Anavar Review

What is Anavar?

Anavar is an androgenic and anabolic steroid (AAS) which is extremely famous in the world of bodybuilding because is one of the most universal and versatile steroid that you can find. This product is having great properties allowing the user to lose body fat in the time of growing muscle mass, therefore, users of Anavar greatly enhance performance and physical appearance.

Anavar is just the brand name of the compound, but there are other different brand / trade names. The active substance is Oxandrolone and any other compound containing high quality Oxandrolone is the same Anavar. Brand name of Anavar is the first and most famous one, that’s why we’re all referring to the steroid as Anavar, but the chemical substance is Oxandrolone. Often, this compound is called Var shortly.


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This steroid is enhancing the development of protein known as protein synthesis and that’s very helpful for growing muscles and gaining strength, as well as boosting the recovery process, increasing durability of bones (making them less susceptible for being damaged) including various other processes in the body that we would talk about in this Anavar review.

We hope that this article is going to be helpful for anyone searching for Anavar information, either if you plan using it, or simply finding more info.

Why is Anavar so famous?

Because this is one of the best steroids when comes to

Getting shredded whereas maintaining or maybe even growing lean muscle mass.

Except for that, Anavar (Oxandrolone) is known to be one of the mildest compounds when talking about negative side effects, thus, the user is capable to lose fat and maintain muscles without receiving negative side effects, or they won’t be as bad compared to other steroids.

Anavar is an orally active steroid meaning that is easy to administer through pills, is offering a very safe side effects profile, allows to lose fat, grow quality muscles, enhances your strength and energy as well as overall performance and feeling of well being whilst stimulating your phosphocreatine synthesis including many other positive benefits.

What is Anavar (Oxandrolone) Used For?

In fact, Anavar (Oxandrolone) is used for various different needs, is one of the few steroids with so many purposes. We would mainly pay attention to Anavar from the bodybuilder’s point of view, however, we also must mention that its amazing abilities make it a very widely used steroid in medical settings either.

  • For example, Anavar is often prescribed to people suffering from anemia, osteoporosis, weight issues, loss of muscles due to various causes such as chronic infection, trauma, surgery etc. including lots of other medical conditions.

Having such a safe profile, Anavar is often given to women and children as well. Anavar is also the most famous and widely used steroid by female bodybuilders. Anavar is considered the best steroid for women when talking about physique and performance enhancement.


All of that because Anavar is a steroid with least chances (compared to all other steroids) to offer virilizing side effects to women while being so effective. So, Anavar is most famous steroid for use in women for enhancing physique and performance but is among the most famous ones for men too, despite being nicknamed “the girls steroid”.

  • Anavar is both super famous for beginners as well as professionals. Is amazing for beginners because is safer than most others in terms of side effects but is used by professionals too as a booster steroid. Other than that, as mentioned, Anavar is capable to grow muscles whilst losing body fat. That’s why is often used in both bulking and cutting cycles.

Anavar is mainly used as a cutting steroid for those who want to get shredded and lean, as there are other better options for those who want to grow muscles, but is still used in bulking cycles by people who want to remain aesthetic without crazy gains.

We can notice that Anavar is very famous both in medical settings and in bodybuilding world, both by women and men, both by professionals and beginners as well as both in bulking and cutting cycles. Plus to that, it can be stacked with both bulking and cutting steroids or both oral and injectable steroids (almost any steroid that comes into your mind). As much as we can see, is hard to imagine a more versatile and universal steroid than Anavar (Oxandrolone).

Moreover, Oxandrolone works really fast (having a short half life and a quick build up in your system) and only a few days is going to be enough for the users (either women or men) to notice great results when comes to losing fat, growing or at least preserving muscles and generally looking much better.

Is important to remember that expecting huge muscle mass growth is going to make you disappointed from using Anavar. Other than that, in order to receive even more beneficial effects (and in the same time to stay away from possible negative effects), the compound is used alongside with a testosterone based steroid too.

Anavar is DHT derived steroid and therefore it cannot aromatize offering a high anabolic activity in combination with low androgenic activity. All of this is very favorable, making Anavar very effective and with a low side effects profile.

Medically, bodybuilders are using such products because they are known to enhance the muscle growth and muscle recovery. The muscles are regenerating much faster and that’s because of various processes such as boosted protein synthesis, enhanced nitrogen retention and others. Nitrogen retention and protein synthesis are playing an essential role in performance and physical appearance.


One of the best part of Anavar is the fact that it helps you lose body fat really fast, that’s why is often seen as a cutting steroid. The compound helps individuals to melt fat in the time of maintaining their hard earned muscles – therefore your physical appearance is, without any doubts, going to look much appealing.

Anavar (Oxandrolone) works really fast, works for everyone’s needs and can be used in a lot of different cases for various different people. It greatly helps you to retain a lot of muscles, recover much faster and overall feeling better.

What Effects would you get from Anavar cycle?

As mentioned, Anavar is great for generating more protein blocks much faster than you naturally would and as we all know, protein is essential in the way we look and feel. In the same time, the individual is losing body fat (as a result of more testosterone and less cortisol since Oxandrolone is known to inhibit this hormone).

  • Cortisol is the hormone that makes you gain fat and you have less of such hormones.
  • Testosterone is that hormone that helps you grow muscles and lose body fat.

As a result, those people who use Anavar are more powerful, they are recovering much faster after an intense workout, they are having more energy and endurance and overall looking much better and tougher with more muscles and less fat.

How Oxandrolone Affects Your Body?

By using Anavar, your body is going to go through big changes and that’s going to occur fast. That’s because Oxandrolone is working very fast – it builds up in the system in a short period of time and it works on a hormonal level. By making quite some changes in your hormonal system, is quite obvious that your body appearance would look different too. It would greatly change, as it would look much stronger with a much more powerful body, better looking, shredded and lean.

In the end, Oxandrolone affects your body by making changes to your hormones and they are positive when talking about physique and performance. Other than that, the users are going to notice that in a short period of time, they are capable to exercise more and more intense, that’s because their overall training is going to be enhanced.

Keep in mind that Anavar is going to work with your hormones and they are capable to greatly change your physical appearance but they are also working on your mental status too, therefore you may notice some psychological changes either. Usually, this includes more feeling of well being, confidentiality, boosted mood and so on and so forth.


Below, we would share only some examples that Anavar is offering to your body because there are many others, but we only share the most commonly reported ones.

  • As a result of using Anavar (Oxandrolone), the body is capable to endure much more pains and get much less tired with much faster recovery. With this being said, the user is going to offer a much higher performance level and would display enhanced muscle strength level too. With more power and strength, the individual is having much more confidence during his training and with more training sessions, the user looks even better and better.
  • Taken in consideration that you’re performing much better in the gym, you’re also going to get a great pump effect. Users get a great muscle tone. Anavar is capable to flush out the water from the body, but is maintaining water in the muscles needed for developing empowered muscles. Your muscles get a better look, being toned and defined, whereas getting even more stronger.
  • Because of protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, your body is getting an anabolic environment, which is required for those who are looking to grow muscles. Muscle gains occur only in a favorable anabolic environment which is offered by Anavar due to its high anabolic activity.
  • In a short period of time, Anavar is going to make you look much better because of less body fat. Oxandrolone is having various different processes that make you lose body fat. The increase in testosterone and decrease of cortisol are just some examples. Other than that, Anavar is known to boost metabolism rate, making the body demand more fuel (that’s why you get more energy) and therefore, Anavar is amazing for making you lose body fat.
  • Is hard to find a steroid that would make you look slimmer with more defined body muscle tone and lines than Anavar. The fact that it makes your muscles grow and fat melt off alongside with various other details “in between” makes Anavar perfect for those who want to get a perfectly aesthetic body shape.
  • Except for endurance, performance, strength and empower boost, the users of Anavar report getting much more energy. They are feeling more confident, they are feeling better and that’s also very helpful. You would try harder in the gym and outside of gym – during your diets. Your cravings for junk food with get reduced by the use of Oxandrolone too.

Anavar Benefits

There are good reasons why Anavar is such a famous steroid and that’s because of its benefits. While the compound is also deeply appreciated because is offering lower side effects than other steroids, Anavar is appreciated because of some key benefits.

Those are the benefits that the bodybuilders search for because they are extremely helpful when talking about physique and performance enhancement. Anyone who is planning to enhance their training and reaching their goals faster or even getting over the genetic capabilities – they resort to Anavar.

Below you would find some goals and results that Anavar (Oxandrolone) is going to help you with. We share the benefits of Anavar so you could know what to expect.


  • Lose body fat and that’s great for those who are either overweight, or for bodybuilders who want to lose the last little bit of fat that doesn’t seem to go away naturally.
  • Makes your existing muscles to be more powerful and get a good definition. Your existing muscles would perform much better in the gym and would look better too.
  • Helps you maintain muscle mass. Is a known fact that those people who want to lose body fat, they need to go through a caloric deficit diet and that’s often going to lead to some loss of muscles too. Anavar makes sure that loss of muscles would be avoided.
  • Except for making your existing muscles look and performance better and saves them from being lost – you would be able to grow muscles too. This is not a bulking steroid, but a bit of muscles can be built. It greatly depends on your diet and workout regimen.
  • The anabolic steroid is going to give you great boost in energy and focus. During the day and especially during the training cycle, you would be able to focus on your task and have enough energy to reach it. With more energy and endurance, (your muscles receive more oxygen), you would be able to exercise longer building more muscles and losing more fat.
  • Another reason why Anavar is such a perfect steroid, especially during the cutting cycles is because the compound is going to make sure that you’re going to get rid of the unnecessary water retention. You won’t be looking bloated or as if you’re retaining way too much water retention than you should.
  • You would look much better overall. Taken in consideration that you would perform much better in the gym and outside them gym, with great boost in the way you feel thanks to various physical and psychological changes, is quite obvious that soon enough your body would be looking much better. Physical appearance and body outlines would be looking amazing.

Anavar (Oxandrolone) Side Effects

Is important to remember that although Anavar (Oxandrolone) is considered to be a steroid with a safe profile, it still remains a steroid that is capable to offer negative side effects. Side effects are directly correlated with the dosage, cycle length as well as personal tolerance. There are other factors that play a role in the appearance of side effects, their intensity, frequency etc. such as age, size, experience, what other steroids/ products you add as well as many others.

In the end, side effects may not appear at all, or they could be dangerous – it all depends on various factors. In order to remain in the “safe zone” is important to start slowly with a low dosage and short cycle length. Increase them only when you feel that you would be able to tolerate more and you need more.

If the side effects appear, reducing the dosage or completely stopping using Anavar is going to help you reduce or completely avoid side effects. In the end, the person is capable to get short term or long term health issues as a result of using anabolic steroids – once again, it all depends upon the way you use the steroid.

Below we would share some of the negative side effects associated with the use of Anavar (Oxandrolone). Remember that these are not all the possible negative side effects as there may be other possible side effects too.

  • Being a DHT derived steroid, dihydrotestosterone related negative effects are possible. For example, it could offer bad skin – oily skin and it could even lead to acne. Other than that, DHT is the main culprit of hair loss. Usually, all these side effects are genetically related too, but dosage is playing an important role either. It could also make you more aggressive
  • According to people who used Anavar, some people suffering from insomnia. Although that’s not a very common side effect, there are people who do not get enough sleep (due to more energy) and that may interfere with your mental health.
  • As mentioned, Anavar is affecting you both physically as well as psychologically and that’s why, there is the risk of getting depression and increased stress Most bodybuilders do not receive them and even if they do, they are short term, going away pretty fast. Make sure to take psychological side effects very seriously because they are having a very big impact on the mental health status of a user. It could also influence your performance levels. Stay away from depression.
  • Although not as bad as with other steroids, Anavar is capable to offer increased blood pressure. Usually, that’s very rarely leading to anything serious (at least, by far not as bad as with other steroids) and that’s because Oxandrolone cannot aromatize and hence – no estrogen related side effects and therefore, much lower blood pressure issues.
  • Cardiovascular health may be affected so you may develop heart issues. It is because of higher blood pressure as well as some cholesterol imbalances that Anavar may offer. Nonetheless, the side effects associated with cholesterol and cardiovascular health are much lower compared to other steroids.
  • Oxandrolone (Anavar) is an orally active steroid and as many other orally active steroids – is C17 alpha alkylated. That’s allowing the steroid to survive the liver when orally administered but it increases liver enzymes. That may lead to liver hepatotoxicity in case the liver enzymes are getting too high. Liver damage is something that should be a concern in regards to almost all orally active steroids but good news is that liver issues are much less likely to occur with Anavar compared to other steroids.

These are not all the side effects possible. There’s also testosterone suppression but we haven’t listed it above because absolutely all steroids have this side effect. You would require a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan after a cycle (as with any other steroid).

In addition to that, we highly recommend you to add some supplements. Liver protective products would be great including others that may help you avoid side effects. A healthy lifestyle with proper diet and workout plan is mandatory too.

Anavar Dosage and Administration

Anavar (Oxandrolone) is an orally active steroid and therefore, it should be taken by mouth in form of tablets that it comes with a full glass of water. Taken in consideration that fairly short half life of Oxandrolone of about 10 hours or so, it should be administered at least 2 times a day with dosages evenly apart.

Split the total daily dosage and use it every 12 hours or so.

A common Anavar cycle is anywhere in the range of 4 and 8 weeks, it very much depends on various factors such as experience with the compound, ultimate goals etc.


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Usually, women don’t exceed 6 weeks, but most stop at 4 weeks. Men usually go for 6 weeks and only sometimes 8 weeks.

  • Dosages for women are in the range of 5 and 20 mg a day, but they usually stop at 10 mg a day.
  • Dosages for men are in the range of 25 mg and 100 mg a day, but they usually stop at 50 mg a day. Higher doses than 50 mg daily are attempted by professionals and higher doses than 80 mg a day are usually taken during a serious bulking cycle.

Anavar (Oxandrolone) can be used alone but is very often used in combination (as a form of steroid stack) with other steroids, mainly with testosterone steroids.

For example, they go for long based testosterone such as Testosterone Enanthate 500 mg per week for 12 weks and Anavar 50 mg a day for 8 weeks.

Although Anavar is much safer than other steroids, using a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is very important. That applies to absolutely all steroid users as PCT is important to rebalance the hormones, especially your testosterone. Oxandrolone is going to suppress natural production of testosterone, that’s why PCT is so important.

According to people who already had experience with Anavar, they suggest that higher dosages than 50 mg a day should be attempted only by professionals, higher than 80 mg a day only by those who absolutely know what they are doing and have enough experience but dosages over 100 mg a day are not recommended altogether.

  • According to them, higher dosages would result in more side effects that may be nasty. Those people who need to bulk usually add other bulking compounds because Anavar is not as good as many others. But Anavar is amazing at cutting down.

Is extremely important to follow a good diet and a workout program all along to stay within the recommended guidelines of Anavar administration. Taking more can lead to nasty side effects.


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