more information about Dbols, on our blog posts you’ll find a lot of it. Or you can ask our professional bodybuilders.

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Dbols (Dianabol) is derived from testosterone and the chemical name is Methandrostenolone (Methandienone). Dr. John Ziegler created this anabolic and androgenic steroid to help American athletes enhance their performance. And he achieved tremendous success.

He tried to make a compound that is easy to administer (pills), is safer than testosterone, and is effective. He tried to reduce the androgenic and estrogenic nature. While Dbols are way less androgenic than testosterone, they are more estrogenic. However, this doesn’t make Dianabol unsafe. In fact, Dbol is fairly safe and extremely effective.

This anabolic steroid is more anabolic than testosterone and is a true performance enhancer compound. This is the first oral steroid to appear in the bodybuilding stage and become extremely popular. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger used Dbols cycles.


The main benefits of Dianabol are:

  • Enhanced protein synthesis
  • Improved nitrogen retention
  • Boosted glycogenolysis
  • More red blood cells count


As a result, Dbols pills help you achieve the following results easier and faster:

  • A rapid increase in muscle mass
  • Reduces fatigue and tiredness during workouts
  • Enhanced recovery of muscles
  • Huge boost in strength and power indicators

Why is Dianabol So Popular?

Except for the benefits I explained above, there are other reasons why Dbol is such a popular anabolic and androgenic steroid. Some that I can mention are:

  • Doesn’t require injections (it comes in form of oral pills)
  • Stacks extremely well with most other anabolic steroids (works in synergy)
  • Has much lower androgenic effects than other steroids (lower risks of side effects)
  • Most users tolerate it very well (fairly safe)
  • It kicks in the system very fast (you’ll get extremely fast results)

Dianabol is an awesome bulking steroid. People mostly use it at the beginning of a bulking cycle in order to get results early on the cycle.

It’s also one of the first oral steroids beginners use. It’s because it is easy to use, fairly tolerable, and highly effective. By far one of the most common uses of Dbol is as a bulking AAS during the off-season. That’s because Dbols can offer quick and awesome muscle mass growing results.


Does Dianabol Cause Side Effects?

All anabolic and androgenic steroids cause side effects. Dianabol has the potential of causing some side effects too. You need to know how to mitigate them – that’s an essential part of your Dianabol cycle in order to both achieve great results and keep side effects at bay.

With Dbols, estrogenic side effects are most pronounced. You can control them with the help of aromatase inhibitors (AIs) such as Arimidex or Aromasin.

The androgenic side effects are not as bad with Methandienone. That’s because it doesn’t have powerful androgenic effects. Nonetheless, some side effects may still occur. It’s just the thing that they won’t be as bad as with other steroids.

In terms of testosterone suppression – it’s exactly the same as all other steroids. Dbol inhibits it, but you can recover it back with a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan.

Dianabol side effects:

  • Estrogenic = water retention, gynecomastia, and high blood pressure among others. Controllable with aromatase inhibitors.
  • Androgenic = acne, hair loss, and aggression among others. Mostly depends on genetics. Less likely to occur compared to other AAS.
  • Suppression = low testosterone symptoms after the cycle discontinue. Controllable with a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) with Nolvadex and/or Clomid.
  • Hepatotoxicity = liver damage. It’s not the worst oral steroid in terms of negative impact on the liver, but you still need to be careful. Controllable with liver protection supplements.
  • Cholesterol = negative impact on cholesterol values. Controllable with a good diet and healthy fatty acids like Omega 3.

All side effects of Dbols depend on the dosage and cycle length. Appropriate administration would help avoid them.

How to Take Dianabol?

Dbols come in the form of pills so you need to swallow them with a full glass of water. Using on an empty stomach increases effectiveness, but chances of side effects too. Take with food if you notice side effects or stomach upset.

Methandrostenolone half-life is very short at 3-6 hours. That’s why I recommend AT LEAST 2 administrations per day. But preferably 3-4 administrations daily. It means that the total daily dosage is split and used throughout the day into 2-4 administrations.

Mainly because of liver toxicity but also due to other factors as well, such as cholesterol issues and an overall increase in other side effects, Dianabol cycle length shouldn’t go over 8 weeks period. Nevertheless, to keep it safer, I would recommend never exceeding the 6 weeks cycle. 4 weeks cycle length is common too.


Dianabol Dosage

Even low doses of Dbols are effective. Some people report good results at 15 mg/day, which is the lowest dosage. The maximum dosage is 100 mg/day, but that’s only for experienced professional huge bodybuilders. Rarely does someone exceed the dosage of 50 mg/day because even this dosage is likely to cause side effects. Not mentioning getting over it.

That’s why you’ll need 20-40 mg/day which is enough. Remember that regardless of your daily dosage – you need to split it up throughout the day. Most people use it in 3 doses. One right upon waking up, another one hours later before strength training, and the last one right before going to bed.

Dianabol Cycle


Dbols cycles range between 4-6 weeks and people use it during off-season for bulking phases. They use it as a kick starter of an injectable cycle. I highly recommend stacking it with testosterone. Advanced and professional users stack it with other bulking compounds like Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate). Never stack it with other orals during the same cycle though. It causes too much liver strain.

So, the Dianabol cycle can kickstart your cycle and can break through a plateau in muscle gains and strength. Always stack with testosterone for the best results and least side effects. I do not recommend Dianabol only cycle.

Example of a cycle for beginners:

12 weeks of Testosterone Enanthate 400 mg/week with the first 6 weeks Dbols 30 mg a day.

Example of a cycle for intermediates:

14 weeks of Sustanon 600 mg/week with the first 6 weeks Dbols 50 mg/day. First 13 weeks Deca Durabolin 400 mg/week.

Example of a cycle for professionals:

16 weeks of Testosterone Cypionate 1000 mg/week with the first 8 weeks Dbols 60 mg/day. Deca Durabolin 16 weeks unless going to PCT in which case you run it for 15 weeks only. HGH 6 IU a day entire cycle. Some optionally add Trenbolone Acetate the last 6 weeks at 50 mg/day.

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How to Blast and Cruise?

If you’ve been in the steroids game for a while, you might have heard about Blast and Cruise. The blasting and cruising cycle protocol is a newer way of using anabolic and androgenic steroids. I would only recommend this method only to people who already have enough experience with anabolic steroids. That’s because this cycling protocol is harsher with higher risks of side effects. Instead, it helps avoid the hormonal rollercoaster of Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) and helps maintain muscle mass.

In short, when you’re in a blast and cruise protocol – you never stop using anabolic and androgenic steroids (AAS).

Let me explain – people are “blasting” by using a higher dosage of anabolic steroids for a period (anywhere between 6-16 weeks). After that, people are “cruising” by using a lower dosage of steroids for a similar length of time. Then they are ready to start another blast.

This is the reason why I only recommend the blasting and cruising cycle protocol only to people who are having enough experience with anabolic steroids. Because of the continuous use of AAS, blasting and cruising may increase the risks of side effects and possible harm done to your body.

But the advantage of a blast and cruise protocol is that you don’t have to be worried about losing gains made during the cycle (during a blast). Moreover, you won’t experience withdrawal symptoms such as low mood, low sex drive, anxiety, and maybe even depression. That’s because you always maintain high levels of testosterone as you never stop using testosterone.

Let’s get into it a bit deeper.


Testorox-E250-Zzerox-PharmaceuticalsCruising is what changes it all. That’s because, during a cruise, you continue using anabolic steroids. In fact, you continue using only testosterone (some people add other steroids too, but that’s not a real cruise, and it enhances the risks of side effects). The maximum you might add is a low HGH dosage too, but it’s optional and depends on various factors.

  • So, when you’re cruising, you only run testosterone in a low-moderate dosage.

This way, you won’t need to have a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan. After a cycle (blast), you just discontinue the use of all steroids except for testosterone and drop down the dosage. During a cycle (blast) testosterone dosage usually ranges between 300 – 700 mg/week or even higher. Yet, during a cruise, you only run 100-200 mg/week.

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Because you continue using Testosterone (but in a lower dosage), you constantly maintain high levels of testosterone without the need for PCT. Your hormones won’t fluctuate as much as when you’re going through a cycle and then PCT. This way, you can maintain gains even better and avoid withdrawal effects.


The cruise period is meant to help your body recover from a blast while maintaining the gains.


Methandionex-10-Dianabol-Euro-PharmaciesBlasting is basically the cycle you plan to run. As we know a cycle length lasts between 6 and 16 weeks depending on a number of factors. The 12 weeks cycle lengths seem to be most common. So, during a blast (cycle) you’re using multiple steroids at the same time to reach your bodybuilding goals. During this period you’re increasing testosterone levels and commonly, stack it with other anabolic steroids. The number of anabolic steroids, the dosage of each one of them, the cycle length (blast period), and the type of anabolic steroids greatly vary from one person to another.

It depends on way too many factors, therefore, blasts can be very different from one another. Your level of experience, goals, response to each steroid, and many other factors are determining it.

  • Remember that the blasting period is when you’re growing and reaching your bodybuilding goals.

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However, it’s also the period when your body goes under a lot of stress. Multiple steroids in higher dosages stacked together for several months are beneficial for physique and performance enhancement but are detrimental to your organs.


Again, when you finish whatever blast cycle, you return back to the cruising dosage (low testosterone dosage alone). You stay on a cruise, usually, for at least as long as you were blasting. Or until your body is ready for the next blast.

Therefore, you allow your body to recover. The liver enzymes, lipids, kidneys, and other organs can return back to normal. While the testosterone helps maintain those gains during the blast.

Do I Need Post Cycle Therapy if I Blast and Cruise?


No, you don’t. That’s why some users decide to blast and cruise. They want to avoid the fluctuations of hormones during the period you’re in a cycle then running a Post Cycle Therapy. When you cycle, your hormones greatly increase. Then, to start a PCT plan, you need to make sure that all steroids are out of the body. During this period, your hormones greatly decrease.

Then you start the PCT with Clomid and Nolvadex and they slowly start increasing again until reaching normal levels. Plus, Clomid and Nolvadex come with their own set of side effects that some people don’t love.

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Then, you stay off steroids for a while and you restart using steroids and this spikes your hormones again.

When you’re blasting and cruising, there’s no need to worry about the production of testosterone naturally. That’s no longer a problem as you use 100-200 mg/week of testosterone, every week. So, you’re replenishing your natural testosterone hormones with exogenous testosterone.

That’s why you can maintain gains better and avoid withdrawals.

In short, when you use steroids and then PCT your hormones go like this:

  • Very high (during a cycle), very low (pre PCT), normal (PCT and off period), and again very high (during a cycle), very low (pre PCT), normal (PCT and off period), etc.

When you’re blasting and cruising you can maintain way more stable testosterone levels. They go as:

  • Very high (during blast), high (during cruise), very high (during blast), high (during cruise), and so on and so forth.

Blast and Cruise Cycle Protocol

If you’re experienced enough with anabolic steroids and you want to start blasting and cruising for whatever the reason – be aware that there’s a high chance you’re going to need to remain on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for your life. It’s basically the same cruising.

So, people attempt to blast and cruise when they are aware they won’t come off steroids.


One of a lot of different examples of a blast and cruise protocol is:

Start blasting: Testosterone Enanthate 600 mg/week and Deca Durabolin 400 mg/week for 12-14 weeks. Dianabol 50 mg/day for the first 6 weeks of your blast.

Start cruising: At the end of the blast, you stop using Deca (you should be off Dianabol for many weeks by this period) and reduce the Testosterone Enanthate dosage to about 200 mg/week. Cruising for at least 8 weeks before being ready to start another blast. But to keep it safer, I would recommend cruising for at least as you’ve been blasting for. 12 weeks blast = 12 weeks cruise. 16 weeks blast = 16 weeks cruise.

Remember this is just an example of blast and cruise. For some people, 200 mg/week of Testosterone might be too much for a cruising period. Rarely is not enough though. But the blast period can be so different. From blasting period (6-16 weeks) up to types of steroids, their dosages, and so on and so forth.

But remember that once you start a blast and cruise cycle protocol, recovering back is extremely hard. The longer you’re on a blast and cruise – the less likely you’re to recover back. If you’ve been on it for like a year or even longer, the recovery is extremely hard. Sometimes – impossible. Some people can’t fully recover from blasting and cruising. So, they need to run TRT.


A blast and cruise cycle has its own advantages and disadvantages.


You never stop injecting testosterone and it may have a more negative impact on your health. You’re “tied” to testosterone. On the other hand, you can reach your goals much faster, you’re having steady gains without losing muscle mass and strength and you’re not going to go through hormonal imbalance. You won’t need a PCT plan either.

Whatever you choose – do it carefully. is here to help you with anything you may need. Cycle advice, purest and quality anabolic steroids for sale, fast delivery, and great customer support including many other advantages. Wide selection of steroids, ancillaries, PCT – anything you need.

NPP Steroid – Durabolin (Nandrolone)

Nandrolone is an extremely popular anabolic steroid in the world of bodybuilding. Most people refer to this steroid as Deca Durabolin – the brand name. However, this is the trade name for Nandrolone with Decanoate ester. There is also the Durabolin brand name, the Nandrolone with Phenylpropionate ester. It’s also known as NPP for short. This is another very popular steroid that’s extremely effective.

In fact, some athletes and bodybuilders love NPP more compared to the Deca steroid. That’s because although both offer Nandrolone and you need to inject Deca less frequently, NPP is acting faster and it clears out of the system quicker too.

In the end, Nandrolone is an awesome anabolic and androgenic steroid for bulking cycles.

Although some people use it for cutting purposes, it’s best used for bulking up. In the end, which ester to use comes down to the user, their personal preference and goals.

Nandrolone steroid is extremely popular for bodybuilding purposes. It’s a steroid approved by the FDA and doctors prescribe it for various health purposes. This product comes only in the form of oil injection. Regardless if we talk about NPP steroid (Durabolin) or Deca steroid (Deca Durabolin).

Nandrolone is more anabolic than testosterone and far less androgenic. Additionally, it only aromatizes at 20% of the rate of testosterone. This is a steroid in the 19-nor family.

NPP Steroid Results


Image Credit: Total Shape

When talking about the results you can expect from using NPP (Nandrolone) you need to know that they are very similar to those of Deca. That’s because both offer the same active substance. However, because of the shorter half-life of NPP (2-3 days) compared to Deca (11-15 days), some people suggest that with NPP you can expect way less water retention and bloating.

Generally, side effects are better controllable because you’re getting peak levels faster and you can adjust dosages of NPP easier. The downside, obviously, is that you need to inject it more frequently. But from the side effects point of view – most people say that NPP is better.

Nonetheless, results are basically the same because you get the same active substance.

Durabolin Benefits

Here are some benefits you can experience from using NPP:


  • Massive amounts of lean muscle mass. That’s the main reason why athletes use Nandrolone. Packing muscle mass is much easier with Durabolin.
  • Increases nitrogen retention. This allows you to avoid muscle loss during cutting and helps you work out for longer periods. Your muscles won’t get tired as fast.
  • Increases levels of IGF-1. That’s an extremely important hormone for growing muscle mass and becoming stronger.
  • Joint pain relief. Nandrolone is perhaps the best anabolic steroid when it comes to lubricating joints and ligaments, and reducing pains.
  • Protein synthesis. Your muscles continue growing because they get maximum nutrients and proteins from the foods you’re eating.
  • Enhanced recovery. There’s barely anything better than Nandrolone when it comes to boosting recovery post-training.
  • Boosts RBC count. As soon as you use NPP, your red blood cell count is going to increase. This allows for more oxygen transportation to muscles.
  • Improves strength. Everyone running NPP steroids notices their strength levels start to increase fast. They notice an overall improvement in strength, endurance, and performance.

Durabolin Side Effects

Nandrolone is one of the safest steroids on the market. Nonetheless, you can still expect side effects in case you’re going to abuse it. Some people who are having hypersensitivity to this AAS can still experience some issues. Be careful and start slowly. Examples:

  • Testosterone suppression. Nandrolone is very suppressive to natural testosterone production and it doesn’t “replenish” it exogenously. That’s why it is very important to run a PCT plan and always stack it with testosterone.
  • Libido issues. Some people experience a decline in their sex drive, but that’s mostly because of low T levels. Might also be a result of high prolactin.
  • Prolactin issues. There are various different symptoms. If you notice high prolactin, better use some cabergoline.
  • Estrogen issues. Although NPP isn’t as aromatizable as testosterone, high estrogen issues are still likely to occur. Have anti-estrogens handy.
  • Androgen issues. Nandrolone is far from the most androgenic steroid. That’s why side effects related to high androgenicity are milder with NPP. Yet, they can still occur.

NPP vs Deca

Pheno-NPP-BeligasDeca-Durabolin-BeligasSo, it seems like these are 2 very similar products with similar results. Yet, what’s the difference?

First off, you need to know that NPP results are going to appear far quicker compared to Deca. You can see results as fast as 1-2 weeks with NPP. With Deca no faster than 4 weeks, but most commonly after 6 weeks of continuous use. NPP kicks in your system much faster, plus it clears your system faster too.

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It makes it a better option for those who are likely to pass an anti-doping test. However, Nandrolone in general isn’t a good option for those who are in sports performing anti-doping tests. NPP detection time is 10-12 months! Deca detection time is 18-20 months!

As you can guess, NPP requires way more frequent injections. While you can get along using Deca only once a week, you need to use NPP every other day.

One more thing – NPP commonly comes in strength of 100 mg/ml. Deca concentration is much higher than 200-400 mg/ml usually.

How to Use NPP Steroid – Durabolin?

As said, NPP comes only in the form of injection and most commonly, in concentration of 100 mg/ml. Regardless of concentration or goals, you need to inject NPP at least every 3 days. That’s the least frequent injection schedule. But for most results you need maximum stable blood levels, that’s why most use it every other day or even daily.

Regardless, make sure to run the proper weekly dosage. NPP dosage depends on various factors such as your goals, your level of experience and so on and so forth. Commonly, for beginners and/or for those who are in cutting cycles, dosage ranges between 200-300 mg/week. For intermediate users and/or those who want to bulk up dosages are ranging between 300 mg and 600 mg/week. Only professionals who are in serious bulking phases can attempt doses of 700 mg/week or even higher. But that’s very rarely due to increased risks of side effects.

Usually, beginners run 50 mg/EOD, intermediate users 100 mg/EOD and professionals 100 mg/ED.

Because it quickly kicks in the system, you have 2 advantages:

  1. You can run short cycles with NPP steroid.
  2. You won’t need an oral kickstarter with the NPP cycle.

Although you can run it for longer periods, it’s an advantage if you want fast results and short cycles of 6-8 weeks. Something you can’t go with Deca. Additionally, you won’t need an oral. You can still add it, but there’s no need to kickstart the cycle as you usually need with Deca steroid.

Always run Testosterone with NPP (and Deca), however. If you won’t, it would lead to low T levels.

Bulking NPP cycle example:

  • Test Propionate 100 mg every day with NPP 100 mg every other day both for 8 weeks. Have a PCT plan prepared after 5-7 days after the last injection.

Where to Buy NPP For Sale?


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NPP is a popular and highly effective steroid. You can buy Nandrolone with both esters directly from We’re an online anabolic steroid store with a wide variety of NPP products from various brands. We carry the lowest prices and we’re working with the best manufacturers on the market.

NPP is an awesome steroid. You can run it for your bulking or for your cutting needs too. Additionally, it remains fairly safe too when you run it properly.

Anavar For Women

Anavar has a great reputation among women for its ability to help achieve awesome fitness goals without nasty side effects. Anavar is the best steroid for women when it comes to losing body fat, increasing muscle hardness, and body dryness, whilst not causing nasty side effects. A lot of female athletes use this anabolic and androgenic steroid for cutting cycles for losing body fat. At the same time, Anavar would be helpful at preserving lean muscle tissue or even building muscles.

A lot of ladies out there use Anavar as a diet pill that helps with their weight loss goals. And they achieve mind-blowing results when they are doing it right, losing lots of weight and body fat. With an overall huge improvement in body appearance.

But if you’re a woman who never used this drug and planning to do so for weight loss and burn fat (and preserve/gain muscles) – you need to learn a few things about it first.

Anavar Benefits For Women:

  • anavar-10-oxandrolone-odin-pharmaAids fat loss fast and efficiently. Burns both visceral and subcutaneous fat. Even in problematic areas such as thighs fat, abdominal fat, love handles, etc.
  • Reduces excess weight. It has the ability to flush out water retention alongside body fat too. You would appear slimmer, drier, and harder.
  • Retains or grows lean muscles. It depends on the dosage and lifestyle choices, but Anavar is great at maintaining lean muscle tissues.
  • Greatly aids performance. It would help you improve strength levels, endurance, and energy levels. You can perform better both in and outside the gym.
  • Boosts post-workout recovery. It helps both during and post workout. You would recover faster allowing you to work out more frequently.

Buy Anavar For Women

What is Anavar?

Anavar is an FDA approved compound for treating various health conditions. Doctors can prescribe it for muscle wasting diseases, osteoporosis, and other health conditions.

But in bodybuilding settings, this is an amazing steroid for cutting purposes. Both men and women use it. Anavar is the most popular brand name. Oxandrolone is the chemical name. Whenever you want to buy Anavar, make sure it contains high quality and real Oxandrolone, regardless of the brand name.

Oxandrolone is a steroid derived from Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), therefore, cannot aromatize into estrogen. Moreover, it has a very favorable anabolic to androgenic ratings, on paper, of at least 320 and 24, respectively. It means that Anavar is anywhere between 3 up to 6 times more anabolic than testosterone and is 4 times less androgenic.

This is what makes Anavar so appealing to women. This steroid has a very low androgenic activity, which means that it’s much less likely to cause androgen related issues. In females, they appear as virilizing side effects (masculinization symptoms).

Due to low androgenicity, Anavar is a female-friendly steroid. At the same time, it remains very effective. That’s how Anavar for women ended such a popular steroid. Women have limited options when it comes to steroids because they are either not as effective, or much harsher in terms of androgenic activity (virilizing issues).

  • Moreover, Anavar is overall milder than other steroids. Except for lower side effects risks, it won’t make a woman look bulky. This might be nice in men but is often considered non attractive in women.

As we can see, this AAS is nearly perfect all around for ladies. Burns fat, grows lean muscles, makes you harder and drier, won’t make you look bulky, won’t cause nasty side effects and without harsh risks of virilizing issues. Perfect.


Does Anavar Cause Side Effects For Women?

We mentioned that Anavar is much safer than other steroids when it comes to side effects. Especially virilizing (masculinization) side effects. These are the worst and main side effects a woman should be worried about when using steroids. Nonetheless, we never mention that it’s side effects free. All steroids cause side effects, both for men and especially for women. Ladies are more susceptible to the side effects of steroids because these are male sex hormones. That’s why they cause masculinization effects in the first place.

  • So, Anavar is among the safest steroids for females but is not side effects free.

In order to control or avoid Anavar side effects, you need to use it carefully. Your genetics (personal tolerance) would dictate the side effects and it’s the only thing you have no control over. However, you do control everything else that would dictate the side effects: dosage, cycle length, lifestyle choices, and so on and so forth.

To avoid side effects, you need to start at a low dosage and slowly titrate it up.

Don’t increase too sharply because you don’t know how your body would handle it. Also, don’t run it for too long. Studies suggest that virilizing issues appear after about a year of continuous use of Anavar. However, doses in those studies were lower. That’s why, you use a slightly higher dosage for your fitness goals, but no longer than 6 weeks.

Virilizing symptoms do not appear overnight. They are gradual. So, if you notice them – discontinuing the cycle would help reverse them. Except for virilizing side effects, you might experience nausea, dizziness, stomach pains, headaches, and others.

By using Anavar carefully, you’ll avoid these issues.

How To Run Anavar?

anavar-for-women-amazing-body Oxandrolone half life is 9 hours. It comes as pills. This means that the total daily dosage is split into 2 tablets that you need to administer throughout the day. Such as every 9-12 hours. If you run 10 mg/day, take 5 mg in the morning and 5 mg in the evening.

Anavar dosage for women ranges between 5 mg and 20 mg/day. 10 mg per day is the sweet spot for most ladies. For first timers, I would recommend starting with 5 mg/day for a week or two and then might increase to 10 mg/day according to how you feel. Never run 15-20 mg/day for the first time when you don’t know how your body reacts to it.

Anavar cycle for women is 4-6 weeks. Stop sooner if you notice side effects. Nevertheless, never run it for longer than 6 weeks as it greatly increases the risks of problems appearing.

Don’t stack Anavar with other steroids as it would increase androgenic activity, thus, virilization risks. Might only stack with non-steroidal compounds if you wish.

We can help with an Anavar cycle for women if you wish. We can also help you buy Anavar for sale from This way you ensure maximum Oxandrolone quality for the lowest prices on the market.

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Best Muscle Building Supplements (Steroids)

We all know how hard it can be to grow muscles. Especially after a point when you plateau – gaining more seems impossible. At least, extremely slowly. Today we’re going to talk about the best muscle building supplements that would help you gain muscles fast and would help you break the plateau of gaining muscle mass. In fact, those are anabolic steroids. We just call them supplements. Androgenic and anabolic supplements are also called gear, roids, juice, and many more.

Best-Muscle-Building-steroids-for-huge-arms We would share the best products for building muscle mass based on our own as well as other people’s experiences, reports, and reviews. The list of the best muscle building steroids in this article includes those compounds that are doing wonders in terms of hypertrophy (muscle mass increase). I would point to the best products out there, but I highly recommend everyone to do as much research as possible first. Do not use anything without learning first.

A lot of people use those anabolic steroids you’re going to find them below. They are amazing steroids that work wonders in terms of growing muscle mass and increasing strength levels. They do it fast and highly efficiently. However, they are capable of causing side effects too, so be careful!

  • Except for the fact that you need to use steroids correctly and carefully, you also must keep your diet on point and have a good training regimen. This is the only way to pack on muscle mass. Steroids won’t grow muscles without a proper diet and workout.

Nonetheless, when everything is done correctly, you wouldn’t find anything better when it comes to building muscles than the following 3 steroids I’m going to share below. There are numerous other anabolic steroids that are very effective, but these are among the best.

Best Products For Muscle Growth

We’re all dreaming about building muscle mass as much and as fast as possible. To do it, you’ve got to search for the best products that can help with such needs. But before you actually go and use them, remember that it’s extremely important for you to train correctly and have a spot on your diet.

Muscles grow when you’re “breaking” them in the gym when lifting weights and then they grow stronger when you give them proper nutrients from foods. Steroids just assist this growth by accelerating the process of muscle recovery through enhanced protein synthesis, nitrogen retention, and much more.


  • Point is that these are not “magic” products that would help you grow muscles without physical activity, the correct diet, and a “convenient” lifestyle for your muscles to grow.

Yet, they are working in “magical” ways for those who are doing it all right. They become “magic” products for breaking the plateau of muscle growth as well as speeding up the progress. You’ll grow muscles way much faster. Steroids greatly speed up the processes of recovery, bulking, cutting, and so on and so forth.

We’re not overpraising steroids. You can check it yourself. Lots of bodybuilders, athletes, sportsmen, actors, models, etc. use them with a high success rate. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone are just some big names among numerous others.

All you need is some money to buy steroids for sale, will to build muscles, knowledge of how to use steroids correctly, and a lifestyle that grows muscles (diet and workout). Watch yourself grow with the following products:

Dianabol (Methandienone)

Pro-Dynabol-BeligasDianabol is such a popular anabolic steroid that there’s a high chance you heard about it even if you don’t use steroids yet. Dbol is extremely famous for growing muscle mass. That’s because it helps build muscles extremely fast and efficiently. At the same time, it remains fairly safe in terms of side effects. Plus, it’s fairly inexpensive too. Therefore, anyone who ever thought about growing muscles fast, most likely heard about Dianabol.

This steroid name is actually Methandienone (AKA Methandrostenolone). Dianabol is the most popular brand name and many people call it Dbol for short. Due to its immense efficiency, it’s perhaps the most popular oral steroid.

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It does wonders for growing lean muscle mass, it’s an amazing weight-gainer that helps you pack on size really fast. On the top of it – you’re going to notice a huge strength increase too.

Moreover, it helps you build muscles without nasty side effects. Of course, if you attempt to abuse, the side effects can be bad. Nonetheless, with proper use, you can control or avoid the side effects altogether. That’s because side effects from Dianabol are much milder than what most people think.

Dianabol is easy to administer considering it comes as an oral steroid. Moreover, thanks to its awesome properties, you can expect an amazing body transformation from the first cycle! You’re going to enhance strength and performance as well as an overall improvement in testosterone as well as muscle size.

When searching for Dianabol, you need to know that other brand names are available too. Pay attention to the active substance that is Methandienone or Methandrostenolone.

In the end, with Dianabol (Dbol), you’ll soon start noticing:

  • Strength increase (lifting more weight)
  • Faster recovery (can work out more frequently)
  • Endurance boost (work out longer)
  • Added size and weight (more muscles)

HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

odintropin-100-hgh-odin-pharma-1Another steroid that is definitely among the best muscle building products on the planet is Human Growth Hormone. HGH in short. Considering that this is a hormone that helps growth (that’s why it got such a name), it’s quite obvious that it’s very important for building muscle mass too. When using HGH, the user increases total growth hormone levels and this leads to various benefits. Hypertrophy is just one example among many others. It has various health benefits too, such as bettering sleep patterns, improving skin and hair health, boosting metabolism and immune system, and many others.

Buy HGH Here

HGH became extremely popular really fast due to its awesome benefits. It’s almost an indispensable compound from modern bodybuilders that helps them be almost 100 pounds heavier compared to old-school bodybuilders who weren’t using HGH yet.

Growth Hormone is not an anabolic steroid. It’s not a sex hormone so won’t cause side effects specific to anabolic steroids such as androgenic, estrogenic, testosterone suppression, etc. Although it does come with its own set of side effects, they are generally very well tolerated by most people. Of course, as long as you use the product correctly.

This compound is highly effective at improving recovery, helping lose body fat, making you feel overall better, increasing energy levels, and obviously – growing lean muscle mass. In fact, the list of positive benefits of HGH is very long.

But most importantly, by boosting HGH levels, you’re capable of growing muscle mass that you couldn’t ever increase without this steroid. It alters genetic limits, allowing you to grow more and more. Plus, helps you work out longer and more frequently due to its properties.

  • HGH is awesome with limited side effects and great benefits. The problem with HGH is its price.


trenbolone-acetate-odin-pharma-1One of the best muscle building steroids on the market is definitely Trenbolone. Most people think of it as the most potent steroid on the market. And they rightfully think so. Although there are other steroids that display a higher potency on paper, Trenbolone still seems to be more efficient. The compound has an extremely high anabolic and androgenic rating – x5 compared to that of testosterone.

Trenbolone anabolic and androgenic ratings are 500:500, and plus to that, it doesn’t aromatize. This means that the muscles you grow with Tren are all lean and quality. This means that you’re going to be all dry, hard, and vascular. At the same time, Trenbolone hugely speeds up fat loss. You’re getting bigger without water retention or fat.

Buy Trenbolone Here

If there’s anyone who ever used Trenbolone – they know why it’s on the list of the best muscle building supplements. It’s an extremely famous steroid regarded as the most powerful and potent one. In fact, its potency is so huge that I wouldn’t recommend it to beginners.

Being super powerful is extremely effective. It helps get your strength levels over the roof. Helps add muscles and strength like nothing else. That’s why it is the favorite steroid among bodybuilders and powerlifters. But being super powerful also causes side effects. That’s why, the downside of Trenbolone – side effects. You need to use it with big care and only after having enough experience with other steroids.

But if you learn how to use Trenbolone – it can be pure gold for your needs. You can stack Tren both in bulking and cutting cycles.

There’s barely anything better than would help you get stronger, help lose body fat and concomitantly build muscles. It allows you to appear fuller, drier, and harder.

Best Muscle Building Stacks

Anabolic steroid stacks are the best when it comes to building muscle mass. A single steroid won’t help you grow muscles as a stack can. These products work in synergy helping you to build muscle even better. Any bodybuilder runs steroids in stacks (use multiple steroids in the same cycle) for maximum results.

When you combine anabolic steroids in the same cycle, you are going to grow muscles and strength and allow you to get your physique and performance to the next level.


One of the best muscle building stacks is:

  • Testosterone (usually, a long ester such as Enanthate or Cypionate)
  • Dianabol (Methandienone)
  • Trenbolone (whatever ester)
  • Human Growth Hormone
  • Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate)

However, I need to warn you that this cycle is only for professionals. It contains too much and too harsh steroids for a beginner to handle.

Other Steroids For Building Muscles

Below, we’re going to share some other notable anabolic steroids that can help you grow muscles. Dianabol, HGH, and Trenbolone are extremely effective, but those I’m going to share here are also highly popular and effective.

  • Anadrol: this steroid is actually called Oxymetholone. Anadrol is the most popular brand name. This steroid is actually even more potent than Dianabol and might help you grow even more muscles. The reason why we still chose Dianabol in our list is that Anadrol side effects are much harsher than those of Dianabol.


  • Deca Durabolin: this steroid is actually containing Nandrolone Decanoate active substance. Deca is what most people call it for short. This is one of the most famous steroids in existence. I would actually recommend Deca for those who need to grow muscles rather than Trenbolone without competing on a stage.


  • Winstrol: this steroid is also highly effective at growing muscles and boosting strength, but it’s a better option for cutting. The active substance is Stanozolol. It’s better for those who want to maintain lean muscles while losing body fat, rather than growing as many muscles as possible.


All these products would help you with your fitness and bodybuilding purposes like nothing else in the world. It can help you go over your DNA limits both in terms of how muscular and how strong you can become.  

In the end, I have not mentioned Testosterone anywhere. That’s because Testosterone is a base steroid in all steroid cycles. It’s actually the first steroid for beginners and is a “must” in all steroid cycles. It increases effectiveness and reduces the side effects of other steroids.

Best Steroids For Building Muscle For Women

Women searching to grow lean muscle mass shouldn’t go for those steroids that men do. That’s because women are way more susceptible to side effects. Therefore, I do not recommend women to use some steroids that men can use. Men have a much higher tolerance to anabolic steroids.

Anavar-Lite-10mg-BeligasIn fact, anabolic steroids are “sex hormones”. They are very likely to enhance male sexual characteristics. Women using them risk their feminine traits due to the risk of “virilization” issues. For example, Trenbolone has such a powerful androgenic activity that I wouldn’t ever recommend it to women. It would turn a woman into a man and do it really fast!

Those women who want to keep their feminine traits but want to grow muscles, shouldn’t run steroids that men do. Most anabolic steroids remain exclusively for use in men when it comes to physique and performance enhancement purposes.

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In the end, the best steroid for women is Anavar.

Although there are better options for women when it comes to growing muscles such as Winstrol or Dianabol – Anavar is the best for women. That’s because of its efficiency versus low side effects profile among women. It’s helpful for growing muscles, enhancing overall performance, losing body fat, and improving a woman’s overall body appearance.

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