Anavar For Men

Anavar (Oxandrolone) is an anabolic steroid that is very famous both for men and women.

There seem to be a lot of articles dedicated specifically about Anavar for women, but we know that there are lots of men who search for Anavar too and that’s why, you can find some valuable information about Anavar for men here.

Despite the fact that Anavar is not the most famous steroid for men (Anavar is most famous for women, due to its high safe profile), is definitely among the most famous ones even among men too.

The active substance in Anavar (you can find it as other trade/ brand names containing high quality Oxandrolone) is an anabolic steroid that is considered much safer compared to other steroids, both orally active and injectable steroids.


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Because Anavar (Oxandrolone) is such a safe product, but in the same time is offering great benefits with mind blowing results when talking about physical enhancement (you start burning fat and growing muscles so you look better and perform better including other benefits) – Anavar for men is very famous.

  • Anavar has a very favorable anabolic to androgenic ratio with high anabolic activity and low androgenic ones, that’s why you are less susceptible to get androgenic side effects while your body is still in a good anabolic state allowing you to grow muscles and burn fat. Other than that, Oxandrolone is dihydrotestosterone derived steroid, it cannot aromatize so it won’t convert into estrogen.

That’s very favorable for those who want to go through the cutting cycles as they won’t get any estrogenic activity, hence no water retention, bloating, fat addition, gynecomastia etc.

Another reason why Anavar for men is so good is that it burns fat in the time that makes you grow muscles. It offers vascularity as it flushes out the subcutaneous water retention and fat making your veins visible. Makes you toned either because muscles are getting a hardening effect.

  • Anavar for men is very helpful because it offers all of these benefits without being too harsh on side effects. That’s why is often used by beginners of steroids who want to stay away from negative side effects.

In the same time, Anavar / Oxandrolone can be used by professionals too, although they usually require something stronger for better effects, Anavar can be used as an additional booster to other steroids, which would enhance the effectiveness without enhancing the side effects.

Because of the steroid’s ability to burn fat and preserve lean muscle mass is mainly being used in cutting cycles. However, it can be added in the bulking cycles alongside with other steroids. By its own, Anavar might not be a good choice alone for bulking since it won’t help you grow muscles as much as other steroids might.

But on the other hand, it still can make you grow muscles with a proper work out regime and diet. When stacked with other bulking steroids, it won’t allow as much water retention and adding as much fat, in the time it would add lean/ quality muscles.


That’s why Anavar for men is a very good addition. This anabolic steroid is often considered too mild by professionals who are already mass monsters. But Anavar for men who just started using steroids can be perfect.

That’s all because the compound is not dangerous. Men can tolerate Anavar very well and that’s because its hepatotoxicity is low, androgenic activity and side effects are low, suppression rate of testosterone isn’t as high and plus to that doesn’t have estrogenic activity and side effects.

In the same time, Anavar does have a high anabolic activity, making the body in the perfect anabolic state. This makes the man’s body continue growing by adding lean muscle mass and not adding fat, but burning it.


  • Anavar for men is a very helpful steroid, being the steroid of choice for beginners, and a very good addition for professionals and considered extremely helpful for cutting cycles, and being a good addition for bulking cycles.
  • Anavar for men is among the most famous and widely used steroids and is the top 1 most commonly used among women.

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