Anastrozole Uses

Anastrozole is a very popular medication and widely used all over the world for various different purposes. Anastrozole is the active substance of the brand Arimidex – the first and most popular brand for this substance.

Nonetheless, you might still find it as numerous other brand names. So, regardless if we talk about Anastrozole or Arimidex or any other brand containing this substance – they are all the same.

Anastrozole is considered a cancer drug because it was developed specifically for helping and treating breast cancer in women but after a while, bodybuilders using anabolic steroids found out that Anastrozole can be very effective for their needs. That’s why you may have heard that bodybuilders use cancer drugs for their needs and that’s true.

How did it end up this way? Check it below.

Anastrox-anastrozole-1-e1580983374247 Anastrozole (Arimidex) is in the Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) class of drugs because the compound is working by binding to the aromatase enzymes and therefore, blocking the conversion of testosterone to estrogen as it blocks the process of aromatization.

  • As a result, user of Anastrozole is having less estrogen hormone floating in the body.

With this being mentioned, Anastrozole uses are related to lowering estrogen levels. Regardless if it is used by a man or a woman, regardless if it is used for medical purposes or for bodybuilding purposes – Anastrozole used by all these people is resumed to inhibition of estrogen.

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Anastrozole Uses in Medical Settings

Arimidex – Anastrozole is used for treating breast cancer and more specifically – hormonally positive breast cancer that requires estrogen to form up and grow. Not all cancers are formed up from estrogen, but in case the cancer is caused by estrogen, Anastrozole is going to be very helpful since it lowers the hormone’s levels.

Mainly is used for:

  • Early hormone receptor positive breast cancer. It lowers the risk of cancer returning or spreading.
  • Advanced metastatic hormone receptor positive or hormone receptor unknown breast cancer. When it is not possible to treat the cancer with surgery – Anastrozole is used as first line treatment.
  • Advanced or metastatic breast cancer that returns back after the initial treatment with Nolvadex. In such cases, Arimidex is a second line treatment.

There are rare instances when Anastrozole might be given to males with naturally abnormally high levels of estrogen and also very rarely given to women with ovarian cancer.

Sometimes, Anastrozole can be used for treatment of peripheral precocious puberty in boys, in combination with other compounds, but then again, that’s very rarely.

Anastrozole Uses in Bodybuilding Industry

Anastrozole for such purposes isn’t going to get prescribed by a doctor, but you can buy it from for a very low price without a prescription. Mainly, there are 2 uses of Anastrozole:

  1. As a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) medication in combination with others.
  2. And mostly – for estrogenic control during anabolic steroid cycle.


Anastrozole For PCT

Anastrozole is very rarely used for PCT plans because it doesn’t work too well for increasing testosterone levels after the cycle with steroids (at least, not as good as other options available) and plus to that, it may inhibit estrogens too much which leads to side effects.

Again, it is used for PCT with other products, but that’s rare.

Anastrozole For Estrogen Control


Mostly, Anastrozole is used for estrogenic control during the cycle. When a user of steroids runs them for a longer period and/ or in higher doses – you are very likely to develop estrogen related side effects because those steroids are converted into estrogen in the body and this leads to too high levels of estrogen.

Arimidex – Anastrozole is added on-cycle and the user continues the use of steroids, without having too much estrogen and thereby, without estrogen related issues.

Keep in mind that not all steroids convert into estrogen through aromatization and if you plan on running only these types of steroids, you may not need any estrogenic protection during the cycle.

But most steroids, especially those used for bulking (even including testosterone itself) do aromatize. That’s why you most likely would need Anastrozole or at least any other form of estrogenic protection during the cycle.

Running these types of steroids without protecting from estrogen, you are most likely going to develop high estrogen related issues such as:

  • Feeling emotional or even depression
  • Loss of energy and libido
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Water and fat gains
  • Gynecomastia
  • Hypertension and others

On the other hand, make sure you won’t overdose Anastrozole because this would lead to too much estrogen inhibition. This also comes with negative side effects (some of which are very similar to those of high estrogen levels). After all, estrogen helps you to gain muscles and strength.


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In the end, Anastrozole (Arimidex) is a very popular, very effective and very important medication. That’s both in medical settings as well as in the bodybuilding industry.

It has various uses, all related to lowering estrogen levels and in the end – is a very effective product.

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