Anavar Cycle For Women

Most women out there have a few stubborn pounds of fat that they cannot get rid of and always dreamed about losing them, yet, despite all the effort put in the gym and dieting, they never seem to go away.

That’s why so many women all over the world search for effective products to help them achieve this result and when doing a research, you would notice that the most effective compound that can help you achieve exactly that is Anavar.

  • That’s why not only men, but many women are interested in using anabolic steroids in order to improve their physical appearance.


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Nonetheless, not all steroids that a man can use, would be good for a woman. That’s why the options for women are limited. Yet, they still have some. But taken in consideration that many women have used steroids for physique and performance enhancement for many years now, it was discovered that Anavar is best suitable for women.

That’s because Anavar isn’t only super effective at helping you to burn body fat, gain some muscles and enhance overall physique, but is also the safest steroid too.

What is Anavar and How Does Anavar Work?

Anavar is just the brand name of the active substance Oxandrolone. Everyone knows it by this brand name, although there are other brands containing Oxandrolone, yet they are not Anavar. This is the most famous brand and any other containing Oxandrolone is exact same Anavar, despite it having a different trademark name.

So well, Oxandrolone is DHT derived compound but is super safe and mild in terms of side effects mainly because:

  • It cannot aromatize into estrogen
  • Extremely low androgenic activity rating of only 20 (compared to testosterone which is 100)
  • Much safer for liver compared to other orally active steroids

Yet, is still having a very high anabolic activity of 300+ (whilst testosterone is 100 too) and very effective. It boosts the process of fat burning, helps to flush out excess of water retention and aids the gains of new muscle tissues that are all clean.


As a result, Anavar is very safe in terms of virilizing side effects.

The process of virilization (masculinization) is considered the worst that a woman receives during the cycle with anabolic steroids. But Anavar is considered the safest here. Although virilizing side effects for a woman during the Anavar cycle are possible, the risks and chances are much lower compared to all other steroids.

Being so safe and so helpful for women, Anavar is often referred to as “the girl steroid”. That’s a good sign of how actually popular Anavar is for women.

Anavar is very appealing for women, it has fat burning properties, offers motivation, energy and stamina, makes you more powerful and increases endurance with muscle gains.

That’s why female powerlifters, women simply wanting to look better or athletes women use Anavar with great success.

Anavar Cycle For Women Explained


  • An Anavar cycle run by women shouldn’t ever go over 6 weeks, although you may also stop at 4 weeks. Usually beginners go for 4 weeks and professionals with vast experience use it for 6 weeks. Women always should have a break between each Anavar cycle of at least 10 weeks.

Anavar cycle for women, exactly as for men, should be accompanied with cycle supporting supplements, liver protective compounds and make sure that you are healthy enough before actually starting the cycle (in terms of liver, cholesterol and cardiovascular health).

  • In terms of Anavar dosage for women during the cycle – most women start at 5-10 mg a day. Most women stop at the dosage of 10-15 mg a day but that’s after they gradually worked their dosage up to this. Professionals may work their way up to 20 mg a day, but that’s a dosage not tolerated by all women, so make sure to be very careful.

The dosage of 20 mg a day is the high end Anavar dosage for women, so we do not recommend to exceed it.

Oxandrolone-ZPHC Anavar cycle for women can be extremely helpful when is run properly. Just make sure to learn how to do it and make sure you’re dieting and working out.

Also, split up total daily dose in 2 even halves because Oxandrolone has a half life of 9-10 hours only. If you use 20 mg a day, use 10 mg in the morning and 10 mg in the evening to maintain stable levels and receive best results.

Lastly, for best results, make sure to buy Anavar of best quality. You can use as we offer highest quality anabolic steroids for lowest prices, we can also help you guide through your Anavar cycle for women if you need.

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