Anavar Side Effects

Pretty much like with all hormonal substances – Anavar does contain some potential side effects.

Oxandrolone – Anavar is a milder steroid compared to most other steroids. That’s why side effects are going to be milder too. However, without proper use, you are still very likely to get some nasty Anavar side effects.

There are various precautions you should follow to avoid the side effects of this steroid. Here are some examples:

  • Start with a low dosage to notice how your body reacts to it.Pro-Anavar-Beligas
  • Increase dosage gradually and never use more than recommended.
  • Do not run Anavar for longer periods than recommended.
  • Have a PCT plan prepared.
  • Reduce dosage or stop the use altogether in case the side effects appear.
  • Run liver protection and other cycle supporting supplements during its use.
  • Have your diet and training on point.

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Here are some examples of Anavar side effects:

Common Side Effects

Some side effects that you may notice while running Anavar may include: nausea, skin rash, hair loss, headaches, lower libido as well as oily skin. If you notice any of them, it may be a good sign that you use the compound in too high dosages or for too long. Or simply that you do not have a proper reaction to this stuff.

Hair Loss

Oxandrolone is a Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived steroid. As with all other DHT steroids, androgen related adverse effects are possible. Therefore, hair loss and acne are possible to occur. The good news is that Anavar is much less androgenic than most other steroids and therefore, chances are much lower. Additionally, most people who do get these side effects are already predisposed to receiving these issues.

As an example – hair loss (male pattern baldness) is a genetic condition that is predetermined. By using steroids you are only speeding up the process. It is a very rare situation when a person without a genetic predisposition experiences it because of the use of steroids. Especially with a mild one like Anavar.


Suppressing Natural Testosterone Production

All anabolic and androgenic steroids are suppressive to testosterone production. That’s because they are boosting testosterone and therefore, the body receives these signals that too much testosterone is produced. Therefore, natural production is hindered.

Anavar suppression rate is milder compared to other steroids but is still suppressive. Studies suggest that natural testosterone levels are suppressed quite a lot when using Oxandrolone in doses for physique and performance enhancement.

In order to deal with the suppression problem – you should have a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan prepared. After you stop the use of Anavar – go for a PCT. Also, that’s why it is recommended to use Testosterone during the use of Anavar. It would help keep testosterone levels high during the cycle.

Liver Toxicity

Anavar is easily administered because it can be consumed orally. That is great as you don’t have to worry about injections and PIP. However, this does come with a price. Anavar must pass through the liver and stay highly bioactive. This is why it is C17 alpha alkylated. This is making Oxandrolone liver toxic. That’s another reason why you shouldn’t use Anavar in higher dosages or especially in longer periods – it would provide too much stress for the liver.

Although Anavar is considered a milder steroid – is highly recommended to keep your liver healthy. First off – do not use Oxandrolone if you have liver issues beforehand. Second, do not use Anavar with other liver stressful compounds such as OTC meds, alcohol, or other liver toxic steroids. Lastly, use liver supporting supplements while using Anavar to help protect your liver.


While men may experience masculinization and that’s not a problem – it is a serious problem for women. Women who want to keep their feminine traits intact, shouldn’t use Anavar in high doses or for long periods. Anavar for women is the most common and popular steroid. Nonetheless, women using Anavar are still likely to get through the process of virilization (masculinization). Use it with great care. If you do notice any onset of virilizing side effects – stop the use immediately.

If you stop at the onset of symptoms they are usually fading away as soon as Oxandrolone is out of the system. But if you ignore the virilizing symptoms and continue the administration – they will remain permanently.


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